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We are hackers, we are anarchists, we are curious. We like to know how things work. We like to invent, modify and improve technologies like any other hacker. We do it without the aim of money. As hackers we do it for knowledge and to satisfy our curiosity, and we decided to use it in a way to build a better world. Most of us also were rebels in school, and probably got in trouble a few times. We grew up and saw the system as the enemy. We were welcomed into regular hacker groups but we thought they had a limited political education and were still parroting the system's propaganda. The rest of the hackers we knew thought we were crazy joining street protests and reading Bakunin, de Cleyre, Marsh and other political theoris... (From :
Beyond Workerism, Beyond Syndicalism The end of syndicalism corresponds to the end of workerism. For us it is also the end of the quantitive illusion of the party and the specific organization of synthesis. The revolt of tomorrow must look for new roads. Trade unionism is in its decline. In good as in evil with this structural form of struggle an era is disappearing, a model and a future world seen in terms of an improved and corrected reproduction of the old one. We are moving towards new and profound transformations. In the productive structure, in the social structure. Methods of struggle, perspectives, even short term projects are also transforming. In an expanding industrial soci... (From :
Desert1 noun 1. A barren or desolate area, especially: a. A dry, often sandy region of little rainfall, extreme temperature, and sparse vegetation. b. A region of permanent cold that is largely or entirely devoid of life. c. An apparently lifeless area of water. 2. An empty or forsaken place; a wasteland: a cultural desert. 3. Archaic A wild, uncultivated, and uninhabited region. [Middle English, from Old French, from Late Latin desertum, from neuter past participle of deserere , to desert; see desert2.] * * * * * Author’s Note I have written Desert as a nature loving anarchist primarily addressing others with similar feelings. As a result I have not always explained ideas to which I hold when th... (From :
“BE REALISTIC, DEMAND THE IMPOSSIBLE.” Slogan on a Paris wall during the Student Rebellion REVOLUTION TOWARDS A FREE SOCIETY: YIPPIE! By A. Yippie This is a personal statement. There are no spokesmen for the Yippies. We suggest to all reporters that they ask each and every Yippie in Lincoln Park why they have come to Chicago. We are all our own leaders. We realize this list of demands is inconclusive, they are not really demands. For people to make demands of the Democratic Party is an exercise in wasted wish-fulfillment. If we have a demand, it is simply and emphatically that they, along with their fellow inmates in the Republican Party, cease to exist. We demand a society built along the alternative... (From :
Paris, May 4, 1968. [Leaflet by students of the March 22 Movement explains why students fought the police] Fights in the Latin Quarter. Press + university + cops + owners = repression. Why are the students “enraged”? The papers write about “madmen,” about “golden” youth who want to get rid of their idleness by throwing themselves into violence and vandalism. What’s the purpose of those articles? Only one: to cut the students off from the workers, to caricature their struggle, to isolate in order to muzzle them better. Three thousand students fought the police for five hours last Friday--is this the “handful of trouble-makers” refer... (From :
Political philosophers have examined what kind of government is, in their opinion, the best kind. In voluminous writings justifying various forms of government they either ignore or quickly dispense with the more fundamental question: DO WE NEED OR WANT ANY FORM OF GOVERNMENT? What is it to be governed? And what is the alternative? TO BE GOVERNED To be governed is to be watched, inspected, spied upon, directed, law-driven, numbered, regulated, enrolled, indoctrinated, censored, commanded, by creatures who have neither the right nor the wisdom nor the virtue to do so. To be GOVERNED is to be at every operation, at every transaction noted, registered, counted, taxed, stamped, measured, numbered, assessed, licensed, author... (From :
We must choose between two paths: the road of El Salvador, of a lethal sidetrack into capitalist politics which is actually a prelude to world war, or the road of Poland, of mass and autonomous confrontation against the capitalist state. For the past several months since the proclamation of the Left’s “final offensive”, we have witnessed a further scourge of capitalist brutality in El Salvador. Within the countryside the guerrillas are completely on the defensive, having been sacrificed for “reasons of (capitalist) state” as the modern-day La Passionaria, Ana Guadalupe Martinez, will argue. The F.D.R. now cynically admits that its meager military offensive was nothing but a bargaining ploy against the Du... (From :
