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Those who cannot be identified are classified as anonymous.

Anonymity describes situations where the acting person's identity is unknown. Some writers have argued that namelessness, though technically correct, does not capture what is more centrally at stake in contexts of anonymity. The important idea here is that a person be non-identifiable, unreachable, or untrackable. Anonymity is seen as a technique, or a way of realizing, a certain other values, such as privacy, or liberty. Over the past few years, anonymity tools used on the dark web by criminals and malicious users have drastically altered the ability of law enforcement to use conventional surveillance techniques.

An important example for anonymity being not only protected, but enforced by law is the vote in free elections. In many other situations (like conversation between strangers, buying some product or service in a shop), anonymity is traditionally accepted as natural. There are also various situations in which a person might choose to withhold their identity. Acts of charity have been performed anonymously when benefactors do not wish to be acknowledged. A person who feels threatened might attempt to mitigate that threat through anonymity. A witness to a crime might seek to avoid retribution, for example, by anonymously calling a crime tipline. Criminals might proceed anonymously to conceal their participation in a crime. Anonymity may also be created unintentionally, through the loss of identifying information due to the passage of time or a destructive event.

In a certain situations, however, it may be illegal to remain anonymous. In the United States, 24 states have "stop and identify" statutes that require persons detained to self-identify when requested by a law enforcement officer.

The term "anonymous message" typically refers to a message that does not reveal its sender. In many countries, anonymous letters are protected by law and must be delivered as regular letters.

In mathematics, in reference to an arbitrary element (e.g., a human, an object, a computer), within a well-defined set (called the "anonymity set"), "anonymity" of that element refers to the property of that element of not being identifiable within this set. If it is not identifiable, then the element is said to be "anonymous."

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“The history of people who have a history is, we are told, the history of class struggle. The history of people without a history is, we might say with at least as much truth, the history of their struggle against the state.” Pierre Clastres, La société contre l’État, 1974. The Art of Not Being Governed: An Anarchist History of Upland Southeast Asia, James C. Scott, Yale University Press, 2009 – 442 pages Whole societies without a State have existed until recently in Zomia, the vast mountainous region of south-east Asia which is far from the urban centers and significant economic activity. This zone is also situated between eight nation-states, where several cosmologie... (From:
[ed. – The following was presented and followed by a discussion at the 2015 East Bay Anarchist Book & Conversation Event in Oakland, U.S.A. One of the central prompts was; “Can there be an anarchism that lives outside the box of the human social project?” The recommended conversation which followed this reading can be found in the original audio, later released by the project Free Radical Radio (now on hiatus). Any mistakes or omissions in the transcription, we take responsibility for.] In his profound work, Nature and Madness, human ecologist Paul Shepard offers what he feels to be the culmination of his life's work. An interdisciplinary, comprehensive exploration of the 20-year psychogenesis of the human anima... (From:
As an anarchist my feelings are not of detachment, I don't think with the politics that I have that I can easily divorce them from the personal, our emotional make-ups are going to be different depending on our life experiences, we may share some goals but carry different baggage, so how we go forward & jump hurdles in life will differ so it would be easier if politically close friends would find the patience to see that maybe we can't all be one happy family – some of us never had the faith, the social skill set in the first place to ever believe the tribe was the best team-spirit & all that! Where we feel most alive is on the edge of anarchism, the edge of society, in the margins, lonely but true. I'm not in an... (From:
This year, Canada is celebrating its 150th year of colonial existence, and Montreal its 375th. Throughout the next year, we’re going to be celebrating the histories of resistance to the colonial project of Canada, by continuing to bring them into our struggles in the present. This is a call for anarchists across the territory of so-called Canada, and everyone fighting against colonial society, to combine our diverse capacities to fight this ongoing nightmare in all the ways that we can. The project of Canada has been one of ongoing genocide against indigenous people through various forms, from the intentional spreading of small pox to the conditions that create staggering numbers of missing and murdered indigenous women and men... (From:
Introduction Throughout the year 1992, the various states which have profited from the colonization of the Americas will be conducting lavish celebrations of the “Discovery of the Americas”. Spain has spent billion of dollars for celebrations in conjunction with Expo ‘92 in Seville. In Columbus, Ohio, a $100 million quincentennial celebration plans on entertaining several million tourists. CELAM, the association of South America’s Catholic bishops, has organized a gathering to celebrate the “fifth centenary of the evangelization of the Americas” to be presided over by the Pope. As well, there is a wide selection of museum exhibits, films, TV shows, books and many other products and activities focus... (From:
Anarchism was been a widespread political belief worldwide since the industrial revolution in Europe. In East Asia we had histories of anarchist uprisings and anarchist movements that radically developed the political conciousness of the common people in Japan, China and Korea. The Shanghai Commune was organized by Chinese anarchists before Mao Tse Tung came into power, while the Korean Anarchists formed a cooperative commune in some parts of the Manchurian area as their answer against the Japanese occupation. Japanese anarchists are one among the collaborator of this succesful cooperative of workers and peasants in Korea. they organized it while they fled from the Japanese Authorities who commanded to arrest and kill all anar... (From:
No sooner had the echo of the explosion in Arkhangelsk died down, when a friendly chorus came from all angles, in which the voices of Stalinists, socialists, part of anarchists and simply leftists intertwined. Everybody rushed to blame Michail as they fear that they will be repressed because of him. Also they try to make themselves look white and fluffy, declaring that: “individual terrorist acts have nothing similar with the ideology of anarchism...” “The tactics of the communists at the present stage remains the same: the study of Marxism-Leninism, comprehensive class agitation and propaganda, association with like-minded people, the struggle against opportunism and revisionism. There is no other... (From:
On the 2nd of April, prisoners destroyed the new isolation unit in the prison of Brugge (Belgium). This new isolation unit was opened almost ten months ago and apparently didn’t reach it’s objective to break the spirit of rebellion among certain prisoners. The riot and destructions obliged the prison directories to close the new unit down. Nothing is over, everything continues. The prison is nothing more than a reflection of the society in which we live. A society that resembles a great prison in which the majority of the population are locked up because of the necessity to find money, because of the lack of perspective in life, because of roles of submission and servitude that are being imposed by the ruling v... (From:
By now the facts are well known. On November 8 2008 a few metal hooks put in the right place uprooted the electric cables of the railway in four different spots, making a mess by blocking 160 high-speed trains. On November 11 police raids carried out in different towns along with a strong media coverage, led to the arrest of ten people who were allegedly responsible for the sabotage. After 96 hours’ questioning, nine of them were charged with ‘criminal association with aims of terrorism’ and five of them were put in jail (three on the basis of ‘having contributed to causing damage’). On December 2 2008, two people were still held in prison, one of them considered the ‘leader’ of the alleged ‘a... (From:
There has been an uproar, stemming from the logical and important critique of activism, that fears the reemergence of a civil disobedience ethic. On the other side of action, theoretically, sits ITS. The Individualists Tending Towards the Wild (ITS) are individuals who have sent bombs to numerous universities, professors, researchers, as well as journalists and non-profits in the name of wild human nature. ITS has its cut throat communiqués stylized to provoke anger and wrought with strands of logic pulled harshly and quickly together, making arguments that seem pointless to engage with. In its communiqués ITS, though contradictory at times, aims to be another theoretical bullet (as opposed to the actual bombs) against the pla... (From:
A great many philosophers have dedicated considerable amounts of their waking moments wrestling with the problem of nihilism; or more specifically, the problem of overcoming nihilism. Nevertheless, nihilism itself remains a mystery — least of all its consequences for mankind. To be sure, an adequate definition of nihilism is wanting. In the most general sense, nihilism refers to the absence of any objective, universal or intrinsic value. From this, it necessarily follows that our metaphysical beliefs, our moral/ethical values, and even our own existence, are completely and utterly lacking any inherent meaning. As a direct consequence of nihilism, man is forced to see reality for what it is: a random, irrational, and chaotic exi... (From:
An attack on the FSB building in Arkhangelsk inevitably caused a storm of discussions in the left and anarchist segment, and even in the latter, the range of opinions changes from complete approval to little restrained skepticism. How to evaluate the act of Mikhail? First, about choosing a goal. There should be no doubt at all — the comrade chose the best of what was available to him. It may be asked what the Arkhangelsk FSB officers were guilty of, who, it seems, are not involved in the torture of the “Network” case, and in this case, is the attack on them a manifestation of the principle of collective responsibility? Yes, it is, but the principle of collective responsibility here is the inevitable answer to... (From:
(Neo)Liberal Arts & Broken Hearts the empire strikes back... It was only a matter of time; protest at the contemporary University, and pretty soon the entire state apparatus comes crashing down upon you. At first, it seems absurd — the federal government of the most powerful nation in the world, and the worlds’ largest police force, against a bunch of students. Yet after some thought, this attack begins to make sense. In totalitarianism, there is complete, unmediated control by the totality, by the state and commodity forms. In our society, this complete control still exists, only it is channeled through a complex system of institutions, mediated and obscured by what we might call an interface. In our society, ... (From:
Contrary to what is often believed, affinity between comrades does not depend on sympathy or sentiment. To have affinity means to have knowledge of the other, to know how they think on social issues, and how they think they can intervene in the social clash. This deepening of knowledge between comrades is an aspect that is often neglected, impeding effective action. One of the most difficult problems anarchists have had to face throughout their history is what form of organization to adopt in the struggle. At the two ends of the spectrum we find on the one hand the individualists who refuse any kind of stable relationship; on the other those who support a permanent organization which acts on a program established at the mo... (From:
Several years ago, I worked as an after school program teacher. In the 3-4 hours I spent with kids before their parents arrived, instead of playing outside or relaxing after a long day at school, I helped administer tests, monitored performance, oversaw homework, and handed out worksheets. The school I worked at didn’t have much money; neither did the kids or the people who worked there, and due to low test scores we were threatened with being taken over by the state. Administrators wanted to get these scores up and looked to the after school program to raise performance. The kids of course, had other ideas. The kids wanted to do anything but be in another 3-4 hours of school. Once, we did an activity where they made posters ab... (From:
It is now several months after the conclusion of the Gulf War. The US has staged its victory parade and fallout from the war continues to be felt, not the least by the Iraqi people, the Kurdish and the Palestinians. Southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq), the Persian Gulf and other areas in the region now contain American troops, ships and aircraft, with a permanent military presence now being put in place. How did this come about, what was the background to the war, and why a war in the Middle East? Prior to the beginning of the war, Luis Bilbao wrote in the Buenos Aires daily Nuevo Sur, “In the show of force in the desert, one can now precisely measure abstract concepts that only months ago were nearly out of reach:... (From:
Anarchism in the UK is a joke. Once symbolizing hard-fought struggles for freedom, the word has been stripped bare to make way for narrow-minded, separatist and hateful identity politics by middle class activists keen to protect their own privileges. We write this leaflet to reclaim anarchism from these identity politicians. We write as self-identified anarchists who see our roots in the political struggles of the past. We are anti-fascists, anti-racists, feminists. We want to see an end to all oppressions and we take an active part in those fights. Our starting point though is not the dense language of lefty liberal academics, but anarchism and its principles: freedom, cooperation, mutual aid, solidarity and equality for all regardl... (From:
In the past and present, Asian movements have acted under the ideologies of communism and capitalism. Both have been hailed as means to national liberation: our concern here is that this is neither true liberation nor that nationalism can be terms liberation. The Asian Revolutionary Movement sees that both communism and capitalism are twin faces for civilization. Our concern is that a revolutionary movement that does not attack civilization itself is doomed to fall back into the imperialist trap. Asia has been split by civilization since it arose nearly 10,000 years ago. Asian civilization has generally been a more gradual pace of development and ‘progress’ whereas western nations have gone ahead full speed as soon as the... (From:
Commandos for Christ! The New Tribes Mission are a right-wing Christian missionary organization, who have spread themselves all over the world. From their modest, though violent, beginnings they have never looked back. NTM’s purpose is to make contact with every ‘uncontacted’ tribe on earth and plant churches in the areas where these tribes live. They use coercion and force, having no regard for the peoples’ cultures and lives they are imposing upon. They have links with the CIA and various multinationals, helping to maintain their power and growth to some of the most secluded places on earth. They have met with resistance from the tribal people whose wild existence they are on a latter day crusade to ... (From:
Introduction From one side, our lives are threatened by a new virus; from the other side, our freedom is menaced by nationalists and authoritarians intent on using this opportunity to set new precedents for state intervention and control. If we accept this dichotomy—between life and freedom—we will continue paying the price long after this particular pandemic has passed. In fact, each is bound up in the other, dependent upon the other. In the following report, our comrades in Italy describe the conditions prevailing there, the causes of the escalating crisis, and the ways that the Italian government has taken advantage of the situation to consolidate power in ways that will only exacerbate future crises. At this po... (From:
Neal: My name’s Neal. I’ve been involved in anarchist stuff for a long while. I was involved in Earth First!, especially around mountaintop removal and the struggle around that for a couple of years when I was living in a different town. And since then, moving here I got involved in different projects and followed the currents that seemed to make sense to engage in at the time. Really I started out with a couple of nights before the rendezvous, having the desire to reflect on why I was going. So I was actually trying to suss out personally why I was there and try and think, well, what has happened in the last seven or eight years since being involved in Earth First! stuff that has pulled me away? Because it seems like that&rsquo... (From:
From anarchists in Philippines involved in resistance: Autonomous resistance against eco-destruction and social turmoil carried out by capital needs to develop unbounded and analyzed upon creating a revolutionary plight in reclaiming direct control towards freedom — liberatory space and unconstrained desire and capacity beyond the bondages of imagination to put into action — without compromise. The struggle against domination, the enemy — state, capital and religion acquiring and exploiting the earth landscape as extractable resources manifests the ever-growing contagious outbreak of various oppositional elements and social conventions concealed within the legal framework and morality of lobbying, servitude and ... (From:
Against the Quarantine of Passions, the Social Epidemic In these days a new nightmare is spreading: the contagion from the so-called Coronavirus. Ten villages in the Lodi area, considered as the outbreak of the infection, and one village in the Veneto region, where the first death from the virus occurred, have been placed under quarantine. This means no possibility for people to move around and leave their homes. Throughout Lombardy, power forces people to limit their social mobility. From the closure of the meeting places to the curfew, the step is short. Prisoners of themselves and something imperceptible to the human eye, the pastoral government has even ordered through a flash decree to close the streets and reinforced the garris... (From:
The pacifist abhors war and blesses the state. In times of peace, he has been taught — and he has believed — that society is a vast system of communication where all controls itself by means of dialogue, in a nonviolent manner. It follows from this that only one who, living on the periphery of these communicating vessels, mocks the hopeless cornerstone of vain democratic chattering with blows is candidate to suffer brute force. Though he implicitly recognizes in this way that this society is not only dialogue but also violence, the pacifist citizen is not excessively worried by this: the violence is destined for others, for the new savages who have not yet acquired a proper communicative humanity and who deduce from this ... (From:
The aim of the Catholic Worker movement is to live in accordance with the justice and charity of Jesus Christ. Our sources are the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures as handed down in the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, with our inspiration coming from the lives of the saints, “men and women outstanding in holiness, living witnesses to Your unchanging love.” (Eucharistic Prayer) This aim requires us to begin living in a different way. We recall the words of our founders, Dorothy Day who said, “God meant things to be much easier than we have made them,” and Peter Maurin who wanted to build a society “where it is easier for people to be good.” * * * When we examine our society,... (From:
After several recent disappointing and hurtful experiences—and to be clear, a lifetime of related minor and major run-ins with friends, comrades, and activists—my need is unrelenting for us to rethink how we engage with the question of otherness and our organizing. How do we integrate a genuine approach to oppression and anti-oppression? This writing takes apart the concept of “ally” in political work with a focus on race, though clearly there are parallels across other experiences of identity. Charity Is to Solidarity What Ally Is to Affinity Thanks to experience working with indigenous and other international solidarity movements, anarchists and antiauthoritarians draw a clear line between charity and sol... (From:
As I sit at this corporate-owned cafe, there are three cell phone conversations going on at once — the buzz of stressful leisure is in the air; life is so complex these days but at the same time its just too easy. Convenience is killing adventure even for those who can’t afford it; convenience invades the environments that it touches and infects them with sterility. The panhandler in front of the shopping mall gains nothing from the appliances and fashions sold within yet she has to suffer just the same from the stifling, lifeless environment created by convenience that is for others. How did the challenge which is such a fundamental part of living life get erased to such an extent in the most affluent pockets of the gl... (From:
Fuck ‘Alternative’ Technology! Fuck the ‘Alternative’ Green Ghetto! Standing up on this hill, as the sun filters through the trees you occasionally catch the reflection of solar panels on the roofs of the houses beyond the wind farm. The gentle swishing of turbine blades is inaudible here, but the hum of a tractor is just perceptible as it sows next year’s bio fuel crop in the fields below... Though the reality of alternative technology providing a “green” and sustainable life for us all in the 21st century may seem a long way off, may seem an almost impossible task of enormous proportions, it is becoming more widely accepted as a necessary step in the progress of our industrial societ... (From:
All over the world most women have no rights whatsoever to decide upon important matters which concern their lives. Women suffer from oppressions of two kinds: 1) the general social oppression of the people, and 2) secondly sexism — oppression and discrimination because of their sex. There are five main forms of oppression: Ideological oppression, brainwash by certain cultural traditions, religion, advertising and propaganda. Manipulation with concepts and play upon women’s feelings and susceptibilities. Widespread patriarchal and authoritarian attitudes and capitalistic mentality in all areas. State oppression, hierarchical forms of organization with command lines downward from the top in most interpe... (From:
After such recent anarchist events as the San Francisco Bay Area Bookfair and the Total Liberation Conference it seems increasingly clear that significant populations of the self-described anarchist movement in North America manifest anarchy in the context of either a historical society much like the society for creative anachronism (SCA), or a literary society. Anarchism has become an ideology to be debated, discussed, argued, while sipping coffee or reenacting some historic moment in anarchist history (e.g. Mayday). These are the benign aspects of anarchist identity politics. These types are often thoughtful, just steeped in their own gray matter, or wrapped in whatever the hippest clothes of the scene are. What’s missing ultimately... (From:
“What do we mean by respect for humanity? We mean the recognition of human right and human dignity in every man, of whatever race [or] color” — Michael Bakunin, 1867 Anarchist are Free Socialists so we believe that social equality and opportunity for all people should replace property, wealth and privilege as the key value of society. We also believe that so long as governments exist, they are a means to create and preserve inequality. Anarchists believe that social equality cannot be achieved without Free Association, Mutual Aid and Voluntary Cooperation. Anarchists hold that until all are free then no one is free. We believe that it is human nature to be aware of the suffering of others and that our own... (From:
The Anarchist movement long fought against women’s oppression. And many prominent figures in the women’s movement were Anarchists. The following are some examples, but there are many more. Michael Bakunin Michael Bakunin, a founder of Anarchism, was a fighter for women’s freedom. “In the eyes of the law”, Bakunin noted, “even the best educated, talented, intelligent woman is inferior to even the most ignorant man”. For the poor underprivileged women, said Bakunin, there is the threat of “hunger and cold”, and the threat of sexual assault and prostitution. Even within the family, women are too often the “slaves of their husbands”, and their children are... (From:
Superficially, anarchism is a movement of the Left but this is not strictly so, since it implies being part of the political spectrum. Anarchists reject this, asserting that there is more in common between Right and Left political parties (like the struggle for power) than between even extreme Left political groups and the anarchists. History has shown us that no matter how ‘Left’ a party is when it starts off, the achievement of power brings it round to the Right, for every government wants to maintain the status quo; wants to extend the control it has over the people, and isn’t this what the Right really means? Certain right-wing attitudes are specifically rejected by left-wing parties — until they become us... (From:
In March 2012, we had the chance to meet some anarchists from the local infoshop and mindsetbreakerpress in manila, the capital of philippines. We talked to them about their general situation and about one campaign against gentrification and squatting in the national park. We publish parts of interviews and background information. Early history of anarchism in the philippines (following some parts of the article “Anarchy in the R.P.” from the newspaper “gasera” #1) The analysis below is a historical rereading of the archipelago based on a nonhierarchial and nonstatist lens. It is an attempt of the editors to see a shared perspective in history. There is evidence that anarchism was alrea... (From:
Can you tell us about the history of anarchism in Indonesia? MT: As far as I know from my friends' stories and from what I’ve learned, the origin of anarchism in Indonesia came together with the arrival of punk music around 1998. At that time anarchy was synonymous with punk and some people in that community began to delve deeper into anarchic ideology and values. Since that time anarchist discourse began to develop among individuals or collectives in the punk / hardcore community, and later to a broader range of groups such as activists, students, workers; essentially reaching a wider public with different backgrounds. Along with the spread of anarchic discourse, many discussions on this topic began to occur, and anarch... (From:
This anonymous article was found on the web. Many seem to be confused or angry at those who have used street fighting tactics in Genoa. By explaining the motivation behind using these street fighting tactics, especially from the Black Bloc perspective, this article hopes to sooth some of that anger. The article also suggests some ways we as a movement can move forward concerning the disagreement over forceful or nonviolent direct action. Firstly, I am an anarchist, and this has been written because much of the anarchist position on street fighting tactics needs to be explained, especially after the murder of the brave street fighter Carlo Giuliani. Nobody should expect radical change to be a comfortable and easy process. Many ... (From:
February 1 occured searches in appartments of activists who, according to assumption of security forces, belong to anarchist organization “People self-defense”. More than ten people were detained, some were beaten and tortured with electric shocks. However, afterwards almost all the detainees were released. As it turned out, all this was started with the aim of apprehending a graduate student of the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of Moscow State University anarchist Azat Miftakhov. He is suspected of making explosives. Also security forces try to associate him with an explosive device found in Balashikha in January. All others were required to testify against him. To the credit of the detainees, no one gave t... (From:
