Alan Moore

(1953 - )

Biography :

Alan Moore (born 18 November 1953) is an English writer known primarily for his work in comic books including Watchmen, V for Vendetta, The Ballad of Halo Jones, Swamp Thing, Batman: The Killing Joke and From Hell. Regarded by some as the best comics writer in the English language, he is widely recognized among his peers and critics. He has occasionally used such pseudonyms as Curt Vile, Jill de Ray, and Translucia Baboon; also, reprints of some of his work have been credited to The Original Writer when Moore requested that his name be removed.

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Works :

Author of A for Alan (December 31, 1969)

Author of An anarchist should never ask for the vote of fear (December 31, 1969)

Author of The Honest Alan Moore Interview (December 31, 1969)

Author of On Writing for Comics (December 31, 1969)

Author of The Voice of the Fire (December 31, 1969)

Author of Jerusalem (December 31, 1969)

Chronology :

November 18, 1953 : Alan Moore's Birth Day.
January 24, 2021 : Alan Moore's Added to

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