1. It’s Us They’re Shooting In Warsaw “The U.S.A. was warned in time by the Russians about the coup d’etat in preparation in Poland, if the Bonn government is to be believed, well before Chancellor Schmidt’s trip to the D.D.R. This time the complicity of the superpowers has worked well.” — Der Spiegel 21/12/81 “Reagan stated, to illustrate Moscow’s complicity in the repression, that the posters announcing martial law in Poland on December 13th, had been printed in the USSR from last October onwards.” — Liberation, December 26, 1981 “Marchais was informed in advance of the Polish putsch...According to other sources, the French secret service, S... (From :
Comrades: In a few days I will be called to suffer my fate, and then ,in a few months, to completely rot in the barracks. Will I do this lacking awareness, with pleasure? No, a thousand times no! I am already disgusted, thinking about the barracks, about military life. The hatred I feel grows when I think that tomorrow, in order to place myself at the disposal of some braided brutes, I have to leave my home, my work, and my loves at an age when one dreams of and hopes for love and pleasure. And what will be done to me at the barracks? They'll teach me how to load balls into a rifle and shells into a cannon. They'll have me mount a horse, handle the lance and saber with as much furia francese as possible. In a word, they're going to... (From :
Comrades in Kalamazoo! ... Over the summer the black students looked around for a Director of the Afro-American Student Center. They chose John F. Hatchett, a man who was expelled from I.S. 201 after the whole uproar there. He was approved by the University Senate, and by Dean Whiteman (Dean White Man) under Hester’s direction. (Hester is President of New York University.) The faculty was not consulted. Almost immediately after his appointment, a furor was raised by the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, by other Jewish and religious organizations, over an article that Hatchett wrote in Afro-American Teachers’ Journal which was allegedly anti-Semitic. The article has been quoted out of context in n... (From :
‘To realize our plans and to spread the libertarian ideas to a wider public in Poland we need urgently your political but also your practical solidarity.’ Thus ended an ‘Appeal to the libertarian movement in the West’ of Polish libertarians which has found since its first publication in December 1982 a remarkable resonance in the international anarchist press. Recently we received some new information from our comrades in Warszawa who have founded in June the Emanuel Goldstein Group and have sent us a first tape-recorded communique in which they explain today’s situation and their plans for the near future. First some words about the results of the solidarity campaign for the support of the Polish... (From :
On September 1, Lech Walesa, the worker who negotiated the end of the recent Polish strike wave, climbed two flights of wooden stairs to the temporary offices of the new Independent Trade Union which he heads. Walesa carried a two-foot crucifix, a bunch of gladiolas and a pennant from a bicycle club, all to adorn the headquarters of what he and the Western press have hailed as a “triumph” for the strikers — the right to organize a labor organization independent of the government-controlled, official union federations. The events of the previous 18 days, which had given Walesa the keys to his new office, saw a courageous revolt of hundreds of thousands of Polish workers, which, although it had the proportions of a ge... (From :
This article is being written just as the pressure of a Soviet invasion of Poland is being eased and under the assumption that such an attack is not about to occur. Amid an atmosphere of continuing political crisis, growing worker militancy, continuing economic problems, and constant reshuffling of the Polish government personnel, Solidarity, the recently formed “independent” labor organization, looks like it is about to become a permanent part of Polish society. Solidarity, with Catholic nationalist Lech Walesa at its head, has become a pawn in the strategy of the Polish communist party and the Soviet Union to tame an exceedingly combatative working class. (This obviously contradicts our statement in last issue’s F... (From :
Statement about the events of February — March 2014 One doesn’t have to be a genius to forecast that the sorry socio-economic situation in Venezuela, inherited after 14 years of Hugo Chavez’s government and made worse in a little over a year with Nicolas Maduro, was creating a conflict ready to erupt, particularly when the huge income from “black gold”, which up until 3 or 4 years ago sustained the fantasy of “oil socialism”, stopped. The income is still abundant, but the waste, the incompetence, the corruption and the greed of those who rule are still greater. Between the narco-generales and other predators in uniform, highly placed bureaucrats who run the gamut from avid greed to nothingnes... (From :


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