Part I The question always before anarchists is how to act in the present moment of struggle against capitalism and the state. As new forms of social struggles are becoming more clearly understood, this question becomes even more important. In order to answer these questions we have to clarify the relationship between anarchists and the wider social movement of the exploited and the nature of that movement itself. First of all, we need to note that the movement of the exploited is always in course. There is no use in anarchists, who wish to destroy capitalism and the state in their entirety, waiting to act on some future date, as predicted by an objectivist reading of capitalism or a determinist understanding of history as if one wer... (From:
On a particularly chaotic Friday afternoon, Piñera inaugurated the nationwide chain reaction to the pandemic. Since the beginning of March, fear of the virus has slowly entered the conversation: between the agitated return to classes that seeks to be a replica (like an earthquake) of the October Revolt, the massive feminist demonstrations, the radicalization of the reactionary sectors and the imminence of the plebiscite, it is taking on more and more importance. The international situation is no less complex. Last year saw the beginning of a new worldwide wave of revolts against capitalist normality, and the much manipulated “institutionality” seems to be collapsing from all sides, leaving room not only for insurge... (From:
This text was written in Madrid, so many of the descriptions and reflections may not match the reality of other locations, especially given the heterogeneity of the 15-M Movement. Even so, we think that it could be useful as a point of departure for reflection for all the comrades involved in the assemblies, regardless of the site. The text was written and corrected hastily so that it would be ready before the convocation of village and neighborhood assemblies on May 28. Keep this in mind while reading it and excuse any mistakes that it may have. — Some Anarchists from Madrid[1] 0. A word to begin ... Let’s set the record straight. The signers of this text are anarchists, anti-authoritarian communists, anti-capi... (From:
We are hackers, we are anarchists, we are curious. We like to know how things work. We like to invent, modify and improve technologies like any other hacker. We do it without the aim of money. As hackers we do it for knowledge and to satisfy our curiosity, and we decided to use it in a way to build a better world. Most of us also were rebels in school, and probably got in trouble a few times. We grew up and saw the system as the enemy. We were welcomed into regular hacker groups but we thought they had a limited political education and were still parroting the system's propaganda. The rest of the hackers we knew thought we were crazy joining street protests and reading Bakunin, de Cleyre, Marsh and other political theorists. ... (From:
Most dismissals of anarchy or anarchist ideas come through the belief that for an anarchy to work, perfection is requirement. In other words, people dismiss anarchy because they believe anarchy means “utopia”. If anything, anarchy is anti-utopia. It is utopia’s antithesis. Right now we are living out Plato’s dream of the perfect society, outlined in the Republic. It’s not a perfect society that we are living in, but we are always striving for perfection, whether as individuals or as a society. There are always new technologies being created in order to perfect us as human beings: cosmetic surgeries, life-extending drugs, genetic therapy, etc. And there is always an attempt to recreate or fix this pillar... (From:
Peering through the fog behind his eyes, he saw an alcohologram: a world of anguish, in which intoxication was the only escape. Hating himself even more than he hated the corporate killers who had created it, he stumbled to his feet and headed back to the liquor store. Ensconced in their penthouses, they counted the dollars pouring in from millions like him, and chuckled to themselves at the ease with which all opposition was crushed. But they, too, ofen had to drink themselves to sleep at night — if ever those vanquished masses Flop coming back for more, the tycoons sometimes fetted to themselves, there’s gonna be hell to pay. Wasted, Indeed: Anarchy & Alcohol Ecstasy v Intoxication: for a world of enchantment,... (From:
Life is becoming smart and clean. All knowledge and communication stands at my disposal at any time. Everything becomes practical and efficient, simple, playful and always positive, everything becomes Google. Everyone can take part, it is free and voluntary. I can decide anytime and the whole world is open to me - I have nothing to hide. So it seems. That's the product, the machine. But if you look beyond the smartphone to face the WHY and the HOW, unpleasant questions and answers will arise, that push for consequences. Google is just one company of many, only part of the new power structures, but a crucial one. The technologies are powerful means and tools used to restructure capitalism and domination. To mark the fight again... (From:
“One can only empathize with individuals, motivated by a sincere desire for reform, who join ecology groups, consumer organizations and alternative political parties. In any of these groups these individuals are directed by a firmly entrenched leadership through a maze of politically motivated compromises to an end that is sadly predictable: the indefinite postponement of profound social transformation, the enrichment of the careers of a few bureaucrats and the permanent disillusion of a number of intelligent individuals. from ‘Call it Sleep’ — Cronin/Seltzer The movement which has sprung up around animal rights has gained widespread notoriety and a fair amount of support. It appeals to all sorts of... (From:
Translator's Foreword This text is less so a general critique of insurrectionalist methodology or ideas than a critique of how a specific insurrectionalism, that which has developed in Barcelona in the last eighteen years, has played out in practice. It problematizes a set of practices and attitudes that it sees in the self- proclaimed insurrectionalist milieu there, from arrogance to bad security to an incomplete understanding of repression. At times it broadens to critique insurrectionalisms of other places or more general aspects of the tendency. Unlike other critiques of insurrectionalism, this one doesn't come from the left. It doesn't seek to pacify resistance or manage struggle, nor do its authors believe in the preserv... (From:
Anthropology, the study of human beings throughout time and space, is often criticized as anthropocentric. This is because anthropologists tend to extract human beings from their natural environments, looking at them as isolated animals above all others, and the dominatrix of nature. Anarcho-primitivism, the radical critique of civilization which uses a great deal of anthropological and ethnographic data tends to reconnect humanity with nature. John Zerzan is anarcho-primitivism’s most famous and vocal thinker. He has published many texts in which he gives a thorough argument against civilization. He traces the demise of civilization back through domestication, time, art, numbers, language, and symbolic thought. His arguments ... (From:
No Capital Projects but the End of Capital 18 November 2009. The University of California is occupied. It is occupied as is the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, and the Technical Institute of Graz; as were the New School, Faculty of Humanities in Zagreb and the Athens Polytechnic. These are not the first; they will not be the last. Neither is this a student movement; echoing the factory occupations of Argentina and Chicago, immigrant workers occupy forty buildings in Paris, including the Center Pompidou. There is still life inside capital’s museum. We send our first greetings to each of these groups, in solidarity. We stand with everybody who finds themselves in a building today because they have chosen to be, beca... (From:
Anticivilization Gathering: Weaving a Cobweb April 30th — May 3rd This year’s anti-civilization gathering suffered slightly from less numbers than the previous year’s gathering. Still there were people from a range of European countries and different groups and projects. Last year’s gathering was at a large squat called “Can Masdeu” in the suburbs of Barcelona, but this year the organizers had opted for a campsite called “Solell de les Codines” further north near Montesquiu, a village in the area of Osona, in North of Catalunya. It’s possible that the concrete manicured campsite, relatively close to a large road was not quite the ideal venue for a gathering of civili... (From:
In the fall of 1991, a series of investigations were stared in the German city of Göttingen concerning the law Paragraph 129a (propaganda for, support for, formation of, or membership in a terrorist organization). The reason for these investigations were 52 unsolved anti-fascist “attacks” that had been carried out in the Göttingen region since 1981. The state prosecutor’s office in Celle (GSA) formed a special commission with Lower Saxony’s criminal justice department (LKA), the SoKo 606, which was supposed to “solve” these attacks. It soon became clear that the cops were focusing their investigations on autonomist anti-fascists. In Aug. 1992, the first series of house raids were carried out in ... (From:
By presupposing the axiom of the economic, the Marxist critique perhaps deciphers the functioning of the system of political economy; but at the same time it reproduces it as a model. There is neither a mode of production nor production in primitive societies. There is no dialectic and no unconscious in primitive societies. Marxism is the projection of the class struggle and the mode of production onto all previous history; it is the vision of a future “freedom” based on the conscious domination of nature. These are extrapolations of the economic. To the degree that it is not radical, Marxist critique is led despite itself to reproduce the roots of the system of political economy. —The Mirror of Production Lef... (From:
There appears to be a trend in radical circles of distinguishing prisoners based on their so-called ‘crimes’, with the intent (conscious or not) to identify ‘political prisoners’ who, by virtue of their actions, are more deserving of support and solidarity. Prisoners who have been targeted by the state due to their political beliefs and/or actions are given special attention among radicals, while the rest of the prison population spending their days in a cage are often only an afterthought, used as a means to lend credibility to political ideology, or completely forgotten. This privileged and moralistic practice has invaded radical circles and creates a distinction between ‘political’ and ‘or... (From:
Why should we, the proletarians, have children if they are taken by the capitalists to be killed metaphorically in work and by the militarists to be killed in reality as soldiers? Antinatalism ( is a philosophy with a centuries-long history that is against the birth of new fetuses in the human society for ethical and philosophical reasons. Antinatalists believe that the existence in life will necessarily cause a person to live negative experiences, and use two philosophical positions to support the idea that the birth of new humans is a bad thing: 1. The philosophy of Hedonism ( that says that the meaning of life is happiness. 2. The ... (From:
We present this publication attempting to answer the questions that first arise around anti-technology and also with the aim of raising awareness of the subject. We recommend you read these texts in the woods, where the fanzine and we belong. Make as many copies as you want, send it to anyone to whom it may interest. Anti-technology is a nonprofit publication, the price, if any, can’t exceed printing costs. Warning! We didn’t find any “native” speaker to proofread the english version. A rabid dog doesn’t stop being dangerous simply because you change its collar, you can’t educate, tame or cure the dog’s rabies. We can look back and remember when the dog was good an... (From:
Why come back to questions about affinity and informal organization? Certainly not because we are lacking attempts to explore and deepen these aspects of anarchism, not because yesterday’s discussion, like today’s, aren’t being somewhat inspired by them, and also not because there is a lack of texts – true, most of the time in other languages – that approach these questions perhaps in a more dynamic manner. However, without a doubt, certain concepts require a permanent analytical and critical effort, if they don’t want to loose their meaning by being all-too-often used and repeated. Otherwise our ideas risk becoming a common place, some “evidence”, a fertile ground for the idiotic game of iden... (From:
Beyond Workerism, Beyond Syndicalism The end of syndicalism corresponds to the end of workerism. For us it is also the end of the quantitive illusion of the party and the specific organization of synthesis. The revolt of tomorrow must look for new roads. Trade unionism is in its decline. In good as in evil with this structural form of struggle an era is disappearing, a model and a future world seen in terms of an improved and corrected reproduction of the old one. We are moving towards new and profound transformations. In the productive structure, in the social structure. Methods of struggle, perspectives, even short term projects are also transforming. In an expanding industrial soci... (From:
The situation changes quickly. Along with everyone else, I follow it avidly and share updates, watch our lives change from day to day, get bogged down in uncertainty. It can feel like there is only a single crisis whose facts are objective, allowing only one single path, one that involves separation, enclosure, obedience, control. The state and its appendages become the only ones legitimate to act, and the mainstream media narrative with the mass fear it produces swamps our ability for independent action. Some anarchists though have pointed out that there are two crises playing out in parallel — one is a pandemic that is spreading rapdily and causing serious harm and even death for thousands. The other is crisis management stra... (From:
I Anyone can put an end to tossing about in the slavery of what they don’t know—and refusing the sop of empty words, come to daggers with life. —C. Michelstaedter. Life is no more than a continual search for something to cling to. One gets up in the morning to find oneself in bed a mere matter of hours later, a sad commuter between lack of desire and fatigue. Time passes, spurring us less and less. Social obligations no longer seem to break our backs as we have got used to spreading the weight. We obey without even taking the trouble to say yes. Death is expiated by living, wrote the poet from another trench. We can live without passion or dreams—that is the great liberty this soci... (From:
I live in Auschwitz-Disneyland. I make sure that all my papers are in order, I document my existence on social networks, I apply for grants and loans. I wear clothes that express who I am, I am a walking billboard, a name tag, I pick a style. I take a train, a subway, my car, un Bixi[1], it's so convenient. I take a shower, I smell good, according to the ads this foaming gel makes me irresistible. Auschwitz-Disneyland is the countryside in the city, the city in the suburb, and the suburb in the countryside. Auschwitz-Disneyland is naked life in one's Sunday best, the hegemony giving itself the answer. In Auschwitz-Disneyland, “holidays make you free.” In Auschwitz-Disneyland, we order at the drive-through, we study... (From:
As anarchists, considering insurrection and looking for ways to make it possible is not the same as drawing up a master plan leading towards insurrection and looking for the cattle to execute it. Neither can it be about a crowd joining an initiative and not taking responsibility for thinking for themselves, discussing, creating an autonomous course. Of course this is a caricature, but it enables one to sketch out certain mechanisms inherent to each attempt to bring people together without, at the same time, proposing circles of affinity and permanent discussion as necessary conditions to enable informal organization. The enthusiasm at the beginning of a shared project after a period of searching for affinity is contagious and attract... (From:
“What use is health if you are otherwise an idiot” – Adorno Introduction The coronavirus and the lung disease Covid-19 it causes plunge people all over the world into chaos and misfortune. Never before have so many people suffered from contact-bans and curfews at the same time as at the moment – at the moment it is probably about 25% of the world population – and the trend is rising. It is also probably quite a while ago that in the centers of the so-called Western world sick and needy people were no longer able to get a place in hospital, that their surgeries were delayed and that a disease infected a considerable part of hospital staff, thus further worsening the health care situation. The world... (From:
Abstract This article proposes the bund (Peterson, 2001) and the band (Ingold, 2004) both as a way of analyzing autonomous social movements (ASMs) and as a basis for a future alternative society. It begins by reviewing the literature on social movements, showing its limits in relation to the group forms of ASMs. Many theories assume that social movements necessarily take organizational (gemeinschaft) or community (gesellschaft) forms, and succumb to the logic of hegemony. Others base their analysis of ASMs on networks or constituent power, but without showing how this power is actualized or how the nodes of networks are composed. It then outlines the theories of the bund and band, before reviewing literature from within European and ... (From:
An anarchist critique of Hollywood’s sympathy for the indigenous, dedicated to the 7 CIA agents blown to bits in Afghanistan. I just got back from fulfilling a holiday obligation of going to the theater with my family, my head brimming with thoughts for an essay, only to find that James Cameron’s new flick, Avatar, has already provoked a good deal of writing on the anarchist news sites. The one appreciative article, Avatar: An Anarcho-Primitivist Picture of the History of the World sadly speaks for itself, when placed alongside the actual movie, in demonstrating a common and longstanding criticism aimed at a large part of anarcho-primitivist thought. More on the mark is When will white people stop making movi... (From:
“Information is the oxygen of the modern age. It seeps through the walls topped by barbed wire, it wafts across the electrified borders.” Ronald Reagan After landing in Paris the police woman sitting in a glass box scanned my passport and ushered me past her without a word. She then turned her attention to the next traveler in line. Having a criminal record in multiple country’s in the EU and having been deported twice had almost made me accustomed to the nervousness I feel whenever having to deal with les flics (French for cops) in any country. So I immediately felt a rush of relief and thought, good I am in, as I walked to the baggage pick up area. Standing there waiting for my bag I then felt a firm tap on ... (From:
When we try to read the reality that surrounds us we realize that we are assisting to a development of profound transformations when we look at the management of economic and political power. Such changes are also reflected on a social level. It is necessary to confront ourselves with the current transformations and to take them into consideration in relation to our analysis and prospective of attack. Capital is not in crisis, but more ’simply’ the financial choices of the states have created some difficulties in the traditional management of the market and have produced, in general, a worsening of conditions of existence in the life of consumer citizens. The contradictions that capital has developed have contributed to d... (From:
The facts of the anti-GM movement in the UK would seem to be this: Inspired by anti-GM actions, the first of which took place in California in 1987, followed by others all across the world, people in the UK began to take action against GM crop trials 6 years ago. This mostly consisted of very simple nighttime activity: groups of people pulling up the crops. There were also some open and accountable actions, some succesful and some failed daylight raids, some other sabotage of GM facilities and companies plus a lot of pressure from lobby groups. In summer 2003 at an EF! gathering, with commercialization looming and the last of the crop trials fled from Britain, the largest genetic company in Europe, Bayer AG, won itself the attention ... (From:
“Now we only have two options: allow this crack to close up, losing a unique opportunity for a veritable social change, or open it as much as we can, widening it until it reaches the very foundations of our misery and exploitation.” -Excerpt from Catalan anarchist flier distributed at Occupy Seattle Our struggle is social not political. We will not martyr ourselves as the urban guerrilla nor compromise as the reformist. We make no demands and see our struggle reflected in the struggles of many others. It is from these beliefs that anarchists engaged with Occupy Seattle. The beginning of Occupy Seattle was drenched in the misery of what it means to live in a place that has known so little recent s... (From:
Blood soaked the sidewalks of Anaheim last weekend, only several miles from Disneyland, after a brawl broke out between protesters and members of the Ku Klux Klan, who attempted to conduct a “White Lives Matter” march. By the end of the altercation, over a dozen people were arrested and several stabbed. Only several hours later however, five Klansmen walked free, as anti-fascist youth who suffered stab wounds, faced criminal charges and expensive medical fees. Later that night, people marched and protested outside of the police station, calling for the release of their friends. The next day, “respectable community members,” non-profits, and unions took to the streets as well, trying to calm down the anger of y... (From:
The tute blanche (White Overalls) are already well-known in the European and American protest movement, being well recognizable with their uniform and protection pads in the front lines. They undeniably showed their reformist and reactionary core to the worldwide movement in Prague, but still they fail to get the adequate response true revolutionaries should give them, which is the same deserved by blue-dressed cops. That’s why we consider it necessary to spread info on them, their tactics and their lies. The tute bianche/Ya Basta comes out of the bigger and more sold-out social centers of northern Italy, like Leoncavallo in Milan, Rivalto in Mestre and Pedro in Padova. Just giving a good look at these places, it’s easy t... (From:
As ongoing struggles confront new conditions in the escalating crisis, fighting will be concentrated along two main frontlines. Once the struggles along these two lines merge and communicate things will heat up: it could be the precondition for finally putting an end to this system and starting something new and better! At one frontline the urban working class of the highly productive web of factories, offices and informal economy will have to smash the increased polarization between over-exploitation and unemployment. At the second frontline all those will fight who were subjected to and subjects in the silent and invisible revolution of the last decades: the rural proletariat of the global south. The main division of any previous revoluti... (From:
The end of syndicalism corresponds to the end of workerism. For us it is also the end of the quantitive illusion of the party and the specific organization of synthesis. The revolt of tomorrow must look for new roads. Trade unionism is in its decline. In good as in evil with this structural form of struggle an era is disappearing, a model and a future world seen in terms of an improved and corrected reproduction of the old one. We are moving towards new and profound transformations. In the productive structure, in the social structure. Methods of struggle, perspectives, even short term projects are also transforming. In an expanding industrial society the trade union moves from instrument of struggle to instrument supporting the prod... (From:
That humanity is somehow ‘out of balance’ with nature is hardly a topic of controversy nowadays. There is little question that humans are fouling the world to the point of suicide for us and mass extinction for all other life. To claim otherwise is ludicrous. In a variety of ways, people have attempted to grasp the problem, define it, and seek solutions. Of the many new and more faddish results, few have been as popular as Deep Ecology — also known as Biocentrism — the view that humans are acting out of excessive human-centredness (anthropocentrism) and thus destroying the planet and the rest of the species which have just as much ‘intrinsic right’ to live out their biological destiny as we do. Accordingl... (From:
While there are certainly a number of radicals who recognize the oppression of non-human animals and are fighting against it, we continue to see non-human animals offered as food items at many radical potlucks, bookfairs, and other anarchist gatherings. We believe this is a hierarchical form of oppression worthy of a much needed anarchist critique. This short essay will attempt to address some of the most common anarchist objections to veganism. We aim to inspire a praxis of insurrectionary anarchy and eco-defense by asserting a position against speciesism and the objectification of non-human animals. Definitions: Insurrectionary anarchy: Insurrectionary anarchy is a way of conceptualizing anarchism within our present m... (From:
If you’re looking for some delicious and healthy food in Seattle, try the Black Cat Cafe on Roosevelt Way. This relatively new vegetarian cafe collective has become a popular hangout on the strength of its relaxed and homey atmosphere, reasonable prices and commitment to the local community. Popular menu items include: Biscuits & Gravy, Chilaquiles, Home Fries with Veggies, Tofu Scramble, Black Bean (or Garbonzo Bean) Burritos, Salads and Soups. With a total of six collective members along with ten to twelve volunteers sharing the work, the kitchen is always bustling with activity. But it wasn’t long ago that the building was abandoned and boarded up, before opening on the final day of August last year. Black C... (From:
Being gaslit by non Black Indigenous people is exhausting. The tweets I’ve gotten for daring to ask white proximity indigenous to not talk over black and brown indigenous are, dare to say downright harm. More black cause Brown indigenous have piled on too. Anti blackness. These fuckers really think they’re exempt from being called out for anti-Blackness and got mad when I said they have a close proximity to whiteness. This kind of shit is what Black Indigenous deal with constantly. One even dare to say that Black Indigenous is a US only concept. Okay insert appropriate gif here. This brings me to my next point: You’re American/Gringo Not only is this a dismissive deflection. It superimposes a... (From:
The “Black Flag”, Le Drapeau Noir, No. 1, August 12 1883. To live free working or die fighting. It’s not just as another challenge to bourgeois society that we gave the title Drapeau Noir [Black Flag] to this newspaper—bound to continue the struggle of the Lutte—and that we print here the immortal motto of our brothers the Canuts [in Lyon]. We also wanted to keep this glorious workers’ insurrection alive; to remind those who have already forgotten and to inform those who might still be ignorant. We wanted to warn the bourgeoisie that the only flag under which we will stand together now is the same one that poverty and desperation raised up in the streets of Croix-Rous... (From:
Flower Power Won't Stop Fascist Power The Story of a small, underground 1960s revolutionary group in New York City DESTROY THE MUSEUMS. OUR STRUGGLE CANNOT BE HUNG ON WALLS. A NEW SPIRIT IS RISING. LIKE THE STREETS OF WATTS WE BURN WITH REVOLUTION... October 10, 1966. A handful of young guys and girls, having stalked up from New York's Lower East Side scattering leaflets calling for the closure of the Museum of Modern Art, are stopped just outside the Museum entrance by a whole phalanx of cops and crashbarriers. The story had leaked, and the cops, on the ball as ever, had sensed a new and very real type of threat months before anyone else: the cops at least have got it clear Just whose side Art is on... The Director of the Mus... (From:
Long-time ASR [Anarcho-Syndicalist Review] subscriber and activist Bob McGlynn died in August 2016, apparently of a heart attack. He was 61. McGlynn organized bike messengers in New York City, fought the attempts of vanguardists to take over community and movement organizations, and worked tirelessly to build cross-border solidarity through projects including Neither East Nor West (which organized solidarity with East European anarchists as the Soviet empire crumbled) and the publication On Gogol Boulevard. (From:
As the total number of prisoners in the United States approaches one million, the demand for literature in prisons is skyrocketing. In response, the Books To Prisoners Project, an all-volunteer, collectively-run distribution service, sends books free on request to incarcerated people in Washington state and across the U.S. But the project always needs help with its mission. Books To Prisoners is one of only four groups performing this service nationwide. (Other programs exist in Philadelphia, Boston and San Francisco in the U.S., as well as in Vancouver, Canada.) Kris, who has been involved with the collective for six years, says that when she started the project received just under 50 letters a month. By December of last year the ma... (From:
There will be no Google-Campus in Berlin Kreuzberg, for now. Although Google continues to work worldwide on infiltrating every life and on technologizing all social matters, preventing the campus is still a small success, a pinprick against one of the most powerful structures in the world. This may encourage people to defend themselves, not just put up with everything - even if Google seems all-powerful. But a pinprick is not a stab in the back and even a stab in the back does not reject all power relations. This text will go into more detail on those initiatives that were based on the idea of informal self-determination. It is a search for moments of quality within the struggle from a perspective hostile to domination. Why no Cam... (From:
BLACK AND RED is a brick. It is hurled at: plate-glass windows, fencing around showcases of plenty for starving millions: meat wrapped in paper behind easily shattered glass; crew-cut corporate heads; the pot-bellied parasites whose victims people all the continents; the ugly eagle that shits dollars all over the world; the small glass-screened propaganda machines: media of mindlessness, trivia, vicarious living and middle-class morality; the advocates of “Law, Order and the American Way,” and their vicious watchdogs, Superman, Batman and Minuteman; the profiteering Masters of War and their striped and freckled Symbol. song: AMERICA, THE BEAUTIFUL O... (From:
Meiji — From Socialism to Anarchism 1882 Tokichi Tarui and others organized The Oriental Socialist Party in Nagasaki prefecture which had about forty members and proclaimed equality, maximum well-being of the public, common ownership of property, joint management of companies, and cooperative child rearing. However, about two months after its formation, this party was banned and dissolved. 1889 Dai Nippon Teikoku Kenpou (The first constitution granted by the sovereign) was promulgated. 1897 Farmers around the Watarase River went to Tokyo several times (1897–1900) to make petitions concerning Ashio Copper Mine Pollution and clashed with police. Social Issues Study... (From:
Dearest white progressive/radical, I have to confess I had no idea how true the forecasts made in “An Open Letter to White Progressives/Radicals” would be. I had a hunch I was correct on many predictions, but how accurate I was proven was a surprise. I wanted to share why “An Open Letter” was written, and what the outcomes can be. I’ll try to refrain from the supposedly unconstructive commentary this time, though I make no promises. As I made clear in “An Open Letter,” I have no faith white activists have the wherewithal to be the change they envision or to upend white supremacy. I have witnessed too many whites mutilate the idea of radicalism in defense of whiteness to believe ... (From:
In the Istanbul of the Ottoman Empire there was a palace with seemingly endless corridors; where those outside had little idea what happened inside and those in one department didn’t know what happened in the other. At least that’s how it was in the imagination of Ismail Kadare, the Albanian novelist who wrote The Palace of Dreams. In his novel, the protagonist is given a job as a dream reader. He is sent to a room that he has difficulty finding, and told to read the dreams of others, sorting them into those that are of no interest, and that need to be investigated further: those that could be prophesies of events that will be threatening to the state. People throughout the empire submitted written accounts of their dreams to... (From:
We all start life with our teapot intact and at some point a little crack starts and slowly grows, or maybe one day we slip and the whole thing just crashes to the floor. Those with intact teapots, they don’t know what its like to try and make tea with all the water leaking out. You can’t do it. The play of power that is accountability and how it currently (mal)functions in the anarchist ‘community’ has become a great fissure in my teapot. Its a big crack because I used to be very invested in it but it isn’t working anymore. When tea is made now, because of this crack and, of course a few others, all that happens is that steam comes out and people get burned. Ever notice the way that trauma can bu... (From:
Bulgaria had a strong anarchist tradition prior to the movement being smashed and driven underground or into exile after Bulgaria was consigned to the Stalinist sphere of influence in the post-1945 carve-up of Europe. The national revolutionary movement that developed around 1870 was to free the Bulgarians from five centuries of Turkish domination (1393 through 1877) was heavily influenced by the Russian revolutionaries of the time. including the anarchist Mikhail Bakunin. Cristo Botev, the Bulgarian national hero who died fighting for Bulgarian independence in the mountains, was a disciple of Proudhon and Bakunin. After national independence anarchism remained a force in Bulgarian society. The movement's historic paper Rabotn... (From:
Introduction When I moved to Seattle many years after the infamous upheaval of 1999, I found almost no remnants of whatever had existed here. Certainly, I could find other anarchists, but for a long time I found myself in variations of the same conversation: How do we reach each other? What are we doing? Why does nothing happen? And then, finally, I was with other anarchists in the street — friends and acquaintances, but others, too. Who are all these people? We were all in black masks. This was the first black bloc in Seattle in about a decade. Hundreds of posters all over town had announced a demonstration against police violence in the middle of Capitol Hill as part of the West Coast Days of Action Against State Viole... (From:
Proposition I Nothing is missing from the triumph of civilization. Neither political terror nor emotional poverty. Nor universal sterility. The desert can no longer expand: it is everywhere. But it can still deepen. Faced with the obviousness of the catastrophe, there are those who become indignant and those who take note, those who denounce and those who get organized. We are on the side of those who get organized. Scholium This is a call. That is to say it aims at those who can hear it. The question is not to demonstrate, to argue, to convince. We will go directly to what is already obvious. This is not primarily a matter of logic or reasoning. What is obvious is what is perceptible, the realm of rea... (From:
There exists no escape from reality. This totalitarian reality, which claims to be definitive, and tries to prevent any rejection or deviation from the one-way attitude imposed by political and economic power. This reality, which brings all perspectives back to the sad parables of economic growth and opinion polls. This reality, which has infested all corners of life with police blocks and surveillance cameras, alarm sirens and safety limits. But this miserable world from which we cannot escape is decomposing before our eyes. And when air fills with tensions it is sufficient a small spark to provoke an explosion. This is why today the State is compelled to repress anyone opposing it, and in some cases even those who just dare tell it... (From:
What is capital? The harvest of the rich by the sweat of the people. Yes, we workers created capital. By our work we increase it every day. And far from profiting from what we have created, we become slaves to it and by making the capitalists richer to our own detriment, we become insufferable. Many workers look to suicide to end this order of things. I think there is a better way. What, the capitalist wallows in pleasure and the worker cannot live off the product of his labor. While the former is dancing and feasting, the latter is starving. O worker, my brother, you are suffering and the capitalist is laughing at your pains. You die and he insults your corpse. Faced with these blatant facts, you find nothing b... (From:
For a long time now there has been a terroristic blackmail in act leading to more and more recourse to the policeman-like logic of emergency. The media carries out the task of upturning problems and using the apocalyptic images of the imminence of catastrophe pushing great masses of people to mobilize to avoid it. One should ask oneself what lies behind the picture presented by the media of the impending nightmare of ecological catastrophe. This is presented as a problem to be resolved beyond the realms of social relations or class conflict. We have strong doubts about the show of good intentions made by politicians of every kind and color (including the environmentalists) and their sudden interest in the population’s he... (From:
As long as the present social order exists, it will be impossible to avoid interaction with the various facets of the power structure. Those of us who call ourselves anarchists need to choose to make these interactions clearly adversarial and conflictual, reflecting our desire to destroy the power structure completely. Such a choice requires knowledge of the enemy. Almost every anarchist recognizes that the state and capital are facets of the power structure and has some minimal understanding of how these function as such. Increasing numbers of anarchists are recognizing that technology and ideology are also part of the network of power. One would think that from this they would draw the due conclusion that the technological system for the ... (From:
“We must tell our children and our children’s children the story of the heroes of every land and every time who have given their lives that liberty and fraternity and equality might survive among men.” — Governor David Marston Clough, Dedication of Hermann Monument, New Ulm, Minnesota This is a letter to those who remember that before they were Americans, before they were Germans, they were Chatti, Cherusi, Harii, Marsi and Suebia. This is a letter to those who remember their own homeland and the ways of their ancestors; to those who remain Tru. This is a letter to those who remember that they too were once resistors of colonization. This is a letter to those who remember Hermann Der Cherusker... (From:
Nearly 2000 years ago, near the beginning of what some fondly call the Christian era, an army came marching across the British Isles. Thousands of soldiers, uniformed and armored in a manner never before seen in that part of the world, sent the tribal peoples fleeing westward and set about establishing fortresses and cities. Britain was now part of the Roman Empire. Civilization had arrived. It’s a pattern which has been repeated all over the world, as recently as 100 years ago in parts of the American West. The tendency of people to cluster together in great cities is hardly new and in many ways understandable. What isn’t so clear is why the city-dwellers feel compelled to make the whole planet over in their image. ... (From:
Introduction Class Struggle and Mental Health: Live to Fight Another Day This piece of writing comes out of a series of discussions which occurred on the forums of It was repeatedly raised that depression, mental illness, and emotional stress are very common among libertarian political activists. Furthermore, suffering from mental illness as someone who is politically active often comes with its own set of complications. Sometimes the wider anarchist/ activist community is supportive and helpful. Other times, we can feel just as alienated among fellow anarchists as we do from the rest of capitalist society. With that in mind, the goal of this pamphlet is to offer some advice on what’s generally helpful in... (From:
When we talk about security culture, people tend to have one of two kinds of experiences. The first is of building walls and keeping people out, the second is of being excluded or mistrusted. Both of these come with negative feelings – fear and suspicion for the former and alienation and resentment for the latter. I would say that they are two sides of the same coin, two experiences of a security culture that isn’t working well. I want to be welcoming and open to new people in my organizing. I also want to protect myself as best I can from efforts to disrupt that organizing, especially from the state but also from bosses or the far-right. That means I want to have the kinds of security practices that allow me to be open w... (From:
Introduction I’ve written this analysis as an introduction to the structural and social politics of fascism and anti-fascism. This text is meant to examine mechanisms of the fascist ideology not often touched on in popular media discourse, while also examining possibilities for confronting the fascist influence in our political and economic system. Usually, a vague and misrepresented description of fascism accompanies popular media analyzes on the rise of fascism in the United States. Everyone knows Fascism is dangerous and to be stopped at all costs, few know how to identify it when it’s revealed to them. Since this is the case, we must find an accurate description of fascism before we can begin this analysis. ... (From:
A review of Hakim Bey’s Millenium According to Hakim Bey, he wrote Millennium to answer to the question of whether he still holds the position he staked out in TAZ. By reading Millennium we can both understand Bey’s current theoretical position and how he placed TAZ in the first place. First off, Bey notes that between the two books the world changed: the Soviet Union fell apart. This has radical implications for anarchists. Before the fall, anarchists were the “third way” (not to be confused with Tony Blair’s Third Way) and the real opposition to Capital was the Soviet Union. With the Soviet dissolution, anarchism has become the other of Capital. Where as when anarchism was the third way, anarchists cou... (From:
What’s Wrong with Religion? Not every believer is a social conformist. His independence of mind, his resistance (to war, for example) or rebellion can outdo those of many atheists. Yet religion is tantamount to social acceptation, because its very principle separates a here below from a hereafter which created the here below and is necessarily superior to it. Religious thought (and therefore behavior) is dualist: it is based on the division between body and soul, matter and spirit, and this divide can only favor the latter over the former. Whatever the believer does to change this world, for him there will always be another world of a higher order. History, life as we daily experience it here and now matter less that what is be... (From:
"NOSOSTROS", the daily newspaper of the Iron Column in Valencia, printed this article in March 1937, on the eve of the column's militarization. In 1961 it was resurrected by Burnett Bolloten in a chapter devoted to the column in his book, 'The Grand Camouflage". About one third of the present text appeared there in translation. The remaining bulk of the article was dredged up only in 1979, in a complete bilingual edition published by "CHAMP LIBRE". An Italian translation appeared 2 years later. As far we know there was at least one version in English which was reprinted in 1987 by 'News From Everywhere'. This is the text we have used. Throughout the text references to "man" and "men" have been left as they were in the 1937 original, althoug... (From:
Hey y’all this is my first post. Thank you for letting me contribute. These are tough times we are facing as colonized peoples. This apocalypse is scary, but necessary. As it is not an apocalypse aimed at us, but our oppressors. The time has come that settler colonialism is to fall and we are to make sure of that. We’ve faced an oppressive death for far too long and to see the state crumble is a beautiful site. That doesn’t mean we won however. The oppressors are desperately trying to hold on to power killing us in the process. Its not over until we dismantle every institution of colonial oppression. We do so by adopting something I like to call Decolonial Apocalypticism. Decolonial Animist Apocalypticism This wo... (From:
Territorial Acknowledgment This essay was written on the unceded traditional territories of the WSANEC Nation, specifically the Tsawout and Tseycum peoples. The thoughts herein have been developed through spending time on many nations’ territories, including the Pacheedaht, Ditidaht, T’souk, Songhees, Esquimalt, Cowichan, Tseshaht, Sinixt and many more. This essay is meant to be distributed far and wide and will hopefully pass through all of these territories and more, as it seeks to build relationships and understanding between settlers, Indigenous people, and the Land. I thank these nations for allowing me to learn from the Land, and all of the connections therein. I thank them for preserving these beautiful places for ... (From:
Desert1 noun 1. A barren or desolate area, especially: a. A dry, often sandy region of little rainfall, extreme temperature, and sparse vegetation. b. A region of permanent cold that is largely or entirely devoid of life. c. An apparently lifeless area of water. 2. An empty or forsaken place; a wasteland: a cultural desert. 3. Archaic A wild, uncultivated, and uninhabited region. [Middle English, from Old French, from Late Latin desertum, from neuter past participle of deserere , to desert; see desert2.] * * * * * Author’s Note I have written Desert as a nature loving anarchist primarily addressing others with similar feelings. As a result I have not always explained ideas to which I hold when th... (From:
1 One of the most harmful prevailing prejudices of our times is the belief in Nature as a unified being separate from, and even opposed to Humanity (also perceived as a unified being). In the context of this doctrine, what is specifically Human – what is created by conscious human activity – is called Artificial as opposed to Natural. 2 The concept of Nature (that is the concept that all beings, things, relationships and activities not created by human beings constitute a unified whole that stands in contrast to all the things, beings, relationships and activities consciously created by human beings) is itself a product of conscious human activity and, thus, artificial. 3 Etymologically, &ldquo... (From:
A difficult subject, yes. A subject that can rapidly turn towards a polemic, sterile or otherwise. But that is not the goal. Neither is this an existential questioning, a “Who are we”, or a “Who am I”. I want to discuss about the anarchist movement the way I know it, that means the movement of today, although I can imagine that these mechanisms apply to other times or perhaps outside the anarchist movement. There are a lot of things to say, but I would like particularly to talk about the dynamics that uphold the relationships inside this movement, between each other, across language and geographical barriers. However I would not like these words to be taken for something they are not, in fact in whatever I talk about... (From:
The following is a transaction of a text from the June ’91 edition of the Spanish magazine Etcetera based loosely around the Spanish truck drivers’ strike of October 1990. It could equally apply to the French truckers’ strike of July ’92. The occasion doesn’t matter too much as basically the text deals with the re-organizing of production in the 80s. How a highly efficient managerial offensive is equally highly vulnerable to a sectorally limited action which due to the new totalitarian invasion of capital cannot have much visionary edge but could prove to be one of the decisively destructive components of the new upsurge from below we are beginning to see all around the world. (not from translators:BM Blob). ... (From:
“BE REALISTIC, DEMAND THE IMPOSSIBLE.” Slogan on a Paris wall during the Student Rebellion REVOLUTION TOWARDS A FREE SOCIETY: YIPPIE! By A. Yippie This is a personal statement. There are no spokesmen for the Yippies. We suggest to all reporters that they ask each and every Yippie in Lincoln Park why they have come to Chicago. We are all our own leaders. We realize this list of demands is inconclusive, they are not really demands. For people to make demands of the Democratic Party is an exercise in wasted wish-fulfillment. If we have a demand, it is simply and emphatically that they, along with their fellow inmates in the Republican Party, cease to exist. We demand a society built along the alternative... (From:
Paris, May 4, 1968. [Leaflet by students of the March 22 Movement explains why students fought the police] Fights in the Latin Quarter. Press + university + cops + owners = repression. Why are the students “enraged”? The papers write about “madmen,” about “golden” youth who want to get rid of their idleness by throwing themselves into violence and vandalism. What’s the purpose of those articles? Only one: to cut the students off from the workers, to caricature their struggle, to isolate in order to muzzle them better. Three thousand students fought the police for five hours last Friday--is this the “handful of trouble-makers” refer... (From:
Introduction The winter of 2011–12 saw a number of clashes with the police in Atlanta. Almost a year later, I’m comfortable enough to sit down to write about them. There were many other things going on around the country and even right here at home that made the following events possible, and I couldn’t feasibly account for all of them here with my limited perspective. The anti-police actions in themselves were not very significant, if gauged by the limiting discourse of “effective direct action” or “community organizing.” The cops still murder people, many people still have terrible ideas of how to respond. They were important, however, because they created a sense that something was occ... (From:
Political philosophers have examined what kind of government is, in their opinion, the best kind. In voluminous writings justifying various forms of government they either ignore or quickly dispense with the more fundamental question: DO WE NEED OR WANT ANY FORM OF GOVERNMENT? What is it to be governed? And what is the alternative? TO BE GOVERNED To be governed is to be watched, inspected, spied upon, directed, law-driven, numbered, regulated, enrolled, indoctrinated, censored, commanded, by creatures who have neither the right nor the wisdom nor the virtue to do so. To be GOVERNED is to be at every operation, at every transaction noted, registered, counted, taxed, stamped, measured, numbered, assessed, licensed, author... (From:
Political philosophers have examined what kind of government is, in their opinion, the best kind. In voluminous writings justifying various forms of government they either ignore or quickly dispense with the more fundamental question: DO WE NEED OR WANT ANY FORM OF GOVERNMENT? What is it to be governed? And what is the alternative? TO BE GOVERNED To be governed is to be watched, inspected, spied upon, directed, law-driven, numbered, regulated, enrolled, indoctrinated, censored, commanded, by creatures who have neither the right nor the wisdom nor the virtue to do so. To be GOVERNED is to be at every operation, at every transaction noted, registered, counted, taxed, stamped, measured, numbered, assessed, licensed, author... (From:
Ego-Anarchism is the negation of all fixed ideas: of Homeland, State, religion, Morals, Property, Belonging. It’s all about those who don’t belong to any group, act alone because of their character or geographical isolation, don’t recognize labels, follow their strong attitudes, recognize their individual Ego as genius. It is an unconditional, full, aware experimentation with oneself, which often encounters others’ experiences and is destined to succed or fail. The many shades of becoming, which are not aborted, are the expression of a choice, an attempt at the highest revelation of the individual, who realizes the conditions of being because he is. The need to individuate the new dynamics of interrelat... (From:
Social revolution is like the sea. Its waves chase one another, crash against the obstacles they encounter, crushing them or backing down. With all the violence of an indomitable rush, they destroy, blow after blow any trace of power, of exploitation and oppression. A first wave, immense and unexpected, swept away the dictatorship of Murabak. A second one put the army that was about to take over power on its knees. A third one is rising today against the new order that the islamists are trying to impose. The real revolutionary storm does not obey any party, any boss, any power. On the contrary, these are its irreconcilable enemies. They will be swept away as the storm intensifies. Between the social revolution that will subvert any r... (From:
We must choose between two paths: the road of El Salvador, of a lethal sidetrack into capitalist politics which is actually a prelude to world war, or the road of Poland, of mass and autonomous confrontation against the capitalist state. For the past several months since the proclamation of the Left’s “final offensive”, we have witnessed a further scourge of capitalist brutality in El Salvador. Within the countryside the guerrillas are completely on the defensive, having been sacrificed for “reasons of (capitalist) state” as the modern-day La Passionaria, Ana Guadalupe Martinez, will argue. The F.D.R. now cynically admits that its meager military offensive was nothing but a bargaining ploy against the Du... (From:
everyone has long known that nothing is sacred in the modern era so only a few are shocked when everything is marketed. currently, a mini-debate is raging over the propriety of selling a large range of products bearing an “X” on them with the advent of the release of “Malcolm X,” Spike Lee’s cinematic depiction of the slain black leader’s life. it is ironic that the symbol taken by members of the nation of islam to their “slave name” and widely publicized by a man reviled by white society and parts of the black community as well, now appears on everything from baseball caps to potato chip bags. Betty Shabazz, Malcolm’s widow, even has a lawyer tracking down those who use the tra... (From:
Introduction As the US occupation of Iraq continues along with the Iraqi resistance to this invasion, it is necessary to continue to examine the forces of domination that have led to the current situation of endless war and also to look into the possibilities for resistance. The invasion of Iraq has been presented as a specific battle in the “war on terrorism”. The alleged evidence for Iraqi possession of Weapons of Mass Destruction and involvement with Al-Qaeda has vanished like smoke in the wind, but since the “war on terrorism” has been a case of bluff and extortion from the beginning, it continues to be appropriate to analyze it in this context. The texts below have all been written since Sep... (From:
[A new magazine has recently appeared in Italy called Diavolo in Corpo [December 1999]. It is a magazine of anarchist ideas that is intended to get beyond the anarchist ghetto. The following text is a translation of the introduction the publishers of this magazine wrote for it. It is printed here as an introduction to the ideas of certain of the insurrectional anarchists of Italy.] To have the devil within. This is an expression that has fortunately survived from its medieval origins. Since the last witch burned on the pyre of the inquisition, the devil has continued to creep into human beings to shake them from the torpor of their existence. Indeed, something of the sulfurous remains in this idiom, an odor of heresy. To have the dev... (From:
