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(1886 - 1963) ~ Scottish Bakuninist and Anarcho-Communist from Glasgow : Guy Alfred Aldred had worked ceaselessly at his propaganda, writing, publishing and public speaking, he took on injustices wherever he saw it. He had spoken at every May Day for 60 years except the years he spent in prison. (From : Glasgow Caledonian University.)
• "To dream of a society not founded on the 'law of constructive murder,' of a social state in which all are brethren and peace and good fellowship prevail, of a society founded on truth and freedom, is to become an enemy of the society that is, and to be regarded as a dreamer of the most fanatical type." (From : Studies in Communism.)
• "It is only the effect of this menace, only the fear of the power of the revolutionary agitator outside parliament, that persuades the capitalist class to tolerate the presence of Labor members inside." (From : Socialism and Parliament.)
• "Anti-Parliamentarism is now the recognized Socialism of the Proletariat." (From : Socialism and Parliament.)


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Author's Note

The present biography is a growth, as all serious work of this description must be. In its present matured form it has been reprinted, with but slight corrections and additions from the editorial columns of the Herald of Revolt, for 1911. This accounts for its being written in the first-person plural instead of the singular. To a large extent, however, the form of this biography has been decided by the “life" of Carlile we contributed to the columns of the Agnostic Journal for 1905-6. At that time we did not know so much about Carlile's political outlook as we know now. Neither were our own political opinions matured. We were simply sure that a free press was a necessity to progress. This led to our interest in Carlile’s career, and our A. ]. biography, which was superstitiously anti~ religious. With such modifications as our additional material and matured attitude towards religion and politics have necessitated, this is substantially the same as the “ life " we published in the A.J. We have been at pains to secure this result, as we dislike “parodying " our own work. When we began this serial record in the 1911 volume of the Herald of Revolt, several critics in the Anarchist and Socialist movement condemned us for our antiquated tendencies. These same critics are hearkening back to Carlile and his work themselves to-day, in view of the "Mutiny Act" prosecutions. Our second chapter deals with this period and has already been reprinted by Forward on that account, in its issue for March 30th last. In conclusion, therefore, we commend this pamphlet to our readers not only as an essay of historical interest, but as alive, propagandist pamphlet. It is full of the eternal spirit of revolt, the fire of freedom and defiance. The tenth chapter-—-with its caustic criticisms of “law and order" methods of "revolt"——and the eleventh—with its delineation of the soldier’s character——are of special import at the present time. ~ May 8th, 1912.

WANTED——To buy or borrow——Richard Carlile’s works, especially volumes of The Lion, Gantlet, Republican, etc. Particulars to Guy Aldred, 17, Richmond Gardens, Shepherds Bush, London, W.

“As the worth of a man, so the worth of his trade, or vice versa, As the worth of his trade, so the worth of the man.”——DIDEROT.

“Who is the more honored to-day, Socrates or the magistrate who made him drink the hemlock ? "——Ibid.

“The present is an age of revolution. To accelerate it is a virtue, to impede it a crime."——RICHARD CARLILE.

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