Prosper-Olivier Lissagaray

November 23, 1838 — January 25, 1901

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About Prosper-Olivier Lissagaray

Hippolyte-Prosper-Olivier "Lissa" Lissagaray (November 24, 1838 in Toulouse – January 25, 1901 in Paris) was a literary animator and speaker, a Republican journalist and a French revolutionary socialist.[1]

Lissagaray was born at Toulouse to pharmacist Laurent Prosper Lissagaray and Marie-Louise Olympe Boussès de Foucaud.[2][3] On his father's side, his great-grandfather was a landowner and farmer of 200 hectares, and his grandfather a doctor.[4] The journalist Paul de Cassagnac was a cousin of Lissagaray, with whom he had a fractious relationship; his father's mother, Ursule (1775-1850), was the sister of Laurent Prosper Lissagaray. Disagreement over financial matters related to Ursule's dowry led to the poor relationship between the Lissagarays and Cassagnacs after Laurent Prosper Lissagaray's death.[5][6]

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Conciliation is the angel descending after the storm. (Dufaure to the National Assembly, 26th April, 1871.) The human lakes of Versailles and Satory were soon overflowing. From the first days of June the prisoners were filed off to the seaports and crowded into cattle-wagons, the awnings of which, hermetically closed, let in no breath of air. In a corner was a heap of biscuits; but themselves thrown upon this heap, the prisoners had soon reduced it to mere crumbs. For twenty-four hours, and sometimes thirty-two hours, they remained without anything to drink. They fought in this throng for a little air, a little room. Some, maddened, flung themselves upon their comrades.[239] One day at La Ferté-Bemard cries were uttered in a wagon. ... (From:

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November 23, 1838
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January 25, 1901
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