To fully understand the context of global environmental problems, one must assess the role that humans have played in the destruction of the nature. Environmentalists and social science scholars have argued on behalf that social justice and environmental justice go hand-in-hand. Long time Vermont resident and activist Murray Bookchin brought forth the philosophy of social ecology, which laid out the ideological framework that bridged social and environmental justice movements. In his seminal work Post Scarcity Anarchism, Bookchin argues to challenge the social order that is rooted in the exploitation of man and nature alike. He writes, “ Owing to its inherently competitive nature, bourgeois society not only pits humans against each o... (From:
Mühsam chronologies in print include: Chris Hirte. Erich Mühsam: “Ihr seht mich nicht feige.” Berlin: Verlag Neues Leben, 1985 (pp.453-456 and passim) and: Chris Hirte (ed.). Erich Mühsam: Tagebücher 1910-1924. Munich: deutscher taschenbuchverlag, September 1994. Other chronologies can be found online at, The Daily Bleed, the Erich-Mühsam-Gesellschaft, Irina und Conrad Piens' Mühsam website,, and the Erich Mühsam page of the Deutsches Historisches Museum. 1838 Birth of Siegfried Seligmann Mühsam, Erich's father. 1871 January 18: Founding of the German Reich. 1875 German Social Democrats unite with the Lassallians. 187... (From:
Finally the Western civilization has woken up to the climate crisis. To those of us anarchists who have not been following scientific research on the crisis for the past decade in detail, who live in the West and who haven’t been involved in green nihilist circles, the current mass of information can feel like an avalanche. We might be used to confronting the heartbreaking realities of this world, but how do we face the on-going, ecosystem threatening loss of biodiversity, melting permafrost, methane gas explosions and ravaging fires in Arctic regions, the probable breakdown of the Gulf stream, the loss of 75% of Arctic sea ice, European heatwaves drying up rivers used to cool down nuclear power plants and freak storms destroyi... (From:
Part 1. At this time, many people are at least generally aware that environmentally harmful human activities have caused a number of serious ecological problems, amounting to a kind of crisis. The phenomenon of global warming is probably the best known example, although there is also some awareness around issues like deforestation and the dangers of nuclear energy. Several decades ago environmental groups were able to push the motto “reduce, reuse, recycle” into the public consciousness, although in actual practice the concepts “reducing” and also to some extent “reusing” were largely ignored. Today a new answer to environmental problems has been offered, one that doesn’t just tolerate... (From:
I’m writing these lines concerning the subjects of Solidarity and prison. I hope this can clarify the anarchist perspective as concerns revolutionary solidarity and the difference between solidarity and support, which is anyway necessary. These opinions of mine are open to discussion. When we talk about solidarity, as insurrectionist anarchists we refer explicitly to actions, which besides giving solidarity to our comrades, attack the interests of the State/Capital and break some values of the system such as compassion and duty. These values lead to analysis and practices that have little to do with solidarity with imprisoned comrades. Solidarity actions, on the contrary, are part of the struggle. This revolutionary soli... (From:
Note: This guide is meant to be a source of information for those wanting to disrupt local hunting in their areas. This guide has been made due to the lack of information on disrupting hunting. The material in this book is based on firsthand experience of sabotaging the hunting in North America, although its contents could be easily adapted for use in the other areas of the world. Legal Disclaimer: This guide is for your entertainment, information, and general interest only. It is not meant to encourage the activities described within. We’re just writing this for the heck of it. We would never dream of encouraging someone to use the proven-effective methods presented within to free innocent beings from the depths of hell, or to... (From:
Overture: A True Story We dropped out of school, got divorced, broke with our families and ourselves and everything we’d ever known. We quit our jobs, violated our leases, threw our furniture out on the sidewalk, and hit the road. We sat on the swings of children’s playgrounds until our toes were frostbitten, admiring the moonlight on the dewy grass, writing poetry on the wind. We went to bed early and lay awake past dawn recounting all the awful things we’d done to others and they to us—and laughing, blessing and absolving each other and this crazy cosmos. We stole into museums showing reruns of old Guy Debord films to write faster, my friend, the old world is behind you on the bac... (From:
A number of arguments are raised against campaigning against Scientology, some of which are summed up here (found through Digg). One common argument against anti-Scientology campaigning is “freedom of belief.” Under this argument, to campaign against any one religion is de facto bigotry and should be rejected. This analysis, however, is extremely superficial. Those Scientologists who do not work within the Church — the Free Zoners, in other words — have not been the target of nearly the same amount of attention, in spite of holding nearly identical beliefs. Why? They do not behave in the same way. The infamous South Park episode targeting Scientology was both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, it ... (From:
In this text we would like to start the attempt to find a solidarity-based but also militant approach to the spread of the CoronaVirus. It is not about an assessment of the danger or the respective characteristics of this virus. There have been and will always be new virus infections. Consequently, the current situation is not completely new. Diseases and pathogens are part of our lives, like death and society itself. We must therefore find a way of dealing with them beyond the existing crisis and panic reactions. Social Distancing In Europe we have just gone through at least a century of social distancing, individualization and atomization. This isolation serves the capitalist forms of economy, e.g. to organize reproductiv... (From:
Domestication and sedentization are not processes that were only imposed on “primitive” peoples; these processes occurred in Europe as well. Latin American nomads and European vagabonds experienced similar repression but by different means. Missions and prisons served similar functions: they settled the roamers and put them to work. Now, there are many all too familiar ways to regulate or fix movement. Here in the US, incarceration rates are skyrocketing. The computerization of biometrics is a new weapon in the State’s arsenal that greatly increases the accuracy with which they can identify human beings: this facilitates incarceration and immigration control. The above technologies and institutions of control share a commo... (From:
To open the floodgates means “to unblock, remove the cap and let the liquid flow. In the figurative sense, it means to freely give vent to words, verses, insults...” This is the impression that one gets reading the many communiqués of condemnation and of taking a distance from the attacks that have taking place in the last several weeks against the people and structures of domination. That the floodgates have been opened. As if up to now the refusal to distinguish oneself in the eyes of repression, the contempt for those who want to make themselves pass for “good boys and girls,” maybe a bit unruly but over all pretty good, wasn’t at all a spontaneous and natural expression of one’s being, of one&r... (From:
Friends! A political crisis is about to happen in Belarus. There’s a good chance Lukashenko’s regime, which seemed to last forever, will lose control: partially or totally, temporarily or permanently… Belarusian society shows unprecedented active fury against the dictatorship. What is going to happen when the first cracks in the System will turn into its complete collapse? Talent, selflessness, courage of thought – are the main advantages of the anarchist movement. Anarchists from Belarus have always been “a particular breed”. In Russia and Ukraine it has often been said that Belarusian comrades are distinguished by their more mature approach to the struggle – they are ready to make sacrific... (From:
This introduction to a critique of social customs is a contribution to a necessary revolutionary anthropology. The communist movement possesses a dimension which is both a class and human one. It is a movement which is based on the central role of workers without being a form of workerism, and without being a humanism it moves toward a human community. For now, reformism thrives on separation by piling up demands in parallel spheres without ever questioning these spheres themselves. One of the proofs of the potency of a communist movement will be its capacity to recognize, and in practice to supersede, this gap and contradiction between the dimensions of class and community. It is this gap and contradiction which flourish in the ambi... (From:
Since October 17th we’re occupying a piece of forest that was meant to host one of the hundreds of electrical towers that conform the new Very High Voltage (MAT) power line, and that will eventually interconnect France, Spain and, time will tell, Africa. The place we now call our home is in an area called Guilleries (Girona), near Sant Hilari Sacalm village, at about 1000 meters high and surrounded by mountains in a pretty isolated environment. The reasons for this occupation are many: we won’t accept without fighting yet another gigantic infrastructure that will solve absolutely nothing and in fact, will worsen things up. We have to choose which side we’re in: either we stand for western civilization or we fight ag... (From:
“How many lands have my feet trod and my eyes seen! What terrible scenes of desolation of death I witnessed in those years of continual war. Adverse circumstances had made us, anti-militarists, the most battle hardened soldiers of the Allied armies” (Murillo de la Cruz) There are many myths and controversies concerning the French Resistance during the Second World War. The “official” line, from the point of view of the Gaullists, ascribes great significance to the radio appeal broadcast by Charles de Gaulle on June 18th 1940, calling on the French people to continue the fight against the Germans. But for at least one major component of the Resistance movement the armed struggle against Fascism began not on Jun... (From:
Introduction Anti-fascist groups, often called “antifa,” are popping up all around the United States, and a number of people have asked us for advice on forming a group. Because antifa work is different from other forms of radical organizing, and because the antifa groups themselves are changing, we have written down some of our suggestions, based on years of experience. However, this article has been written in a very fluid political situation, and some of these specifics may or may not be relevant in the coming months and years. This essay covers a number of points, including: the advantages, disadvantages, and obligations of working under the antifascist banner; questions involving anonymity and visibility, bot... (From:
The atmosphere of UK State repression and ‘queen’s peace’ was definitively broken on the 10th November 2010, when the Millbank Tower, Conservative Party HQ, was stormed by a mob of malcontents, during a demonstration against student fees. The roof-top scenes of occupation and property destruction dispelled the long-held belief that the cops have the upper hand on the streets of the United Kingdom, and especially in the open-CCTV-prison of London. Something much more occurred that day than the complete trashing of the ruling political party’s headquarters in the capital city – an aching festive class violence was openly expressed and transmitted everywhere via global media, to all others in resistance aro... (From:
“This safe space policy is designed to ensure that meetings take place in a considerate and relevant manner, without participants being undermined for discriminatory reasons.
 If someone violates these agreements three times, they will be asked to leave the space. The three-strike policy can be bypassed if a serious infraction of these agreements happens, to the extent that someone feels unsafe. Examples of serious infractions include, but are not limited to, harassment, bullying, theft, sexual harassment, sexual assault and threatening or violent behavior.” Safer Spaces Policy for National Campaign against Fees and Cuts “We want to emphasize frank communication whilst always prioritizing the stated nee... (From:
INTRODUCTION We are writing this zine to create a discussion about freeganism and whether or not it has any place in the struggle towards total liberation. We (the authors) identify as anarchists, and recognize that human-supremacy is one of the most widespread and destructive authoritarian constructs to exist in the shit hole that is industrial society. Veganism for us is not about dietary or consumer choices but is part of an intersectional approach to living in a non hierarchical way that seeks to actively confront and challenge the structures and ways of life under the various systems of authority. This zine is directed at people who associate themselves with anarchism and seek to challenge hierarchy in their day to... (From:
INTRODUCTION This is an answer to the text "Freeganism is not anarchy, its just easy". It might be better to read the other text first, since most of the points made in this text are answer to objections to freeganism done in the other text. What I write here is just one freegan wiew, other freegans may have other ideas, but my take on freeganism is quite far away from what is described in the other text. I think the origin of the difference in point of wiew here is a difference in the philosophical approach. "Freeganism is not anarchy, it's just easy" has a rather dogmatic approach, when I have a rather consequentialist one. I... (From:
The Frightened, Le Drapeau Noir, No. 13, November 4 1883. I don’t know anyone more frightened than the capitalists. As soon as they hear the word anarchist they start trembling like wet hens. And why do they tremble? Because the goods they have are stolen goods and we say that whoever has gotten rich at the expense of the worker is going pay for it. They understand this to mean themselves and, in fact, if the shoe fits... And they’re scared. Yes, workers, we make them tremble. Our name inspires intense fear in these parasites, which proves that they’re guilty. A joker tosses a firecracker into a room and right away they accuse us. The next day the daily papers report... (From:
From Autonomous Space Towards Liberated Space: Some Points for Discussion and Debate “All of the models and structures in which we’ve taken refuge must be fiercely examined and critically dismantled, and we must learn to depend on ourselves. If we do not wish to find ourselves in a world where no one really lives, where no one really knows anyone else, where everyone has become a mere cog in a machine meshing with other cogs but remaining truly alone, then we must have the strength to attack alienation in every way we can. Otherwise, we may just find there is no place left where we can meet face to face”. The gathering of people from across Europe around “Autonomous” Space has encouraged u... (From:
A direct action, a physical attack on institutions and symbols of power, is at the same time an act of rebellion and confrontation with oppressors and a symbol that, having reached society, becomes a strong, loud call to fight. It is the point where the existential meaning of the act of combating converges with strategic considerations (with attempt to involve more people in a direct clash with the system). That is the basic goal of insurrectionary anarchism as a practice. There are also more individualistic interpretations of the meaning of “insurrectionary” actions — some understand this action as complete self-worth, without having the task of influencing “ordinary people”. However, this interpretatio... (From:
How is thought cut from its root? When we think of the imagination what comes to mind? We might think of human creativity at its source, of a living and thinking person. We also might think of the imaginary, a realm that is separate from this world we live in, daydreams that are divorced from our lives: fantasies that serve only as escape mechanisms, fantasies that are filled with mass media produced images of other planets, green aliens with 14 fingers, or sex with bionic humanoids with geometric silicone features. The word imagination has been corroded along with its root word: the image. The images that confront us everyday appear to have no human origin. They are created for the market, and have the qualities of the market, they ... (From:
WHAT IS ANTI-AUTHORITARIANISM? Anarchists do not consider Mutual Aid to be “authoritarian.” Solidarity or empathy for those who are treatedunfairly is considered to be a form of natural morality (see Kropotkin, Anarchist Morality and Mutual Aid). Anarchists do not consider professional expertize to be “authoritarian” (see Bakunin, Law and Authority). Health care, child care and education should be paid for by the workplace as part of the cost of production Anarchism is not chaos, violence or an “alternative lifestyle.” We have a specific understanding of what authority is, how it leads to injustice and how we can organize society without it; based on freedom, soci... (From:
Lecture to South Place Ethical Society, London Genetic change in living organisms is desirable and without it evolution would not exist. Until the end of The Second World War virtually all genetic change could be accounted for by naturally occurring mutations (changes) in genes and the exchange of genetic material during natural sexual reproduction and conventional plant breeding. With first atomic explosion over Japan in 1945, followed by a whole succession of nuclear tests from then until now, radiation released into the environment has undoubtedly increased the rate of mutation in plants, although it has not been quantified. Indeed scientists have, over the last fifty years, used radiation as a mutagenic agent in an effort to secu... (From:
This statement was issued by some anarchist from Turin, Italy about a month before the G8 summit in Genoa By now, it is a matter of fact. The world is on the verge of being transformed into a single enormous supermarket. From San Francisco to Calcutta, from Rio de Janeiro to Moscow, we will all get in line to consume the same identical products of unnatural, gaudy appearance. That which forms an authentic wealth to safeguard for many — autonomy and difference — could be swept away forever by the imposition of an economic policy and the consequent social system. When we are presented with a single possibility while every alternative is kept from us by force, we cannot speak of freedom of choice in the face of an offer, but... (From:
From the moment that 14 year old Alexis Grigoropoulos was gunned down by a patrolling policeman on December 6 2008, the morphology of Greece’s capital city and many others, both on the mainland and in many of the islands, changed. The force of the people’s anger against the State and its paid killers expressed itself with limpid clarity: Athens, a European metropolis, had no cop station left untouched, no bank left functioning. Huge stores, banks and public buildings were gutted by fire and hundreds of luxury cars and car showrooms went up in flames, as the streets were blocked off with flaming barricades and hundreds of police in riot gear were forced to run away from the rebels. It is impossible to render what happened ... (From:
The concept of class has become popular again. After the most recent global economic crisis, even bourgeois newspapers started posing the question: “Wasn’t Marx right after all?” For the last two years Thomas Piketty’s ‘Capital in the Twenty-First Century’ has been on the bestseller list – a book which describes in a detailed way how historically, the capitalist process of accumulation resulted in a concentration of wealth into the hands of a tiny minority of capital owners. In western democracies too, significant inequalities have led to an increase in fear of social uprisings. This specter has haunted the world in recent years – from riots in Athens, London, Baltimore, to the revolts in Nort... (From:
"Ye have heard that it hath been said: an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth ; but I say unto you : That ye resist not evil." Matt. v. 38, 39. "Vengeance is Mine, I will repay." Rom. xii. 19. A poor muzhik had a son born unto him. The muzhik rejoiced, and went to his neighbor to beg him to be a sponsor for his child. The neighbor refused ; he would not be a sponsor to a poor man's child. Then the poor muzhik went to another neighbor, and he refused likewise. He went round the whole village, and nobody would be a sponsor for him. The muzhik set out for another village, and there met him on the road a wayfaring man, and the wayfaring man stopped and greeted him : Part 1 " Hail to thee, little muzhik ! " cried he, " ... (From:
Time after time, again and again starvation hits the headlines. Yet no matter how catastrophic the event, we never seem to get any nearer to stopping it once and for all. Why is that? Yet this inexcusable mass murder has not always been limited to the Third World, it has happened a lot closer to’s just that they never made a big thing of it in history because...well, it’s a lot closer to home. And it happened for exactly the same reasons that it still goes on today. Here we look at the history of the Great Irish Hunger. So, eyes down for a history lesson. And fuck you Live Aid. One Mighty Blow 150 years ago black patches began to appear on the potato plants grown in Ireland. This was the f... (From:
The 1st Green Anarchist Gathering took place July 10–13, despite the FBI. The first site was a private campground at the intersection of the Appalachians and Alleghenies. The Feds thought it too close to one of the largest underground natural gas storage facilities in the US, a facility on the Homeland Security watch list, so we got a call from the campground owner: “Your event is being canceled. We’ve had several visits from the FBI and other law enforcement. You lied to us. You didn’t tell us you were terrorists.” The FBI under Mike Hudak of the Scranton / Wilkes-Barre office had not only visited the campground but sent Pennsylvania state troopers to the township meeting to inform citizens of this red... (From:
The Green movement was originally a loose coalition or network of six main constituencies: radical ecologists, peace activists, feminists, social justice activists, decentralists, and participatory democrats. The basic socioeconomic and political principles of these six groups are essentially anarchist — that is, they imply opposition to hierarchy, bureaucracy, patriarchy, authoritarianism, and the State. Hence they also imply opposition to the electoral political system, which is thoroughly hierarchical, bureaucratic, patriarchal-authoritarian, and statist. Green political activity at the national or state level merely ratifies the statist electoral system. There may be something to be said for limited participation by Gre... (From:
They’re old things, from another century. Two anarchists get arrested after a bank job. The first robbed it, gun in hand. They say the second helped him, holding the money. It happened in a small Greek village, this past October 1. And so? There are things that happen. And then that is a far away country, with an incomprehensible and untranslatable language. Who do you want to be interested in it? The robber is Christos Stratigopulos, already arrested and convicted here in Italy fifteen years ago on a similar charge. The penalty served, he returned to Greece. Remembered by a few, unknown to most. But the other one arrested is Italian; it is Alfredo Bonanno. Yes, precisely him; who hasn’t heard his name? In its own small w... (From:
Why anarchism? We state that it is either a fool or a scoundrel who can support the current system in Russia. Most of the proposed “alternatives” contain, albeit under a different sauce, the same “values” on which today’s power stands — hierarchy, relations of domination and subordination, competition, greed, etc. It is not difficult to see that these “values” defects social life of our country. Anarchism appeals to the thirst for freedom and equal collectivity. So, anarchism struggles not only with state oppression, with exploitation and alienation generated by capitalism — it rises against the vices that nestled among the “ordinary people”: cynicism, se... (From:
“And there are other losses involved. A loss of basic trust. A loss of feeling of mutuality of relatedness. In its stead is emplaced a contempt for self and others. If you’ve been punished for showing autonomy, iniative, or independence, after a while you’re not going to show them. In the aftermath of this kind of brutalization, victims have a great deal of difficulty taking responsibility for their lives...They seem to behave as though they’re still under the perpetrator’s control, even though we think they’re now free. But in some ways the perpetrator has been internalized.” — interview with Judith Herman in “A Language Older Than Words” by Derrick Jensen. ... (From:
Proposition 1 It is impossible to be everything we are supposed to be and to do everything we are ordered to, and when we try the failure we are doomed to is neither interesting nor enjoyable. To take the path of breaking with everything is the only worthwhile end, even if it is hopeless. Everything is what is ordinary. It is hard to find a glimmer of anything else in life, anything that would suggest an Outside. Everything is the way that things are organized, but it is also a command. An order to do and to be. Everything is ordinary in the sense that everything is ordered. And Everything is ordinary in the sense that everything tends to act as an order. The order is that you must be Everything. So you fail at everythi... (From:
HIERARCHY, noun. (from the Greek hieros, sacred, and arche, command). The order and subordination of sundry ecclesiastical, civil or military authorities. Hierarchy lies at the root of the whole authority principle. Starting off with the leader and ending with the henchman, through a whole scale of different executive agents; conjuring up a multitude of gradations which, as one rises through them, confers an ever greater measure of authority; splitting the authority of the State to infinity and bestowing a greater power of resistance upon it by virtue of its multiplicity and variety; organizing within the State a graduated scale of sinecures, benefices and privileges; the essence, in fact, of theories of government. The yearni... (From:
Did you ever wonder why your parents act so disoriented when it comes to ‘leisure’ activities? Why they start one little hobby, and either fail to follow through with it or become pathologically obsessed with it... even though it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with their lives? Maybe they seek to lose themselves in gardening or following the exploits of some basketball team. Maybe your father buys all sorts of fancy tools (the kind of tools many men his age have), but only uses them for a few days before setting them aside — and then buys a lot of skiing equipment the next month. Or perhaps they just spend their time trying figure out how to pay off the debt they owe for that wide screen television they spend th... (From:
The question of how to fight or prevent the Google-Campus can be answered in different ways. The answer depends on the perspective of the fight itself. The following proposal is not only addressed to anarchists, although it is an anarchist proposal. It can be shared by all those who not only want to prevent the Google-Campus, but also seek to completely change the conditions we live in. The Google-Campus in Berlin Kreuzberg is just another project of domination seeking to restructure the power of state and capital (among other things digitalization of the economy, new technology of control and repression, commercialization of everyday life ...). In Berlin-Kreuzberg this kind of restructuring is most visible in new building projects. Example... (From:
Good meeting procedure is probably the most basic tool in the organizers’ kit. It’s the most basic building block in any form of collective action. With it a group of people can accomplish a lot more than they could alone, more than the sum of their parts, if you will. Without it they can do very little, except burn themselves out and reinforce the common beliefs that you can’t fight the powers that be and that collective action is a bore consisting mostly of endless meetings. Maybe that’s why they don’t teach it in school any more. The purpose of meeting is decision making. Decision making has several parts. The forms used must take care of each part. Part 1 — Decision Making Dissected F... (From:
