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Want to know about Anarchism as a theory and a movement throughout history and up to the present? Then you've found the right place.

Whether it is Collectivist Anarchism or Individualist Anarchism, Mutualist Anarchism or Communist Anarchism, every type is given its bit of room for expression here.

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1934 ~ Leader : From the Anarchist Encyclopedia (S. Faure), by Aristide Lapeyre
Leader: English word (from to lead) passed into common usage. One of those words universally used. In the English parliament the leader is the member of the assembly who groups around him the men of the same party, of the same opinion, who pursue the realization of the same program. We naturally distinguish the leader of the government from that of the opposition...the leader is the most visible personality of his party. By extension, we call leader the main article of a newspaper. Also, the horse that leads a race, gallops at the head of the others. In a party one must be careful not to take the leader for the most serious, the most cultivated, the most intelligent man. Often he is nothing but the most versatile, the lowest, the most ignorant. His superiority resides in his ability to raise himself to the leading position by the usual political means, i.e., intrigue and a lack of conscience. B... (From :

1912 ~ A visit to L’anarchie
. Armand assumed the editorship of LAnarchie from April 4th, 1912 to September of the same year. These dates are inscribed in his own handwriting on a questionnaire which he had filled out at the request of Alain Sergent (Andre Mahe) at the time when Sergent was gathering documentation to write his Historie de Anarchie, of which one volume has so far appeared. Here is a picturesque public report by the Temps of May, 1912, where this brief period in . Armands life is captured. It is not without interest to see how the anarchists of 1912 are depicted in one of the best-known journals of the time. A Visit to LAnarchie LAnarchie is located in the quartier Saint-Paul on an old and narrow street which bears the picturesque name rue du Grenier-surlEau. Above the door... (From :

1952 ~ Economic Imperialism, by Alan John Percivale Taylor
Ideas live longer than men, and the writer who can attach his name to an idea is safe for immortality. Darwin will live as long as Evolution, Marx be forgotten only when there are no class-struggles. In the same way, no survey of the international history of the twentieth century can be complete without the name of J A Hobson. He it was who found an economic motive for Imperialism. Lenin took over Hobsons explanation, which thus became the basis for Communist foreign policy to the present day. Non-Marxists were equally convinced, and contemporary history has been written largely in the light of Hobsons discovery. This discovery was an off-shoot from his general doctrine of under-consumption. The capitalists cannot spend their share of the national production. Saving makes their predicament worse. They demand openings for investment outside their saturated national market, and they find these openings in the undeveloped parts of the world. This is Imperialism. In Hob... (From :

1960 ~ Sydney Libertarianism, by Allan James "Jim" Baker
I. SOCIAL THEORY. In explaining their position Sydney libertarians often refer to their interest in social theory. But this phrase, social theory, can suggest, not only empirical study, but also the making of certain criticisms; and at the same time, the question may be asked: How are these connected with the attitudes and sympathies libertarians have, with their support for particular social causes? Thus we should expect social theory to be concerned with developing true views about the nature and interconnection of social phenomena, and the position of libertarians does depend partly on what they take to be certain facts about how society operates. But this almost always gets connected with criticism and argument, for the social theorist is led to demolish certain fallacious arguments he encounters. For example, libertarians take the important thing about religion to be the actual, earthly role of religious institutions, but the... (From :

1899 ~ The Relation of Anarchism to Organization, by Fred Schulder
The theory of anarchism has a destructive, as well as a constructive side. It, being the doctrine of equal liberty, it is necessarily opposed to all that destroys this equal liberty, classing all such destructive agencies under the general term government. This word has been defined by anarchists as invasion of the noninvasive individuals liberty. In this sense, I must insist that the word be used in this discussion, for in this sense I shall use it: and if, in criticizing my statements, you use the word in a different sense, you are not criticizing the thought expressed by me, but only a thing of your own manufacture. It may be claimed, however, that government, even in this sense, is but imperfectly defined until we know what does, and what does not, constitute invasion of equal liberty in every imaginable case. I concede that a difficulty exists herethat the line cannot be quite definitely drawn. But pray, have... (From :

Blasts from the Past

In the history of English poetry, no name is more secure than that of Shelley: he ranks with the greatest with Spenser, Shakespeare, Milton and Wordsworth, and the years only add to the depth of our appreciation of his genius. But Shelleys name is indissociably linked with another name the name of a man to whom he owed not only his philosophy of life, but even his personal happiness, for he ran away with the philosophers daughter. This philosopher was William Godwin, and in his day no man was more famous. His fame rested on one book, though he wrote many others, and this book, Political Justice, was not only what we would now call a best-seller, but, if we take account of the effect it had, a political event of the first importance. An Inquiry Concerning the Principles of Political Justice and Its Influence on General Virtue and Happiness, to give it its full title, was first published in Februar... (From :

This selection was written when the decisive struggle in the International Workingmens International had reached its climax with the expulsion of Bakunin from the International by the Hague Congress in 1872. When it comes to exploitation the bourgeoisie practice solidarity. In combating them the exploited must do likewise; and the organization of this solidarity is the sole aim of the International. This aim, so simple and so clearly expressed in our original statutes, is the only legitimate obligation that all the members, sections, and federations of the International must accept. That they have done so willingly is shown by the fact that in barely eight years more than a million workers have joined and united their forces under the banner of this organization, which has in fact become a real power, a power with which the mightiest monarchs are now forced to reckon. But all powe... (From :

Foreword This book is an attempt to explore the relationship between children and their urban environment. It asks whether it is true, as very many believe it to be true, that something has been lost in this relationship, and it speculates about the ways in which the link between city and child can be made more fruitful and enjoyable for both the child and the city. But the title, and perhaps the very concept, are open to criticism because they imply that it is possible to speak in general terms about either children or cities. We need to be reminded, as Margaret Mead never fails to remind us, that Its a good thing to think about the child as long as you remember that the child doesnt exist. Only children exist. Every time we lump them together we lose something. It is not just a matter of the enormous differences between individuals. Every child is in a different state of being or becoming. The legal definition of... (From :

I have never inserted a Communication in this paper, which I believe will be perused with more interest by many of its readers, than the following. As the facts came under our friends observation, not mine, I shall add no opinion or deductions of my own, for each reader can make these for himself. I content myself with saying; that our friends may implicitly depend on the accuracy of Josiah Warrens information; for he is a strictly attentive observer and an honest man. I need not tell him, that his letters will always be welcome. R. D. O. Spring Hill, Dec. 19, 1830. My Dear Friend, In accordance with our understanding when we parted, I sit down to give you, for the information of our friends at a distance, some of the practical results of our proceedings at this place; but I would have it distinctly premised, that this is not done with a view to obtrude men upon the... (From :

The growth of Anarchist Communism continue, to lie rapid ill Belgium, and the groups have now started a fortnightly journal lit Brussels which we heartily welcome. It is called Le Drapeau Noir (The Black Flag) and is sold in Belgium at a halfpenny In size it corresponds to our Social-Democratic contemporary Justice. Comrades who read French will find the articles interesting and call have it sent them post paid for six months for Is. 3d. The address of the administration is 58 rue du Moulin, Saint-Josse-ten-Noode, Brussels. 'The Flemish organ Anarchist is to be had at the same office. We are glad to see that our comrades in Belgium as ill France are turning their attention to the spread of our ideas in country places. "Propagandist groups," says Le Drapeau Noir "They're being formed everywhere, and the results have surpassed all that could have been hoped for." The growth of revolutionary Socialism among the agricultural workers in France, Italy and Belgium is... (From : AnarchyArchives.)

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