STRAIGHT TO THE POINT: Our civilization is in collapse. This collapse is well-documented: philosophers, scientists, politicians, military strategists, economists, and even NASA have begun sounding the alarm for ecological catastrophe, the technological singularity, and the general collapse of life as we know it. The news anchors appear no less panicked than the environmental and survivalist fringe of the past: the Arctic is melting, Japanese teenagers refuse to have sex, a private company wants to build a colony on Mars, Europe is being looted by hooded protesters, and humans may be extinct by the end of the century. Through all of this, at the precipice of insanity, there are those who are organizing to save mankind by... (From:
BE GAY DO CRIME The following essay was anonymously circulated amid queer/anarchist circles in the Pacific Northwest. It is reproduced here in its entirety. Its initial circulation sparked much controversy among its readers. Here’s hoping for more! First, let’s clear a few things up: Bash Back! is dead—old history. We’re all still fucking its corpse, totally disinterested while the filthy body falls apart, starting to smell. Whatever. Here’s the real point: if at the moment of BB!’s disappearance this queer virus fails to spread, if we aren’t proliferating terribly, then we’re kidding ourselves, calling what we experienced a death (despite our nihilist woo-woo-insurrecto fa... (From:
The Importance of Support Building Foundations, Creating Community, Sustaining Movements How do we develop anti-authoritarian and anti-capitalist movements that are capable of maintaining and expanding over the long haul? The infrastructures we create in the course of our political work are key to unlocking the answer. If our infrastructures are to succeed and deepen our movements, we need to abandon the pervasive separation between politics and “personal” life and ground our movement activity in everyday practices of mutual aid and support—both in times of happiness and in times of hardship. This article looks at the latter of these: reflecting on how we can develop models for providing each other with compassio... (From:
Who needs roads? Do roads harm everyone’s interests? Liberal critics of the road and motor industry add to the list of woes above the following points: Roads are becoming increasingly less cost effective; the cost of ‘improving’ them is going up. And as soon as new roads are built and old ones expanded, they fill up because increased road transport is encouraged. Congestion is therefore not improved and businesses pay the cost of traffic jams. Finally the liberal critics argue that particular car/road capitals are cutting ‘everyone’s’ throat in the long run because ‘we’ can’t carry on indefinitely using resources in this way. But, although... (From:
Introduction This book is about living in hiding. It pierces the darkness and leaps into the secrecy of the incognito, a parallel dimension in which even what could be said often is not. Out of excess of tact, fear or because one thinks it is not relevant. Or, in certain milieux and in the worst cases, due to mere political tactics. But, even at a glance, the world of clandestine people is not a desert land; on the contrary it is populated by living beings, experiences and ideas that are very close to ours, in both the most miserable and the most fascinating aspects of our lives, close to our most ardent desires and passionate daydreams. The following contributions tell of this world. They are the voices of people who have liv... (From:
Black brothers, Black sisters, i want you to know that i love you and i hope that somewhere in your hearts you have love for me. My name is Assata Shakur (slave name joanne chesimard), and i am a revolutionary. A Black revolutionary. By that i mean that i have declared war on all forces that have raped our women, castrated our men, and kept our babies empty-bellied. I have declared war on the rich who prosper on our poverty, the politicians who lie to us with smiling faces, and all the mindless, heart-less robots that protect them and their property. –Assata Shakur I was born into the flames of slave insurrection. My first recorded ancestor was a runaway slave named Felix. In between him and me have been several butc... (From:
We are making ourselves vulnerable to attack. More seriously, we are making each other vulnerable. Photographers at demonstrations will soon outnumber demonstrators, those who are willing to take action. This is something we need to take a stand against. Cameras are tools of surveillance, and whether it is us or the enemy that wields them, we are participating in our own surveillance. Groups and individuals who have an interest in publicity and photo opportunities need to recognize the fact that they can make everyone else vulnerable to repression and less effective. One group’s photo op is unwanted Twitter publicity for the 100 people surrounding them. It is not a question of the desires of the few dictating the safety ... (From:
This document is intended to be an updated version of “In Defense of Smashing Cameras.” The update is meant to address new issues with live-streaming protests and actions, what this leads to and how to address it. When you’re at a protest you should only be filming the police and police actions. This is not meant to be a word for word copy, but more of an adaptation for the ever-changing media, ways of producing and creating content and most specifically, those who seek to profit off of social movements. We are vulnerable to attack. More so than ever. There are not only cameras everywhere, but now there are people with agendas with cameras, who are seeking to capture content to line their own pockets ... (From:
Before dying in the mud on the streets we would imitate Bresci and Ravachol; anyone who extends a hand to you, bourgeoisie, is a person unworthy of looking at the sun. Grinding machines tear the beggars to pieces and their wives are forever pale and weeping, The fields remain fallow, the miners buried and the workers crushed forever by murder. And to those who don’t give in, open the tombs, prepare the bombs, sharpen the knife, action is the ideal! France, on the watch with the guillotine, chops off the head of anyone who wants to punish her. Cowardly Spain strangles with a garrote and murderous Italy guns down those who aren’t accustomed to trembling. Hanged in America, throa... (From:
“Projectuality: starting position that tries to have, from the beginning till the end of the struggle, a global vision — but continuously looking at the changing of necessities – of the elements that compose and characterize it” (Su gazetinu de sa luta kontras a sas presones #0) The anarchist individual projectuality For us to act on life, instead of it being something that happens to us, we need to know what we desire and how to try to attain it, we need to know who prevents us from doing it and who are our potential accomplices in this collective adventure for individual freedom. The anarchist individual projectuality is born from this reflection and from the will and the disposit... (From:
"The truth wears longer than all the gods; for it is only in the truth's service, and for love of it, that people have overthrown the gods and at last God himself. "The truth" outlasts the downfall of the world of gods, for it is the immortal soul of this transitory world of gods; it is Deity itself." -- Max Stirner Johann Kaspar Schmidt, better known as Max Stirner (the nom de plume he adopted from a schoolyard nickname he had acquired as a child because of his high brow [Stirn]), German philosopher, who ranks as one of the literary grandfathers of nihilism, existentialism and anarchism, especially of individualist anarchism. Stirner himself explicitly denied holding any absolute position in his philosophy, further statin... (From:
The Institute for Experimental Freedom’s European appendages and friends are proud to release an English translation of “La Grève Infinie” (Infinite Strike). This text was written on Oct 27th 2010 from within the events transpiring throughout the French strikes and blockades. It has appeared throughout France, and is available in at and Although the US is not France, we can’t help but find a certain resonance with the strike, with the determinacy of struggle. We welcome the return of causseur, of the vandal, of course! We delight in the fine fractures that link our deep sense of despair with the its negation — the secret solidarity between our wea... (From:
Desert the wars of the state and the powerful, refuse the war between the poor! Let’s arm ourselves against the nationalistic, democratic and religious manipulations! Attack here and now all that which keeps us enslaved! From Gaza in Palestine to Nasiriyah in Iraq, from the Kivu region in the Congo to Grozny in Chechnya, the massacres of thousands of human beings take place on a daily basis. This capitalist and authoritarian system, under the varied disguises it uses throughout the four corners of the world, devastates whole areas through famine, deprivation, pollution, war. Whether they serve to tie down the workforce or deport workers, camps are by now the condition of life for millions of people: refugee ca... (From:
“From a certain point onward, there is no turning back. That is the point that must be reached.” – Franz Kafka. For us anarchists the questions of how to act and how to organize are intimately linked. And it is these two questions, not the question of the desired form of a future society, that provide us with the most useful method for understanding the various forms of anarchism that exist. Insurrectionary anarchism is one such form, although it is important to stress that insurrectionary anarchists don’t form one unified block, but are extremely varied in their perspectives. Insurrectionary anarchism is not an ideological solution to social problems, nor a commodity on the capitalist market of... (From:
The hearing for the appeal of anarchist comrade George Voutsis-Vogiatzis, arrested for bank robbery, was set for June 7th, 2010 but was postponed for May 6th, 2011. Here’s a translated interview he gave to the newspaper “Proto Thema” on May 9th 2010 The tragic account of the march last Wednesday counts three deaths, among them a pregnant woman, which with other victims were locked inside Marfin bank. Murders attributed to the anarchists Molotov... The emotional and political gap in the last hours after the death of the three workers in the bank from asphyxiation can not be described in words or replaced by actions, counterbalancing or convictions. The value of human life when its not jointly responsible for t... (From:
Haussmann and City Planning: the birth of the human tide. “Having, as they do the appearance of walling in a massive eternity, Haussmann’s urban works are a wholly appropriate representation of the absolute governing principles of the Empire: repression of every individual formation, every organic self-development, ‘fundamental’ hatred of all individuality.” — JJ Honeger 1874 (Benjamin, 122) “But by the any standpoint other than that of facilitating police control, Haussmann’s Paris is a city built by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” Guy De Bord Haussmann did not invent city planning, the Romans and ancient Chinese planned cities... (From:
Since 1945, they want us to believe that the most serene freedom has arisen in our lifetime; now that housewives have access to all the best household appliances, now that almost everyone has the right to vote, now that “freedom” of speech is guaranteed by the democratic institutions, now that we are left with the listing of false choices- between exploiting or being exploited for nothing at all, and without trying to understand why, threatened to be quashed. Our anxiety and our thirst for liberty do not falter, though that is what it’s all about when the State parrots out its ideas of freedom, democratic and industrial progress. But here and there, the social peace is sometimes weakened, its necessity reappraised, ... (From:
This was developed by the Quakers originally, but similar principles have been used since pre-history. “Their natural way of doing it [reaching a decision] is to discuss it at length, ... until public opinion has settled overwhelmingly in one direction” Obviously, this doesn’t work so well with large groups. But as I pointed out earlier, large groups tend to fragment. Consensus is not the same as voting. Nor does it mean unanimity. Groups sometimes think they are using consensus but revert to voting when they can’t all agree. When we vote, we are still using dualism — here is one choice, or another. The choice we will make is the one of the majority. Thus the majority wields power ov... (From:
“The slogan ‘Revolution or Death!’ is no longer the lyrical expression of consciousness in revolt: rather, it is the last word of the scientific thought of our century. It applies to the perils facing the species as to the inability of individuals to belong in a society where it is wellknown that the suicide rate is on the increase. The experts had to admit, reluctantly, that during May 1968 in France it fell to almost nil. That spring also vouchsafed us a clear sky, and it did so effortlessly, because a few cars were burnt and the shortage of petrol prevented others from polluting the air. When it rains, where there are clouds of smog over Paris, let us never forget that it is the government’s fault. Alienated pro... (From:
Four years. Difficult to know if it’s four years already or just four years. Four years and a long mourning which has only just begun several years after her death, after those who justice found necessary to punish directly for the accident which cost Zoé her life finished the prison sentences which they had been assigned, after those who remained outside prison were no longer listened in on, tailed, photographed, filmed, intimidated. But anyway, that’s another story. After those who believe that seeing a friend die is not enough have satisfied themselves with our pain, have been sated enough by our sadness to leave again with a full belly and head held high, proud to have restored order and justice. This order and this j... (From:
1. It’s Us They’re Shooting In Warsaw “The U.S.A. was warned in time by the Russians about the coup d’etat in preparation in Poland, if the Bonn government is to be believed, well before Chancellor Schmidt’s trip to the D.D.R. This time the complicity of the superpowers has worked well.” — Der Spiegel 21/12/81 “Reagan stated, to illustrate Moscow’s complicity in the repression, that the posters announcing martial law in Poland on December 13th, had been printed in the USSR from last October onwards.” — Liberation, December 26, 1981 “Marchais was informed in advance of the Polish putsch...According to other sources, the French secret service,... (From:
Killing cops in the street is not enough- we must aim our bullets at the cops inside our heads. We look around in puzzlement at our world, with a sense of unease and disquiet. We think of ourselves as scholars in arcane liturgies, single entities trapped in worlds beyond our devising. The truth is much simpler, there are things in the darkness beneath us which wish us harm. [1] Absolute Hostility To begin, we wish to address a simple yet potentially contentious issue which will form the basis of our appeal here. Police Officers must be killed, the families of Police Officers must be killed, the children of Police Officers must be killed, the friends and supporters of Police Officers must be killed. We mean this both materia... (From:
Joseph A. Labadie was born on April 18, 1850 in Paw Paw, Michigan, the descendant of 17th century French immigrants. His boyhood was a frontier existence among Pottawatomi tribes in southern Michigan, where his father served as interpreter between the Jesuit missionaries and the Indians. His only schooling was a few months in a parochial school. At the age of 17 he began roaming the country as a “tramp” printer. In 1872 he put down roots in Detroit, working as a printer at the Detroit Post and Tribune. In 1877, Labadie, an agnostic, married his cousin, Sophie Elizabeth Archambeau, a devout Catholic. During their long and happy life together, neither tried to change the other’s religious outlook. Labadie ... (From:
Power relations are played out on the stage of desire. A valued object is a desired object. Value is a means through which culture effects desire. Ideology and culture effect power relations through the medium of value, whereas raw coercion is the simple imposition of the desire of one body on another, against the grain of the latter’s desire. Culture and capitalism have become interpenetrating value systems. For capitalism to function it must penetrate culture; it must overcome value systems that contradict it. Previously, the immaterial was outside the domain of capital, however as capital’s domain grows and technology changes, it inches further and further into the immaterial. Images and information are now valuable co... (From:
The Kurdish Uprising and Kurdistan’s Nationalist Shop Front and Its Negotiations with the Baathist/Fascist Regime The following is an account of the uprising in Kurdistan in 1991 together with an historical critique of the Kurdish nationalist parties. It buries the lies of the western media which presented this proletarian uprising as the work of nationalist parties in the north or Shi’ite religious fanatics in the south. * * * The great popular uprising of the exploited of Iraq in March this year threatened the aims and interests of both contending sides in the Gulf war. From Kurdistan to southern Iraq the poor rose up against the Baathist/Fascist regime and against the consequences of the war creat... (From:
There's no right life in a wrong world. – Theodor Adorno Perform. Alarm clock. Shower, toast, coffee. The news. Crisis. Bus, subway. Emails, Facebook. Perform. Work. Lunch. Crisis. Coffee. Work. Subway, bus. Cook, eat. Emails, Facebook. Perform. TV series. Beer. TV series. Bed. Perform. Love. L'amour. Cohabitation, life as a couple. Our world is a disgusting world – a thankless world. We spend life convincing ourselves of it, and it’s true; and we chat to each other about it, we study it. “Oh look, the world is now 5.6% crueler than last week!” Civilization saves nothing. It advances, it consumes, it transforms everything it touches, and it touches everything. The proce... (From:
One day shall come of haughty Rome, a deserved blow from heaven. You will be plundered and destroyed and with wailing and gnashing of teeth you will pay. - Cybeline Oracle In these times I think it is important and inspiring to remember the fall of Rome, as parable and as analogy. Rome is remembered as the greatest of ancient civilizations. Its accomplishments are celebrated just as the so-called advancements of this civilization, at the expense of the world, are trumpeted. From the beginning, Rome had built its empire by conquest and force of arms. It was ruthless in its lust for power, and “insatiable in its ambition”, defining qualities characteristic of all civilization itself. Rome was an imperialist empir... (From:
Comrades: In a few days I will be called to suffer my fate, and then ,in a few months, to completely rot in the barracks. Will I do this lacking awareness, with pleasure? No, a thousand times no! I am already disgusted, thinking about the barracks, about military life. The hatred I feel grows when I think that tomorrow, in order to place myself at the disposal of some braided brutes, I have to leave my home, my work, and my loves at an age when one dreams of and hopes for love and pleasure. And what will be done to me at the barracks? They'll teach me how to load balls into a rifle and shells into a cannon. They'll have me mount a horse, handle the lance and saber with as much furia francese as possible. In a word, they're going to... (From:
Uninvited, we are forcing ourselves on a debate that is not ours. And which never will be, as it is set on a terrain that remains sterile for the development of insurrectional perspectives and the anarchist ideas and activities that focus on such a development. So, you might ask, why write a letter? Because nothing is closer to our hearts than liberatory and destructive revolt, than the struggle for the subversion of the existent, because we will never stop recognizing ourselves in all comrades who decide to attack the structures and people of power out of a desire for freedom; because there are few things we cherish more than individual will, the striving for coherence and the courage of lighting the fuze, above everything. Don’t thi... (From:
Preface to the first edition This pamphlet is a response to Azione Rivoluzionaria’s document ‘Notes for an internal and external discussion’ that appeared in no. 13-14 of ‘Countrainformazione’. The articles “Parafulmini e controfigure” and “L.A.xC.=Nihil” are the immediate response of two comrades to AR’s document. Having been refused by two reviews of the movement, it became necessary to spread their publication autonomously. We are reporting the passages of the review ‘Insurrezione’ that deal directly with the question of ‘armed struggle’, and two articles that appeared in ‘Anarchismo’ n. 21 and n. 23-24, interventions that the text of A... (From:
Dear friends, and those we’ve yet to meet, Over the past months, we, the workers, students, and faculty of this campus, have shown the world that we can shut this university down. Now, we show that we can run our public university the way it should be — by the public. Starting Monday, December 7 on the steps of Wheeler Hall at 2:30 p.m., we will transform Wheeler Hall into a 24-hour open university. We will open the space for anyone in the community to come and go as they please, to organize study sessions, teach-ins, concerts, forums, club meetings, dance parties, and anything else our creative minds dream up. Live Week is a time for us to open this university to all people and to all forms of expre... (From:
Preface Five years ago today, police officer Darren Wilson murdered Michael Brown, a black teenager, in Ferguson, Missouri. Police officers kill young black men every day in the United States, but that day, people rose up to police and white supremacy. It’s important to revisit the Ferguson uprising today, to try to distinguish between the events as they occurred and the ways they were mythologized afterwards, and to inquire about what they still have to teach us. To observe this anniversary, we are publishing the complete diary of an anarchist from St. Louis who participated in most of the major events of the uprising. This is a valuable historical document illustrating the contradictions and tensions within the movemen... (From:
The Malleus Maleficarum — The Hammer of Witches: a review of the book by Heinrich Kramer and Jacobus Sprenger as translated by Rev. Montague Summers Witch-hunt: an investigation of or campaign against dissenters (as political opponents) conducted on the pretext of protecting the public welfare. Heretic: From the Greek, “able to choose”, characterized by departure from accepted beliefs or standards It was the time when European men enslaved 11 to 15 million Africans and caused 70 million deaths of Indians in the so-called New World. The “Burning Times” here in Europe when millions of their own inhabitants were tortured and killed, and the last vestiges of our wild ancestry wiped out.... (From:
Let men have their fun blabbering on and on about the Revolution—They’re free to do it! The nihilist women are tired of all this procrastination and are determined to act. Thinking about annihilating the bourgeoisie, they are ready to sacrifice everything to hasten the realization of this undertaking. In the inextinguishable hatred that is devouring us, they will call up whatever strength is necessary to overcome all obstacles. But since this grandiose project cannot be carried out in one day, they will take their time, preferring for now to use poison and once in a while, to achieve their goal more easily, with a few bad seeds. The nihilist women will make up for their lack of scientific knowledge and laborator... (From:
The Congress of Capolago. To the Socialists and the people of Italy. Old and yet new is the story of the popular miseries. Slave, servant or wage-earner, the people has always worked for others, has always been the beast of burden or slaughter of a privileged few. The uprisings have succeeded the uprisings, the social institutions have changed, the form of denomination has changed, some minimal fractions of the people have succeeded in emancipating themselves and being welcomed among the ruling classes; but the conditions of the mass have always remained essentially the same. Made tool of production to the advantage of others, it always remained subject to the conditions of production; and its position in the material and the ... (From:
Introduction Those who rebel consciously against the ruling order, those who attack it without respite in however small a manner, are a real threat to the system of domination and exploitation. When these individuals are also those for whom anarchy and revolution are not just fine words, but reflect their decision to face life and struggle in a particular manner, the state recognizes that their revolt will be ongoing and needs to be suppressed. Therefore, it develops various strategies for repression, using the legal, police, judiciary and prison systems to keep those who rebel occupied with defending themselves, The Marini trial against anarchists in Italy, which has been going on for several years (the investigation beginnin... (From:
MayDay 2000’s hype may be a bit wonky, but it’s already as unavoidable as that of its predecessors — multiple glossy leaflets through the post, listings in all the movement press, stickers all round the Tube, the carefully tricked-up ‘must go’ ambiance, though no-one you know can really think why. You should trust your own instincts a little more and the anarcho-herd’s a little less — this one’s a con, always has been. MayDay 2000 doesn’t come out of Reclaim the Streets (RTS), Earth First! or anywhere else in the direct action / DiY milieu. It’s prime movers are the Anarchist (Communist) Federation, old guard anarcho-Lefties more into promoting themselves and their ideology ... (From:
“The psychiatrist concluded her evaluation: “I would consider this individual incorrigible. He has much hostility in him for being poor and seems to have an unending resevoir of energy. This type of habitual criminal neither profits from experience nor punishment. He can only work against society and thereby derive power, and he will always be able to find followers whom he can impress with his intelligence and destructive drives. He will never be able to work within society. Diagnosis: sociopathic personality, antisocial type.” ” – Joseph Wambaugh, 'The Onion Field' It's already here, under the carpet, behind the sofa; the pedo, the boogeyman, those outlaws out there... Not in our home! Not in ou... (From:
We’re watching the RSS feeds and news sites like we watched Al Jazeera during the Egyptian Uprising. We’re looking for a sign. Hoping that the rage we share cuts through our daily routine. We’re hoping that what’s transpiring in Wisconsin is an internal error in their system, and that it’s irreparable. We’re praying at our grandparents graves that they, who fought for dignity or who bowed shamefully, will give us all the strength and resolve to push ourselves beyond our limits of politeness. Wisconsin, we’re looking to you like we looked to Egypt, like we looked to all the places that have recently flared up. We want you to say it’s on. To say we don’t have to be afraid anymore, and we d... (From:
The following text was written to help people discover, remind themselves or popularize the various syndicalist methods of struggle because in any battle, one must start from a few key ideas: Hitting the enemy harder than they can hit you: or better yet — hitting them so they can’t hit back. Analyzing the power balance: How great are our numbers. How much other workers and the general population will sympathize with or reject our struggle. What are our financial constraints, ie. financial and material resources available to continue the fight. Avoiding exhaustion: fighting too arduously from the start can be a weakness — the employers are prepared to overcome short term difficulties by t... (From:
Militarism & Anti-Militarism Green Anarchist originated in the 1980s protest milieu dominated by CND (the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament), a reformist anti-militarist umbrella group that numbered millions of members. At my last meeting with the late John Moore, he suggested GA run anti-militarism as a core theme. Given the economy’s domination by military production and the current bellicose international situation, I think it therefore only appropriate GA72’s core should be ‘Militarism & Anti-Militarism’. As there has recently been too little contribution from readers to past such themes, I think it appropriate to say something about GA’s ethos here. We are not here to write propaganda ... (From:
1 Amid fields there stands an iron foundry, surrounded by a wall, with incessantly smoking chimneys, clattering chains, furnaces, a railway siding, and the scattered little houses of the managers and laborers. The working people swarm like ants in this foundry and in the mines belonging to it. Some of them are at work from morning until night, or from night until morning, mining the ore in passages two hundred feet underground, which are dark, narrow, close, damp, and constantly threaten with death. Others in the darkness, bending over, take this ore or clay to the shaft and take back empty cars, and again fill them, and so work for twelve or fourteen hours a day throughout the week. Thus they work in the mines. In the foundry itself, som... (From:
I got a Signal message. It’s a link to John Prine’s obituary in Rolling Stone. My lover’s favorite musician. I call him. He yells in rage at the president, “You killed him, you shit head! He was a legend, and you’re a shit head.” I chime in unhelpfully, “It looks like he actually caught it on tour in Europe.” Silence. “But yeah. A lot of people are going to die because of Trump though. A lot of people.” “Yeah.” I know his thoughts go to all the unhoused folks he has gotten close to over the years serving in the park, some of whom are leaning on him more heavily than ever, some of whom will likely fall off the edge. I feel like an idiot... (From:
A split between the rational and irrational is constructed by every rational system; each rationality creates a corresponding irrationality, that which does not fit inside of it. Therefore each rational system has inherent limits. To break out of a dominant rationality one must also be capable of conceiving of that which lies beyond the limits of that system. Rational systems can be useful tools but they can also become mental prisons. Some wish to reject all rational systems because they detest specific types of rationality, such as capitalist rationality. We live in a highly mechanized society where nearly everything has been ascribed a monetary value, where urban and rural spaces are ravaged by the needs of capital while human bei... (From:
“It seems more satisfactory, for me, seeing that it is about men who have been distinguished for their actions, than to honor them only with actions.” Thucydides, History of the Peloponesian War, 411 BC It is dangerous to declare war against the State and this world, because the State only knows how to do two things: progress, and combat everyone who would destroy it, weaken it, or impede its progress. As such, anarchists, by which we mean revolutionaries, are conscious of our decisions and of the responsibilities that derive from them. When we say revolutionaries, we are not speaking of any belief in a perfect and peaceful world, nor in the chimeric belief in the possibility of seeing the arrival of some total... (From:
The first red scare in the United States happened during the years leading up to Haymarket in 1886, through the McKinley assassination in 1901, and culminated in the anti-alien, anti-radical federal Immigration Act of 1903. During this period, anarchists and other radicals throughout the country were systematically demonized in popular thought as a threat to public order and stability. One major arena in which this was accomplished was through the press, both in newspapers and periodical literature. In Western Washington, Home Colony, an anarchist intentional community near Tacoma, was the local focus of anti-anarchist hostilities. During the hysteria surrounding the McKinley assassination, Home was portrayed in the Tacoma news daili... (From:
An invitation and a challenge The Next Eclipse is an invitation to shift our perspective on southern Illinois. Rather than seeing it as a dying region waiting for outside interests to save it, we propose that what makes it special is rooted in its status of being economically overlooked. A better future for this region will be built not by the wealthy or their politicians, and certainly not by more polluting industries, but by everyday people organizing ourselves to build a unique way of living and sustaining the life, history, and struggle of this region. The Next Eclipse is a challenge to build the capacity for regional autonomy in this time between the eclipses. By “autonomy,” we mean the possibility of a life o... (From:
1. Freedom of movement is not a right; it is a real living force. Despite all the obstacles that states put in people’s way — all the barriers of barbed wire, money, laws, ID cards, surveillance and so on — millions cross borders every day. For every migrant stopped or deported, many more get through and stay, whether legally or clandestinely. Don’t overestimate the strength of the state and its borders. Don’t underestimate the strength of everyday resistance. 2. In the 19th century, militants fighting against slavery in the US created an ‘underground railroad’ that smuggled many thousand runaway slaves to safety, as well as enabling acts of sabotage and rebellion. In the 20th century, the te... (From:
“We’re building a mass movement!” I heard Jason shouting as we were being dragged off some bridge in London. That happened years ago, around the time of Twyford Down. It was the first I’d heard of the mass movement thing. My first thought was “No, we’re getting dragged off a bridge by the cops!” How wrong I was. Looking back, it seems we were building a mass movement, though many of us had not the slightest intention of doing so. But now it seems we have such a movement, and it expresses itself through such organizations as Globalize Resistance (GR). No Analysis It’s not the intention of this article to go much into who is behind it all, such as the SWP; that has been well covered el... (From:
From abusers, clout chasers, careerists, and grifters to people getting thrust into a dangerous visibility, dehumanized, and overworked, the role of ‘organizer’ is detrimental both to the people who claim it/it’s thrust upon as well as the movement for liberation as a whole. Freedom doesn’t need organizers, it needs everyone to take an active role in the fight and to refuse to put eachother on dehumanizing pedestals in the process. We can’t wait for others to fight for our freedom. As always, the secret is to begin. Specialization and Spectatorship The role of ‘organizer’ is a specialized position, that is it is never something someone can just do but only a certain kind of... (From:
“Just put a rag on ya face when you ride you don’t want them sattelites to take ya picture” – Dead Prez, D.O.W.N. (2004) “They building up the East Side and investin’ too, While the entire West Side is left destitute” – Judah The LyricalRev, Rockford Files (2006) “They try to tell us to believe in the government, But even when Barack is president, niggas had to sell rocks” – Vic Mensa, No More Tear Drops (2020) Intro This is a revolutionary anarchist perspective from Rockford, Illinois and the conditions here. Smaller cities are often not focused upon enough when it comes to revolutionary analysis. T... (From:
Everything is going as per usual. Every morning millions of people drag themselves towards their working place where they will get humiliated, numbed, exploited for the most part of the day. The media blare the words of the bosses, the politicians and specialists through their screens and loudspeakers. People without papers are locked up in asylum camps and deported; others reach their hands out to the places where there is an abundance of money and are promptly convicted for it and locked up in prison. Everything is as usual. More and more people’s existence is being reduced to calculations: calculating whether there will be enough money to pay the rent; counting down how many hours and days they will still be locked up in the... (From:
“Despite the radical roots of organizations such as the American Civil Liberties Union that advocate for state protection of free expression, this form of civil liberties empties the defense of free speech of any radical content, implying that only the state can properly guarantee our ability to express ourselves freely and thus reinforcing the power of the state above the right to free speech itself.” Across the years, anarchists have defended freedom of speech. This is important in principle: in an anarchist vision of society, neither the state or any other entity should be able to determine what we can and cannot say. It’s also important in practice: as a revolutionary minority frequently targeted for repression,... (From:
1 - Hack For The Joy – An Introduction Once upon the time, hacking was all about the spontaneous emotions as raw, uncaptured and wild. It was never about the meaningful action, nor for some cause, the act of hacking was merely for the fruit of extreme thrill, challenge and stubbornness against all authority. It was the indescribable defiance of resistance that reached out and smugly slamming at the system where it hurts. Moreover, a hacker often find themselves align with how an Egoist saw themselves. A hacker had no nationality because there are no borders on the vast array of networks. They had no societal constructs like race, gender and class because anonymity shields them from all intrusive puncturing. Most importantly, ha... (From:
Comrades in Kalamazoo! ... Over the summer the black students looked around for a Director of the Afro-American Student Center. They chose John F. Hatchett, a man who was expelled from I.S. 201 after the whole uproar there. He was approved by the University Senate, and by Dean Whiteman (Dean White Man) under Hester’s direction. (Hester is President of New York University.) The faculty was not consulted. Almost immediately after his appointment, a furor was raised by the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, by other Jewish and religious organizations, over an article that Hatchett wrote in Afro-American Teachers’ Journal which was allegedly anti-Semitic. The article has been quoted out of context in n... (From:
Fredy Perlman, born August 20, 1934, Brno, Czechoslovakia, died July 26, 1985 Detroit, Michigan Fredy Perlman was born in Brno, Czechoslovakia on August 20, 1934. He emigrated with parents to Cochabamba, Bolivia in 1938 just ahead of the Nazi takeover. The Perlman family came to the United States in 1945 and lived variously in Mobile, Alabama, Brooklyn, Queens before settling in Lakeside Park, Kentucky, a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio where Fredy graduated high school. In 1952 he attended Morehead State College in Kentucky and then UCLA from 1953–55. Fredy was on the staff of The Daily Bruin, the school newspaper, when the reactionary university administration fired all of the editors of the publication. The five editors, i... (From:
Initially we intended to write an article analyzing the role of art in transforming a run-down working class area, Lower Manhattan, New York City, for the benefit of capital. In the course of our research and discussion we realized that what was happening in Lower Manhattan wasn’t an isolated incident, but part of an increasingly significant capital accumulation process with art as a major protagonist, and involving a widespread transformation of urban space. We believe there is a general global tendency of culture to act as an element in the regeneration of the inner cities, adapting itself in different ways to different places. There seem to be two strategies at work: a) Art as state-manipulated gentrifier as in the Lower East Side,... (From:
The defeat and subjugation of the populations of the planet has been the victory of the socialized mentality over individualistic wildness. We are supposed to believe that this world’s problems, such as poverty and oppression, are the fault of those old Christian bugbears Selfishness, Greed, Pride, Hate and Immorality more generally. Nothing could be further from the truth. This moralizing narrative demands, like any morality, self-mutilation and increased repression. The forced slave march down the road of ‘Human Progress’ has been led by various deified abstractions over mountains of corpses, bulldozing through the wild woods to plant monocultures drip-fed subservience. It has been the march of the phantoms. Never... (From:
You put your left foot in You take your left foot out You put your left foot in And you shake it all about You do the hokey pokey And you turn yourself around That's what it's all about -Inhabit In habit, daily routine thinks in place of us. From work to ‘free time’, everything comes about within the continuity of survival. We always have something to cling to. The most stupefying characteristic of today’s society is the ability for ‘comfort’ to exist a hair’s breadth from catastrophe. The mass is usually fond of the mediocre, the immobility of habit, the rigidity of prudence and afraid of the new, the radical, the unknown of insurrection. Old habits die ha... (From:
These thoughts were submitted by an egoist-nihilist anarchist on Athens IMC. I would not even bother to participate in the ongoing debate, but some of the latest comments from an ‘antifascist comrade’ intrigued me. First, to be able to get the features of antifascist action indexed, I believe one should determine the content of the very concept of fascism. Fascism is primarily a loud and violent slap in the face of the ‘revolutionary’ who is recognizing revolutionary subjects in the face of phantoms such as the society and the class, and is longing for uprisings and revolutions. And how hypocritical indeed is the fact that social anarchists shriek about antifascism! Because, essentially, their wa... (From:
During the wrecking of the Moscow Anarchist Federation [April 1918], the Bolshevik authorities executed one of the Federation’s most active workers, Comrade Khodounov. He was known as an honest and sincere comrade not only among Anarchists but wherever he had an opportunity to work. He was one of the workers of the Telephone shops and as such he enjoyed high confidence among his fellow employes. He organized an Anarchist group at the factory. The workers elected him as their representative to the Soviet of one of the Moscow boroughs. During the October days comrade Khodounov organized a fighting unit consisting of Anarchist workers living in various districts of Moscow. He spent several sleepless night at the sess... (From:
I can only be amused when the religious mindset insinuates itself into the viewpoints of those who claim to oppose this society, filling these radicals of various types with its binaries, its puritanical/moralistic thinking, its renunciations and its judgments. It is not so surprising when this occurs. After all, if one doesn’t launch her challenge against this society from herself, but rather from an ideal placed above himself, he inevitably confronts the world as a righteous judge aiming to condemn and punish rather than as an enemy aiming to defeat and conquer. Therefore, this moral challenger has no choice but to absolutely reject everything that she has come to associate with this world and to embrace everything he has come to as... (From:
You’d have to be really blind not to see sabotage as the classical weapon of the exploited. And you’d have to have a pretty short memory to forget that in every social war, a rebel refuses to wait for everyone to move before expressing his or her anger. From the riots of November 2005 to the CPE riots of spring 2006, from factory occupations and kidnapings of directors to the numerous acts of sabotage during the railway workers’ movement of November 2007, it’s clear for a lot of people that we won’t have an end to our situation of misery and exploitation by begging for it. In this prison society, we’re expected to believe we’re in the best of possible worlds: commodity democracy. And they try... (From:
Chapter 1 Who will revive the violent whirlpools of flame if not us and those that we consider brothers? Come! New friends: this will please you. We will never work, oh tides of flame! This world will explode. It’s the true path. Forward, on the march. — A. Rimbaud The spread of sabotage, its increasing practice, on a greater or lesser scale, far and wide against the domination of the market is a given fact. Burning ATM booths, disabling locks at shopping centers, smashing shop windows, setting fire to the offices of temp agencies and employment offices, the sabotage of the infrastructure of capitalism (high-speed railroads, dams, expressways, construction projects) ... are offensive p... (From:
It’s that time again, when after four (or eight) years, the presidential election becomes “the most important of our time.” The clowns might be different, but the circus remains the same: filling vacancies on the Supreme Court, a rollback of abortion rights, foreign wars and targeted assassinations, the growing prison population, the expansion of the surveillance state... The campaigns of Trump and Sanders will surely be remembered as footnotes; the former is so buffoonish that even other Republicans can’t help making fun of him, while the latter, a Socialist Jew, is obviously unelectable to the Executive Branch. Sure to be forgotten as well (at least until the next time) is the excitement of a certain group of self-... (From:
A book that made militancy more shameful still, by attempting to re-brand it as joyful. Preliminary considerations The authors want to make like Marie Kondo [1] and give joy through organizing, and she'd be happy to stumble on such a big mess. The name-dropping in “Joyful Militancy” serves to confer it academic standing, and to point out where they're coming from, and what they're intended audience is. Since my reply to it is not academic, I will not engage with the ideas of each of the big-name authors they cite. Yet responding in kind, I'll drop [2] the name of those authors and texts I've tastefully plagiarized, to point to where I'm coming from, and to whom I'm corresponding with. The challenge with engaging... (From:
We just finished reading your letter, that you wrote to us and all the French comrades. We read it with pleasure, finding in it multiple points we recognize ourselves in. We read it attentively, because it comes from the people who unfortunately have to face, before us and more than us, the repression. However, we must say that it also left a bitter taste and provoked a kind of discomfort. We want to ask you: who are you talking to? What are you talking about? As your letter is addressed to the French comrades and formulates a precise critique against the “innocent” line of defense of the Tarnac arrestees, we wouldn’t like that in Italy you think “the French comrades” are all busy to collect signatures i... (From:
Dearest white progressive/radical, Recent events in which reported progressives and radicals, purposely or ‘unintentionally,’ marginalized people of color, their lives, images, thoughts and struggles — after prompting a ‘what the fuck’ — remind me this seems so familiar. No, you won’t need to tune out the comments about ongoing racism that you always tune out, until a white person says the same thing. To you, white progressive or radical, here are some other thoughts to consider. Your society — and if you’re white, it is your society, regardless of your political pretensions to the contrary — and your way of life are built on a foundation of white supremacy. As... (From:
A nasty wind is blowing, it’s useless to hide it. So nasty that a certain worry even spreads among the fine souls of the left, and the establishment of a “dictatorship” by the current government is denounced in an increasingly vehement manner. It is true, on the right they have never forgotten their traditional inclination for caster oil and the cudgel, but the fact remains that repression, censure and prohibition are the bread that every form of government administers to us, no matter what it is. In reality, beyond the political faction momentarily charged with administering it, it is this one-way world that requires a one-way life, made from a one-way thought and one-way behavior... in an authentic coherence of abjection... (From:
I have often suspected, that there may be in the Air some yet more latent Qualities or Powers differing enough from all these, and principally due to the Substantial Parts or Ingredients, whereof it consist For this is not as many imagine a simple and elementary body, but a confused aggregate of ‘effluviums’ from such differing bodies, that, though they all agree in constituting by their minuteness and various motions one great mass of fluid matter, yet perhaps there is scarce a more heterogeneous body in the world.” – Robert Boyle, Suspicions About The Hidden Realities of the Air They say: ‘we will return to the new normal.’ This is a blank check, a license to impose whatever con... (From:
Yet one more episode in the chronicles of repression is now well-known to all: on October 1 Alfredo Bonanno (from Italy) and Christos Stratigopoulos (from Greece), two anarchists who have already been hit by repression on a number of occasions, were arrested in Greece following a robbery, and imprisoned in the small town of Amfissa. It is not our intention to comment on their action, which nevertheless has our full appreciation, nor will we indulge in other details concerning the comrades’ arrest, which have been abundantly exposed in previous leaflets and communiques. On the contrary, what we feel the urge to do here is to remind all the comrades reading these lines that Christos and Alfredo are still being detained in the con... (From:
Despite 9/11, Americans are still more likely to be struck by lightening than by terrorists, but only obsess about the latter.[1] They are thousands of times more likely to be shot by spouses, neighbors or workmates than terrorists, despite which they vigorously defend their ‘right to bear arms’. The sociologist William Catton has done us all the favor of putting fears about terrorism in context:[2] The annual death toll from influenza in the United States is almost ten times the seven or eight year global toll from terrorism, yet most people tend to think of flu as more of a nuisance than a dire peril. US foreign policy is led by a ‘war on terror’ that has killed more people — typically a... (From:
One thing that is more amazing than the expansion of the strategy of occupation from school to school is the remarkable similarity in the rhetoric of our opposition across terrains. And I don’t mean Capital or university administrations, I’m talking about our most fervent opponents within our own ranks: particularly among the “build the movement first” leftists. Rather than enter the discourse over the effectiveness of the “demand and march” model of campus activism or movement building as preceding any action, these opportunists and proceduralists have resorted to calling students who take the initiative to liberate buildings and spaces “adventurists.” This same term has been re... (From:
Major General Amos A. Fries, the U.S. army’s official poisoner, or as he is more politely entitled by those who believe in poisoning strikers and radicals, “Chief of the Chemical Warfare Service,” writes to the public press of New York City to say, “If possible, consideration should be given to women and children (when gassing them with poison gas) so as to cause them no undue injury. Isn’t that sensible, humane, and even gallant? Would you teach a policeman to use the same vicious blow with a club on the head of a child or a woman as he would on a desperate armed man? Again, we think there is but one answer to the question.” General Fries was defending himself against a certain amount of rather sh... (From:
‘To realize our plans and to spread the libertarian ideas to a wider public in Poland we need urgently your political but also your practical solidarity.’ Thus ended an ‘Appeal to the libertarian movement in the West’ of Polish libertarians which has found since its first publication in December 1982 a remarkable resonance in the international anarchist press. Recently we received some new information from our comrades in Warszawa who have founded in June the Emanuel Goldstein Group and have sent us a first tape-recorded communique in which they explain today’s situation and their plans for the near future. First some words about the results of the solidarity campaign for the support of the Polish... (From:
On September 1, Lech Walesa, the worker who negotiated the end of the recent Polish strike wave, climbed two flights of wooden stairs to the temporary offices of the new Independent Trade Union which he heads. Walesa carried a two-foot crucifix, a bunch of gladiolas and a pennant from a bicycle club, all to adorn the headquarters of what he and the Western press have hailed as a “triumph” for the strikers — the right to organize a labor organization independent of the government-controlled, official union federations. The events of the previous 18 days, which had given Walesa the keys to his new office, saw a courageous revolt of hundreds of thousands of Polish workers, which, although it had the proportions of a ge... (From:
This article is being written just as the pressure of a Soviet invasion of Poland is being eased and under the assumption that such an attack is not about to occur. Amid an atmosphere of continuing political crisis, growing worker militancy, continuing economic problems, and constant reshuffling of the Polish government personnel, Solidarity, the recently formed “independent” labor organization, looks like it is about to become a permanent part of Polish society. Solidarity, with Catholic nationalist Lech Walesa at its head, has become a pawn in the strategy of the Polish communist party and the Soviet Union to tame an exceedingly combatative working class. (This obviously contradicts our statement in last issue’s F... (From:
So technique killed ethics. Because in front of any issue, human beings do not ask themselves what is most right, but what works. They no longer asks themselves this because at this point, in our world dominated in all its aspects by technique, it is given for granted that what is right is what works. Ideas become instruments to evaluate not for their meaning but for their way of being used, for their functionality, for their efficiency. All of this, as it has already been mentioned before, is certainly one of the consequences of the intrusion into all aspects of our lives of technique. However, it would be a mistake to think that this phenomenon only emerged in the last few decades, through the infestation of computers and cell phones, pla... (From:
Civilization is backwards, Primitive societies are advanced! When we say we want green anarchy, a stateless society, free and in harmony with Nature, people tell us that it’s “a nice dream but it’ll never happen” as “it’s against human nature”. The point is that is has happened — green anarchy was how all people lived for a good 90% of history, how they lived before they were even Homo sapiens, how some still live better than we do today. When we point this out, people start pissing and whining about “going back to the caves” and getting protective about their TVs, cars and other fruits of “Progress”, particularly Lefties and “anarchists” who don&rsqu... (From:
The Coronavirus Act 2020 in the UK is now in force for the next two years. It is a totalitarian coup by a right-wing government which has already shown it’s utter contempt for the judiciary, for parliament and for the people. Many of the provisions of this Act are already experienced by those on the margins of society, by dissidents, those in the prison and criminal justice system, the poor, and ethnic groups consistently disposed of by the police and the system, through poverty, imprisonment and death. Now the grand experiment is whether the kind of control infrastructure and total suspension of rights already administered to particular groups can be rolled out to the entire population. The most manipulable provisions come, as... (From:
[SECOND NOTICE.] Are Prisons Necessary? is the title of the concluding chapter of Kropotkin's account of his prison experiences. "Unhappily, hitherto," he goes on to remark, "our penal institutions have been nothing but a compromise between the old ideas of revenge, of punishment of the 'bad will' and 'sin,' and the modern ideas of 'deterring from crime,' both softened to a very slight extent by some notions of philanthropy." But is it not time that we fully recognized the fact that crime, like bodily disease, is capable of scientific investigation, and of that scientific treatment which considers prevention the best of cures? An energetic school of scientific students of crime has sprung up of late years in Italy and Germany, who ha... (From: AnarchyArchives.)
There is a place in this society where one is perpetually under surveillance, where every movement is monitored and controlled, where everyone is under suspicion except the police and their bosses, where all are assumed to be criminals. I am speaking, of course, of prison.. Within the walls of prison there is no freedom of choice, no illusion of democracy. There is only prison. Daily actions are regulated by strict schedules and enforced by armed guards, the choice of when, where and with whom to spend time completely taken away. Every action is surveilled with suspicion. All individuality, all identity is destroyed and replaced by that of prisoner, of criminal. Prison is the complete realization of this society’s need to isola... (From:
There is no question with which Anarchists are more commonly met than, "What is to be done with criminals in a society where there is no government? You say that the present system of coercion is a cruel wrong to human nature; you say that the masses, when they rise to overthrow the economic tyranny of the property owners, will destroy all this elaborate machinery of law-court and prison, and indeed it is a fact that the opening of prison doors has been a prominent feature of popular revolts; but surely you cannot wish and intend to let the criminal class loose upon society?" And the most selfish and brutal of respectable objectors will go on discoursing about the "criminal class" in the tone of the Pharisee of all ages when be has occasion... (From: AnarchyArchives.)
The Zeitgeist Movement is now ubiquitous. Everywhere I turn, I hear alienated youth having dialogue about this phenomenon, and I opened a local free newspaper recently to find an article about college dropouts who drive a bus around the country promoting the movement’s ideas. There is a of course a great irony in this movement: “Zeitgeist” has all but replaced the fringe-groups discussing September 11th being an inside-job and other irrelevant “conspiracies” (of course the conspiracy industry is reluctant to acknowledge the two greatest public conspiracies: capital and the State). In other words, the anti-political fiction du-jor has had quite the metamorphosis. Alex Jones, one of the entrepreneurs of th... (From:
Profession and Movement The Aufheben Scandal Three years ago a small scandal took place when the Greek group TGTP published in an open letter that the co-founder of Aufheben, John Drury 1 , lead workshops for the police and military and is known as a “provider of ideas” in these circles. These workshops took part within the framework of his academic career researching Crowd Control, mass panics and rescue operations. Together with his closest colleagues Stott and Reicher he has developed the Elaborated Social Identity Model (ESIM). The social psychologist Stott is renowned to be one of the globally leading experts for protests and violent uprisings. ESIM claims that a ‘mob’ acts according to certain pattern... (From:
Tonight was the night we fought. Nothing could stop us. We are proles on our stroll. Fighting our conditions. we are workers-in-combat. Rent signs, kicked. Garbage, in the street. The moment we drank John Zerzans cum was the same moment-in-time that we became human again. We are the barbarians at the gates of capitalist hell. Destroying the world again and again. The forms-of-life that make possible the transformation of everything took the streets once again tonight. Tonight was our night. The night we doing being like always. The totality of our existance became nothing more than a moneky on our collective backs as proles, which we threw off like bottles broken in front of the precinct. Tonight was a prole stroll. Its the new form ... (From:
Promise Keepers (PK) puts forward a public relations image of bringing men together to support each other in taking on more responsibility for their families. In reality, however, PK is using religion to promote a “kinder, gentler” version of white male domination. Its leadership is fiercely homophobic, anti-choice, misogynistic and has close ties to far-right organizations and individuals. PK is Anti-Woman In the group’s founding text The Seven Promises of a Promise Keeper, Rev. Tony Evans advised men that, “The first thing you do is sit down with your wife and say something like this: ‘Honey, I’ve made a terrible mistake. I’ve given you my role. I gave up leading this family, and I force... (From:
We’d like to respond with our thoughts to a text Mize en Commun (Putting in Common) that has been circulated critiquing insurrectionary projects and perspectives in Montreal. We appreciate that the authors of Mize en Common want to elaborate similarities and clarify differences, and move past bad faith. We’re taking this as an occasion to respond and to clarify ideas that we’ve been reflecting on for a few years now. We’ll try to use points of difference with Mize en Commun as an opportunity to delve further into ideas and how they inform practices, rather than limiting the scope of our text to simply addressing the critiques. We recognize that the length of this text might not facilitate a simple back-and-forth with... (From:
Where is Radical Anthropology? Radical Anthropology was an individual attempt to create a new and important way of thinking within current anthropology and the radical milieu. It failed. While the attempt failed, it is important to recognize that there is a radical anthropology — one that is radical in theory and praxis. I have put together the following, as an introduction to radical/anarchist anthropology. It is by no means a static or solid view, and should be seen as personal ideas that need to be scrutinized closely. If you are skeptical of any of the statements I made, please browse this site, especially the writings section, for more information on this mode of though. Please feel free to email me [at wildresistanc... (From:
My first impression after reading Call was that it really did not say anything to me. Since the beginning of their booklet the authors use quite an abstract language, which is perhaps intended to go beyond the banal words that are employed in every day conversations and by the media, but which fails to achieve its purpose. So they talk about ‘evident’ and ‘worlds’ but me, quite a humble reader, do not catch what they mean nor do they further explain these exotic concepts. Their Proposition I states: «Faced with the evidence of catastrophe there are those who get indignant and those who take note, those who denounce and those who get organized. We are among those who get organized». They do n... (From:
The guerrilla struggle against Francoism actually arose in the days following the army revolt against the Spanish Republic on 18 July 1936. In areas which fell immediately to the mutinous army, a bloody repression was promptly set in motion and this obliged many anti-fascists to take to the hills to save their skins. This was repeated over nearly three years of civil war as areas were conquered, one after another, by the Francoist army and it extended to virtually the entirety of the Peninsula after the Republican troops surrendered in the Center-Levante zone on 31 March 1939. Very little has been written about the scale of the armed struggle against Franco following the civil war. It was and still is known to few. A thick blanket of... (From:
I don’t like permaculture. I can practically hear the gasps of shock. I can almost see the looks of both perplex and anger. How could I not like permaculture? Is that even allowed? Isn’t liking permaculture mandated by some great god of environmentalism? I never quite liked permaculture. I wanted to like it. I did my best to like permaculture. I read the books. I listened to the groovy talk. I just couldn’t get excited about it. Something about permaculture just rubbed me the wrong way. I decided to puzzle out what it is that I don’t like about permaculture, and that is what this post is about. Permaculture, for those who don’t know, is a field of study, a set of practices, a way of life, and very... (From:
When I was a very young child, my life was filled with intense pleasure and a vital energy that caused me to feel what I experienced to the full. I was the center of this marvelous, playful existence and felt no need to rely on anything but my own living experience to fulfill me. I felt intensely, I experienced intensely, my life was a festival of passion and pleasure. My disappointments and sorrows were also intense. I was born a free, wild being in the midst of a society based upon domestication. There was no way that I could escape being domesticated myself. Civilization will not tolerate what is wild in its midst. But I never forgot the intensity that life could be. I never forgot the vital energy that has surged through me. My e... (From:
Introduction to “Reclaim Your Mind” We are pleased to publish this anonymous text which appeared on the old website of the 325 Collective in 2003 and which was re-edited and published online in 2011. We don’t agree with this text entirely and are pessimistic about the prospect of a wide-spread ‘healing’ of Earth or the masses of society – as has always been the case, minorities will throw off the chains of social obligations, will seize their own life trajectory and willfully define themselves, finding each other and creating unique moments of beauty, life and freedom. Maybe in the ruins of techno-industrial mass society a widespread healing will occur. For the time being, we aim to liberate oursel... (From:
So called Vancouver BC has in its most recent years been a place of relative social peace – anarchist intervention in local politics has been pushed into the shadows. After decades of insurrectionary agitation and action, things slowed down – folks left, faced repression, struggled with the daily onslaught of capitalism, or for their owns reasons took a step back. Yet in the shadows is where we thrive, and more recently anarchist action and analysis has been occurring on a semipublic stage in so called Vancouver. One such initiative is Rent Strike Vancouver (, it is a decentralized effort to provide those interested in striking resources while agitating the fires of class war. It emerges as a res... (From:
Science is making tremendous progress in this century, but instead of science being the means of benefiting the people in every respect, it is used as a medium for inflicting misery and hardship upon those who an doomed to labor like slaves for a precarious existence. The inventions of science only give greater facilities to the privileged classes for increasing their happiness at the expense of terrible sufferings among that class which labors to produce the means whereby happiness is attainable. Machinery, instead of reducing the heavy labor of the working populace is used as a scientific mode of driving human beings from work and bread together; those who claim possession of the implements of production ruthlessly use every available mea... (From: AnarchyArchives.)
Editorial Why and for whom is “Regresión”? Regresión is a publication consisting of content critical of the values and the material basis of the techno-industrial system. We propagate these ideas (by means of the Internet and in print) not so that others may adopt our positions. We aren’t looking for sympathizers, nor for the approval of those who call themselves “radicals” and “revolutionaries.” We publish these texts because we have something to say, because in the context of so much hypocrisy and so many lies, we must shout the TRUTH. It is important to point out that, even though these texts are available to all, they aren’t intended for the society at large. This i... (From:
When the enemies of Socialism are speaking to Anarchists, they dwell upon the reasonable and humanitarian policy-of Social Democracy, but no sooner are they brought face to face with the proposals of Social Democrats than they declare those proposals preposterous and impracticable the Times for -November 5th. Well, it is true that there is very little moral difference between charity in money and charity in work, whilst front the economic point of view the former is preferable. Either there is work to be done in the community or there is not. In the first case, capitalists will not fail to lay hand, upon it to make a profit for themselves by supplying the public need. In the second case, the central or local government cannot sta... (From: AnarchyArchives.)
“We will not budge and are willing to die... Everything has been taken. This is the last.” — Silvia Burley, CVMT chairperson “Don’t talk about it, be about it.” — Mos Def Anarchists and indigenous activists from the Bay, Central Valley, Santa Cruz and Canada have gathered at a foreclosed house in Stockton which is the only property belonging to the California Valley Miwok Tribe. It’s an hour and a half into the second announced eviction date (the first was in June and sheriffs were held off by a lawsuit). The contest over the house is part of a struggle over the legal identity of the CVMT. It is also one of the first eviction resistances attempted in the... (From:
During the night of Wednesday October 19th we took part, alongside many other groups and individualities, in the street clashes around the Polytechnic in Exarchia, that lasted for several hours with constant attacks with molotovs, stones and fireworks against antiriot police squads. Street clashes, in any of their forms (exiting university premises through incendiary means, rioting in demonstrations, etc.), are part of the multiform anarchic attack against Power and the imposed normality. Because of their characteristics, this is one of the most effective ways to demonstrate the conflict between anarchy and the world of Power. This is why we support the diffusion of this and other forms of struggle that aim to destabilize and spread ... (From:
Anarchism, Marxism and the Future of the Left: Interviews and Essays 1993–1998 by Murray Bookchin AK Press, Edinburgh and San Francisco, 1999 As Murray Bookchin’s latest testament to himself as one of the great thinkers of the 20th Century, this book could be more accurately entitled ‘Anachronism, Marxism and the Suture of what’s Left’. It is also his latest apoplectic rejoinder to the plentiful and vociferous critics who are apparently trying to secure our illustrious author an early grave. The Great Debate is one of a number of things that make this book incredibly hard going. At every turn, potentially serious theoretical analysis of the role of technology, the apparent demise... (From:
Livewire Publications 2011. ISBN 978-0-9567240-0-7 UK £8.00 Contents; Introduction — Phil Meyler Abyss — Jaime Semprun And Yet It Moves — Boy Igor No to Electronic Watchtowers: elements of reflection on video surveillance — The Collective How to Defend Society Against Science (extracts) — Paul Feyeraband Science & Authority — Mikhail Bakunin The Dublin based Livewire Publications has produced a new collection of radical essays titled Science & Capital — Radical Essays on Science & Technology, with the intention to; “bring together some of the more radical essays on science and technology written over the years — so as to highlight some of ... (From:
Last month's attempt to celebrate the anniversary of the execution of Alexander II. by that of his son and successor has revealed to all Europe the depth of the surging discontent now stirring among the people of Russia; the burning shame and indignation with which they see themselves crushed beneath a system of government which would have disgraced the Dark Ages. As Leroy-Beaulieu has pointed out, Russia has been the scapegoat of Western Europe. Her people have borne the brunt of the successive tides of invasion by the savage and cruel hordes of Asia; by her brave resistance she has glutted their fury, by her industry she has satiated their greed. Thus Teuton and Kelt have been left the freer to develop their social life at the cost of... (From: AnarchyArchives.)
Introduction The discussion below reflects an overview of the conditions experienced by individuals who are trying to liberate themselves from the system of social hypocrisy and the mentality of subordination. Our experience is still fragile, a newborn. During the revolution and even now the difficulty lies in our inability to observe clearly the inherent authoritarian power within the society and the state. Consequently this prevented - and still prevents - us from stripping the layers they hide behind and fighting them raw and bare. Many individuals were launching a double war: one against a totalitarian regime. Another against their own forced affiliations: be it ethnic, religious or sectarian. When futility and frus... (From:
The Australian Continent is fifty-eight times the size of England, but population is only one-eighth*of ours. In other words if Australia its was as densely peopled as England it would contain a population as great as that of the entire world at the present time. And we have it on the authority of many scientific men, among whom may be mentioned Alfred Russell Wallace. that England could supply all the wants not only of its present number of inhabitants but of very many more. So that' it is perfectly safe to assume that Australia is a country of almost boundless resources, and any one would imagine that if prosperity existed anywhere it -would be there. But when the emigrant from old Europe gets over there what does he find? Poverty, miser... (From: AnarchyArchives.)
If we examine much of the current debate in anarchist circles surrounding civilization, technology, progress, green anarchy versus red anarchy and so on, we are left with the impression that criticism of civilization has only recently arisen within anarchist and revolutionary thinking. But this impression is false, and harmful for those of us with a revolutionary anti-civilization perspective. In fact, a revolutionary questioning of civilization, of technology and of progress can be found throughout the history of modern revolutionary thinking. Charles Fourier posed his utopian socialist “Harmony” against the disharmony of “Civilization”. A number of the most radical of the Romantics (Blake, Byron and Shelly a... (From:
Introduction We started to write this text last December, just after the general election in England, as a response to the huge number of anarchists who voted (and some who went canvasing). We didn’t realize what we were embarking on, it started out as an article, then became a zine. We really wanted to finish it before the new Labor leader was announced at the beginning of April 2020, then COVID-19 hit. Struggling to make sense of the new context we are in, we wondered if our critique of “democracy” (and the surge of Labor voting anarchists) in the UK was appropriate. However, there are unfortunately many important similarities and related issues running through the huge popularity of Corbyn and the... (From:
We have already said that, whatever may be our wishes and desires, the present state of Europe will result in revolutions on the Continent, and that these revolutionary disturbances will be echoed in this country. As soon as the trade of the world and the markets of the world are disturbed, the conditions of the workmen of this country will become still more precarious than they are now, and the workers will ask for some fundamental changes in the economical conditions of the community. But, as the ruling classes will be unable to satisfy the needs of the workers, and as they will try, on the contrary, to stifle them by force, or by any other more or less cunning means, changes in the political organization will follow. The circumstances be... (From: AnarchyArchives.)
I’ve been in Rojava since half a year working in various areas of society which has given me the unique opportunity to get a good overview of the system in action. My libertarian philosophy and practical experience puts me very close to the revolutionaries of Rojava, and they like to hear my ideas or criticism. I’m writing this article after seeing the article titled: “We should not let Kobane and the rest of Rojava to be defeated by the big corporations and the international financial institutions” To which my response is: then what are you doing in the west? Rojava is better than the west. When you stay in the west, you are helping capitalism. You are part of the machine. If you live in the cit... (From:
Over the years the government has helpfully financed many campaigns and actions against itself. Lots of people in the direct action movement rely on dole money from the state in order to survive. However, over the last few years there has been a big shake up of the welfare state. What has our response been to this? How will it affect us? And has the supply of free money finally run dry? Throughout the past two decades, the dole has provided the basis for a number of creative projects and movements, some of which have been overtly political. In the 1980s, the relaxed benefit regime allowed many to drop out of work and form new types of antagonistic lifestyles and tendencies, for example around the anarcho-punk scene. This was carried ... (From:
This article is translated to English from its original Italian, this article appeared in Machete #1. “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” — Benjamin Franklin It’s a problem that gets talked about a lot, but whose diagnosis is terse. On the right and on the left, the verdict is the same: we live in an “unsafe climate”. Everyday the news showers us with gallons of blood gathered at the scenes of ambushes, rapes, murders. Bloody events described and filmed with a maniacal wealth of details, making horrible shivers run up our spines that are already weakened by daily genuflections. Watching the mi... (From:
24th June 1894, the President of the French Republic Sadi Carnot reached the end of his life in Lyon under the blows of a young Italian anarchist, Sante Caserio. The killing made a tremendous impact in France as well as in Italy and all over Europe. Though Umberto I and Crispi showed their execration and grief, people attacked a number of Italian shops in Lyons and in other French towns, and in Paris they even demanded to go to war against Italy. A ship of Italian emigrants on their way to America was compelled to avoid all French ports, while many fugitives terrified of reprisals started flocking into Turin. But Caserio’s attack had no nationalistic intent whatsoever. On the contrary, it was planned by its author... (From:
This piece of writing has developed from a recent interaction I had with the local activist scene[1], as well as from prior experiences of my brief involvement within this group. I recently attempted to criticize the actions of these specific people but my ideas were swept under the rug as elitist, and I an inactive “armchair revolutionary”[2]. In other words, my critique was swept aside as irrelevant because of my lack of activist street-cred. I do not deplore these descriptions aimed at me nor am I offended by their statements as I see that it emerges from their inability to receive criticism. In fact, the situation has provided me with an opportunity to elucidate some ideas that I’ve previously found difficult to articu... (From:
Kotoku Shusui Born 4 November or 23 September 1871 — Japan, died 24 January 1911 — Japan Kotoku Shusui was a socialist and anarchist who played a leading role in introducing anarchism to Japan in the early 20th century, particularly by translating the works of contemporary European and Russian anarchists, such as Peter Kropotkin, into Japanese. He was a radical journalist and is often considered an anarchist martyr, as he was executed for treason by the Japanese government. Socialist years and imprisonment Kotoku moved from his birthplace, the town of Nakamura in the Kochi prefecture, to Tokyo in his mid-teens and became a journalist there in 1893. From 1898 onwards he was a columnist for the Every Morning N... (From:
The Siege of the Third Precinct in Minneapolis In this anonymous submission, participants in the uprising in Minneapolis in response to the murder of George Floyd explore how a combination of different tactics compelled the police to abandon the Third Precinct. The following analysis is motivated by a discussion that took place in front of the Third Precinct as fires billowed from its windows on Day Three of the George Floyd Rebellion in Minneapolis. We joined a group of people whose fire-lit faces beamed in with joy and awe from across the street. People of various ethnicities sat side by side talking about the tactical value of lasers, the “share everything” ethos, interracial unity in fighting the police, and th... (From:
Finally, we face the outrage of Belarusian people in the streets. The increase of resistance is enormous. Many people say that such an uprising was never seen before during the rule of Alexander Lukashenko. These three nights, probably all the world has seen crowds of people giving fight to the police special forces, using barricades, burning tires and Molotovs. The police (or “militia” in Soviet-fashioned Belarus) reacts with great violence. Many people got seriously injured and there is one confirmed killed protester. There is also the call for the General Strike issued by the opposition. How successful it will be is yet to be seen. But there are first confirmed reports of strikes at several State-owned enterpris... (From:
Understanding exactly what is meant by the Sixth Declaration is a difficult task. While the Declaration opens with a reference to it being the ‘simple word’[1] of the EZLN there is a certain, perhaps deliberate, lack of theoretical clarity. This can, completely understandably, cause problems interpreting the document and the Zapatista position. This document is intended to look at the Sixth and the Zapatistas in more detail, in particular examining its view of nationalism and the state. The Zapatistas repeatedly say that we are to take their words seriously – it is only correct that we follow this request and do not seek to explain away any difficulties. Neo-liberalism and nationalism The Sixth Declaration... (From:
INTRODUCTION AND DEDICATION IN ANTICIPATION OF THE TRIAL ON 13th JANUARY 2016 At this time, as the wheels of this monstrous society continue to grind on, and the scattered insurgents make to throw what they can beneath the tracks to slow it down in whatever way, we are left with some questions. These are questions that, in our opinion, deserve more thought and provocation than they usually assume in the circles of anarchists, rebels and land-defenders. Namely; it is clear that mobilizations (independent of any timeframe), such as those for our imprisoned or fallen, are a practical necessity in order to constitute diverse forces that are ready to face and understand the consequences of any struggle that materially contests the ruling ... (From:
Need some context? Here’s an introduction I would like to write down some thoughts regarding Leninism as a historical and theoretical position. I am writing to those who are willing to listen in hopes of refining a critique of authoritarian socialism. I do not have delusions that this short essay will convince anyone of something drastically outside of what they already believe or at least that is not my intention. Recently, there has been much debate on listserv and social media sites about an upcoming “Bash Lenin Pinata Party” being hosted by some local Atlanta anarchists. In response to this. Leninists and other authoritarian socialists (including Maoists from other parts of the country) have responded wit... (From:
“Force enhancers.” The ominous phrase shot across the airwaves with a crack like a 22. I stared at the radio. A Congresswoman was describing her work on transferring military technology to civilian police force. In military jargon “force enhancers” refer to technologies that improve the killing capacity of each soldier. An army can never have enough soldiers, so true to Western thinking, there has been an incredible drive to make the individual soldier better equipped on the battlefield. This Congresswoman was saying how today’s cop is like a Wyatt Earp, out there alone with a police cruiser replacing the horse and nothing else to help out. This so called “liberal” legislator sought to... (From:
The most complicated pieces of mechanism are often not the latest but the earliest results of the inventor's skill in a particular direction. Improvements in machinery very frequently take the form of a reduction in the number of wheels and principles of motion, necessary to obtain the desired result, and a machine is considered to be more nearly perfect in proportion as its action becomes more direct. It is safe to conclude, too, that this law of human progression from the complicated to the direct, is by no means confined to mechanics. In philosophy and in sociology similar phenomena may be observed. Thus the Social Democratic scheme for reorganizing society--based as it is upon an insufficient knowledge of the principles which govern the... (From: AnarchyArchives.)
Mortgages, loans, investment, property development, license applications, accountancy, endless legislation, business plans, backbiting, membership lists, the dead time absorbing activists and the debt, oh the debt! Welcome to legal social centers! Have a pleasant stay. The Cowley Club in Brighton just opened. It’s a posh looking bar. It has a bookshop, the prices are cheaper than normal, the front door of the building is made of Indonesian hardwood (Solidarity South Pacific?!) and the plants were bought at Ikea. It has no dedicated meeting space (yet), only the bar area — revealing its priorities in the design. In themselves, legal social centers are what they are; a social enterprise — cafés, bars, possible ... (From:
In reading the newspapers, we find the two names mentioned above frequently put side by side. Nay, we find them also associated with the terms Communism and Nihilism, as though these four “isms” had the closest relation to each other. This is a mistake. Socialism and Anarchism are opposites which have nothing in common but their appurtenance to Social Science. Socialists and Anarchists as such are enemies. They pursue contrary aims, and the success of the former will destroy forever the fanatical hopes of the latter. It is true that in theories, both are thoroughly dissatisfied with the present state of human society and its politics, and that they severely criticize almost all the economical and political constitutions ... (From:
"That will reconcile me to life," writes Emerson, "and renovate nature, to see trifles animated by a tendency, and to know what I am doing." And which of us, tortured and reduced well nigh to despair by the horrible degradation of human dignity in the existing hypocritical and unnatural sexual relations, does not feel the need for such a vision of the end and meaning of our present pain, if still we are to fight on. This essay by K. P.1 is one of those jets of thought which pierce the misty confusion of times when the air is full of the dust of out-worn forms and faded beliefs with a ray of positive and reasoned conviction, pointing the road to a new order in human life more in correspondence with our consciousness of reality. Following... (From: AnarchyArchives.)
“10 years ago, in the same kind of meeting as today, if you’d said « white » [1], people would have broken the furniture. Today, thanks to the Indigenous of the Republic, thanks to Houria [2] one can say « the whites ».” – Eric Hazan [3] Unfortunately we are still unable to prove wrong what Eric Hazan has said above. He is the publisher, classified as extreme left, of the latest explicitly anti-semitic pamphlet by Houria Bouteldja Whites, Jews and us, whose enormously repulsive character has not caused as many reactions as it would deserve. The categories and vocabulary of the ideology of racialization, which for some time has been taken up in political organizations and milieus ... (From:
Introduction to the First Edition Solidarity, Montreal 2001 This is a collection of writings by Kuwasi Balagoon, a man who many anarchists, nationalists, and anti-imperialists may have heard of in passing, but about whom very little has been made broadly available. As you read on, this state of affairs may perplex or even anger you, for certainly what we have here are important and eloquent words by a man who devoted his life to the cause of freedom—freedom from colonialism and national oppression for New Afrika and freedom from the mental shackles we all wear around our minds. A staunch advocate of New Afrikan liberation and the eradication of capitalism, Balagoon was also an anarchist and a participant in armed ... (From:
Anarchism The philosophy of a new social order based on liberty unrestricted by man-made law; the theory that all forms of government rest on violence and are therefore wrong and harmful, as well as unnecessary. Anarchy Absence of government; disbelief in, and disregard of, invasion and authority based on coercion and force; a condition of society regulated by voluntary agreement instead of government. Anarchist A believer in Anarchism; one opposed to all forms of coercive government and invasive authority; an advocate of Anarchy, or absence of government, as the ideal of political liberty and social harmony. Free communism Voluntary economic cooperation of all towards the needs of each. A social arrange... (From:
In our last paper we noted the change in men's ideas of the world and their own place in it, which has resulted from the increased mental activity of the last four hundred years; and we saw how the splendid conquests of human thinking-power have led to excessive and superstitious reverence for that one faculty. Excessive, because it contemptuously excludes the rest (the greater part) of men's nature; superstitious, because it erects reason into a sort of internal Mumbo Jumbo--mysteriously capable of comprehending, molding, and controlling the will, feeling and action of the whole human being and the whole society. But what, we may be asked, have the extravagant theories of a few philosophers and scientists to do with the common life of ... (From: AnarchyArchives.)
Marx made a thorough analysis of the production process as an exploitation of labor, but he made only cursory and reluctant comments about the prerequisite for capitalist production, about the initial capital that made the process possible. Without the initial capital, there could have been no investments, no production no great leap forward. This prerequisite was analyzed by the early Soviet Russian marxist Preobrazhensky, who borrowed several insights from the Polish marxist Rosa Luxemburg to formulate his theory of primitive accumulation. By primitive, Preobrazhensky meant the basement of the capitalist edifice, the foundation, the prerequisite. This prerequisite cannot emerge from the capitalist production process itself, if that proces... (From:
Workers’ and Peasants’ Collectives in the Spanish Civil War This year is the 60th anniversary of the Spanish Civil War, which began in July 1936 when General Franco led a fascist coup to replace the left-wing Republican government. It was no coincidence that this happened at a time of intense class struggle in Spain. Limited concessions granted in the face of the struggle by the left wing of the ruling class — the ‘Popular Front’ government elected in February 1936 — had not succeeded in restoring the economic and social stability needed by capitalism. Strikes, demonstrations and political assassinations by the working class continued, as did land seizures and local insurrections in the coun... (From:
This essay explores the rise of populist demagogues and the economics of their regimes. Rather than marking a clear break with neoliberalism or a direct tie to early twentieth century fascism, these figures historically connect to the regime of Augusto Pinochet and illustrate a growing trend of authoritarian-neoliberalism. The phrase “never forget” bears a particular significance in the twenty-first century, recalling immediately images of the 9/11 attacks on the centers of global power; Wall Street, the Pentagon, and the White House. When one considers that these attacks justified the global war on terror, which has in turn led to the rise of the Islamic state in regions destabilized by the chaos of war, it becomes clear... (From:
Having abandoned her worthy husband for a toy boy, a young woman dies of a heroin overdose, accompanied only by her traumatized 3 year old daughter. The reaction of mid-50s Daily Mail readers, a demographic not known for their tolerance of druggies and single mothers? Fascination, almost adulation — certainly celebration of the woman that died. Of course, she wasn’t just any single mother, she was Paula Yates, a celebrity. Perplexed by this double-standard on behalf of my then-colleagues, I asked what was it Paula Yates was famous for anyway? They seemed pretty vague about it, despite knowing an alarming amount of biographical detail about a woman I’d have thought they had almost nothing in common with. Was it her p... (From:
We know we can't win on our own or with the few friends we know, there's just not enough of us, we would never be able to make any great impact. Fighting alone was always preferable to surrender, no doubt about that, but we want to see more fuzes being lit in insurgent hearts... So we write. We aren't asking you to join us, that's ridiculous, why should you? You don't know who the fuck we are! You have your own boundaries and territories, your own limitations. Maybe you're one of the people (one of many) who doesn't need anyone to tell them that there's something profoundly wrong with everything that makes up modern life. Something uneasy, unhealthy, unnatural, that just won't stop creeping in at the edges, regardless of what ... (From:
This past May, the Italian state began another round of repression against anarchists. The more sporadic state harassment anarchists had experienced over the past few years gave way to what is clearly a more focused attack. This reflects the growing repressive reality around the globe, the needs of the Italian state in the present circumstances and its attempts to find ways to strike the anarchist movement and all anti-institutional movements of resistance and revolt in their totality. Thus, these events demand more than news and calls for solidarity; they require an attempt to analyze the situation on several levels in order to develop meaningful and substantial forms of active solidarity. The May arrests Perhaps it would be most... (From:
Sometimes there are no answers. Conflicts can not always be resolved peacefully; someone “wins” and someone loses. So it may be with humanity (the industrial experiment) and its unwilling opponent, biodiversity. In our present numbers and with the dominance of the consumption system, there is little hope for a healthy natural environment or the millions of species which will be forced into extinction before most of us die. For we inhabit a world in which the growth of industrial culture and its technologies and mechanisms of control is accelerating at an evil pace. With every passing day, the cancer of industrial “civilization” extends and reinforces itself — so that yesterday’s most frightening corporate... (From:
Comiso in Sicily became a prime place on the NATO nuclear armaments map, having been chosen to house 112 cruise missiles. A prosperous commercial and agricultural center, it is characterized by poverty and unemployment, a situation that prevails among Sicilian peasants and manual workers. In contrast to what was being said by the Italian government — that the missile base would bring wellbeing and jobs to the area — some local anarchists (comrades in Ragusa and Catania) decided to give a more realistic picture based on the social and economic effects that such a base would have, along with the organizational proposal to form self-managed leagues in all the area, which would coordinate to occupy and destroy the base. The a... (From:
Once upon a time a people lived happy and free. They practiced no agriculture, made no pottery, wore no clothes and were as gentle and content as the other wild animals they lived with. Then the civilizers came. And within seventy years all the native people of Tasmania were wiped out. It was called the “The Black War of Van Diemen’s Land”, the official campaign of extermination begun in 1803, which decimated the native people of Tasmania in the usual brutal civilized way. “The Tasmanians were by missionaries and friends of man civilized under the earth.” — German anthropologist, Hellwald. By 1830 the few remaining Tasmanian natives were rounded up and imprisoned on Fl... (From:
This article is inspired by the Geek Mafia series, thanks for giving us hope. It is dedicated to the anarchist hackers who have faced or will face the cold steel bars. A few years ago a simple book came out by the name of “Recipes for Disaster” came out. It had everything in it from how to paint billboards to sexual consent and more. By the end you felt you had a new tool belt to combat the forces of capitalism and the state. But not once in the hundreds of pages did it seriously consider technology and its impacts on the anarchist movement. And how could they? No good anarchist tactics text has. It seems that anarchists as a whole have a great grasp of how to riot but when it comes to technology and electronics we... (From:
“Our lives are at stake and we will not renounce any weapon that we can use as our own.” — Anonymous In regards to the brief history of the Earth Liberation Front (ELF), an organization which has brought much inspiration to the North American context and drawn significant media attention, I would like to present a few points in order to critique, clarify and highlight the ways the ELF can be understood as a methodology instead of as an ideology. At the end of this piece, a proposal is drawn out for anarchists to develop their own actions separately in cells, groups or any informal structure they see fit whether or not these are aligned with the “ELF guidelines”. Obviously this is something th... (From:
On 30th October, The Guardian/Observer published the news that the state of Thailand “has begun a search for people deemed to have defamed its monarchy in the wake of the king’s death, investigating 20 new criminal cases and seeking to extradite suspects from abroad” (here). The following article published in French a week ago puts this in context. The King of Thailand, Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX alias) has died. More than a king, he was the Devaraja, the God-King of Theravada Buddhism, the state religion of Thailand and of the historical monarchies of Southeast Asia (Siam, Burma, Laos, Cambodia) which established their centers in the rice plain regions. Having ascended to the throne there seventy yea... (From:
The following article, completed in December 2005, is based on the experience of a relatively short stint living in the rural West Country. This will account for some of its limits. For example, conditions in different areas will vary. It is for others who know what is missing here to fill the gaps, for themselves and others, in their own ways. the theming of the countryside... ...coming home to roost... Notes on rural gentrification and class relationships in the countryside: the future of rural living There is an ongoing debate about the future of the countryside; it is going on both in the media and behind closed doors in the corridors of power. Vested interests of all kinds have much to say on the way ahead: ... (From:
Once again saying they are the opposite of things in italics, once again rupturing with things, once again universalizing bourgeois French intellectualism, once again referencing their own concepts to generate the illusion of importance (à la Bob Avakian). Again all this: sex, action, excitement, big words, petty leftist squabbling (and it’s new!). To begin with, the book is premised on the notion that we need to scrap the idea of class, a notion only possible from the same position that waxes political over the pressing concerns of alienation at “the dinner party”. Historical conflict now apparently bears striking resemblance to the way liberalism envisions it: on the terms of the universal abstract individu... (From:
“All authority of any kind, especially in the field of thought and understanding, is the most destructive, evil thing. Leaders destroy the followers and followers destroy the leaders. You have to be your own teacher and your own disciple. You have to question everything that man has accepted as valuable, as necessary.” — J. Krishnamurti, Freedom from the Known “Having realized that we can depend on no outside authority in bringing about a total revolution within the structure of our own psyche, there is the immensely greater difficulty of rejecting our own inward authority, the authority of our own particular little experiences and accumulated opinions, knowledge, ideas and ideals. You had an experienc... (From:
Honest minds of the Russian anarchist movement have long noted that a significant array of anarchist activities of our era is rather an imitation of activity. The most sorrowful type of imitation is an imitation of an organization. A dozen years ago, when we were young, many of us realized it. But unfortunately we were almost completely deprived of worthy mentors and were forced to “build a house from its foundation”. It was the time when we concluded that affinity-grours,informal unions, individual and collective initiatives are more effective than “chimerical” organizations. It was our inconception but it was a necessary step towards a better understanding of the mechanics of the revolutionary struggl... (From:
The attack is the most beautiful moments an anarchist can undertake. Feeling the adrenaline of rushing to a window with a rock in hand, or the moments before striking a cop with your fist. Planting the bomb, pulling the trigger, shouting FUCK THE POLICE!. The attack is an experience unlike any other, one many of us desire to experience, and many of us have experienced. We get tingles and a rush of adrenaline just thinking about it. Picturing ourselves tossing the lit Molotov at a line of riot police is one of the most entertaining daydreams all of us have. Power alone in scandalous thoughts many in our own milieu have tried to extinguish. They tell us we can’t blow up a social relationship, but time and time again we show them we had ... (From:
Civilization is Exploitation Mass society is too complex to work without specialization. Specialized division of labor alienates us from each other and creates a hierarchy needed to co-ordinate production. Hierarchy divides society into the powerful and powerless. The powerless are treated as objects to be exploited. Exploitation on grounds of class, gender, ethnicity and sexual preference is intrinsic to mass society. Mass society cannot be reformed. It must be replaced. Small is Beautiful Mass society must be replaced with communities small enough for each person in them to be respected as an autonomous individual. In small communities, self-determination would replace hierarchy. You can’t fight mass with mass. If o... (From:
Introduction One would think that a political doctrine and system that was propagated by the bourgeoisie in their rise to power, that is promoted world-wide by the Western ruling class and that has only existed in its so-called “pure” form on the backs of slaves, would at least be suspect in the eyes of those who oppose the present social order. But such is not the case. The “new movement” of opposition to the global order that is said to have been born on January 1, 1994 with the Zapatista uprising and had its coming out party in Seattle at the demonstration against the WTO has taken as its slogan: “This is what democracy looks like.” And that without a hint of irony. But this is fitting for a mov... (From:
The necessity for space is eminently political. The places in which we live condition the ways in which we live, and inversely, our relationships and activities modify the spaces of our lives. It’s a question of daily experience, and yet we seem incapable of drawing the tiniest result from it. One only needs to take a walk through any city to understand the nature of the poverty of our way of life. Almost all urban space responds to two needs: profit and social control. They are places of consumption organized according to the increasingly strict rules of a market in continuous expansion: the security market. The model is that of the commercial center; a collective privatized space, watched by the people and instruments provided by th... (From:
I’m standing by the edge of the river. My bare feet gently touch the surface of the crispy mulch leaning against the cold solid rocks. From my skin rises a slow pliant steam following every movement I make as I walk further down. As slowly as I can I immerse myself in the dark waters. I want to feel it all, the fullness of every tiny step. It’s late fall, and the moon is close to dark. Amanitas and Liberty caps has been gathering in witch rings and shit dungs all around my cabin. I knew this was the time, and I felt that the sauna was the obvious choice. So, one by one, cap and stem, I had put them under my tongue, let those weird mycelial creatures sink through the floor of my mouth, penetrate my intestinal wall, enter m... (From:
We know how painful it’s to be separated from our own comrades, and we have no recipes nor lessons to give about the way to take them out the fastest (to take them all out, forgetting the distinction between ‘guilty’ and ‘innocent’). The rapid notes that follow are the fruit of several thoughts born out of different experiences lived in Italy, hoping they could be useful to our French comrades. The Tarnac arrests represent a serious fact, not only as an attack against everybody who already fights, with critics and practices, against the State and the Capital, but also as a tentative of intimidation against all the potential allies of a social war more diffused. Actually, the repression aims at hitting, f... (From:
Bickford world is on fire, and there are evil clouds over the country! “Adaptatsiya” Those of us who understand revolution as something real, as something that will inavoidably occur in foreseeable future, face a number of painful contradictions. Sometimes it seems that there is a whole gulf between revolution and our reality. History gives us a consolation. It teaches us that even the darkest eras, when society is enmeshed in reactionary obscurantism, passivity and indifference, can suddenly be replaced by a tremendous liberation movement in a very short time. Perhaps, we are spectators of the first signs of awakening. The period of total loyalty to the regime and system, the peak of whick fell in... (From:
Whether it is directly or indirectly, the Police-Justice-Prison trio is part of our lives. Who has never tasted their handcuffs or their trials, who has never dealt with prison or detention centers? Who has never felt their threatening presence? There is no way to deny that poverty always associate with state domination. In the North-East of Paris and in the Parisian Eastern suburbs just like anywhere else, who can ignore the parades of cops swaying their shoulders, in plain clothes or in uniforms, whatever their names (BAC, BST, Correspondants de Nuit or security guards for landlords, for the city council, for the public transportation company), scrutinizing the actions of everyone, checking IDs, with a mistrusting gaze, with the blessing ... (From:
Bibliography / further reading Andrew X (2001) “Give up Activism.” from Do or Die, issue 9 Anonymous (2001) At Daggers Drawn with the Existent, its Defenders and its False Critics (London: Elephant Editions) Anonymous (2003) Call Anonymous (2011) Desert (St. Kilda, UK: Stac an Armin Press) Anonymous (2006) Down with the Empire, Up with the Spring! (Wellington: Rebel Press) Anonymous (2003) “Insurrectionary Anarchy: Organizing for Attack!” from Do or Die, issue 10 Anonymous (2013) The Issues are not the Issue Anonymous (2015) “The Veil Dops.” from Return Fire, issue 3 Bari, Judi. (1995) “Revolutionary Ecology: Biocentrism & Deep E... (From:
Introduction This article has had to go though numerous revisions and rewrites in a desperate and often failing attempt to stay ‘current’. Indeed one of the most difficult things we face in resisting Capital’s bloody adventures (or bloody banalities if you prefer) is the global dimensions of this global war. By this I don’t just mean physical space, but maybe less tangible elements that work to reinforce the tangible nature of our current oppression. For one the “war on terror” is working to reinforce and deepen a globalized temporal order. The global size of the planning and execution of the war (and its simultaneous transformation into news/entertainment/marketing) happens in a digital/artificial... (From:
His mind slid away into the labyrinthine world of doublethink. To know and not to know, to be conscious of complete truthfulness while telling carefully constructed lies, to hold simultaneously two opinions which canceled out, knowing them to be contradictory and believing in both of them, to use logic against logic, to repudiate morality while laying claim to it, to believe that democracy was impossible and that the Party was the guardian of democracy, to forget whatever it was necessary to forget, then to draw it back into memory again at the moment when it was needed, and then promptly to forget it again: and above all to apply the same process to the process itself. That was the ultimate subtlety: consciously to induce unconsciousness, ... (From:
Publisher’s note To the Wanderers is a text put together by some Italian comrades and the details about detention centers and immigration laws refer to the situation in Italy, but the conditions under which undocumented aliens are forced to live and the universal uprooting of which these conditions and this forced wandering are a symptom are universal. I think this text provides an important analysis for all of us who are seeking to take back the capacity to determine our lives. * * * * * We asked for labor powers, men came. Max Frisch No one emigrates for pleasure — this is a very simple truth that many want too hide. If someone willingly leaves their land and their loved ones,... (From:
We’ve been in a state of emergency for over a week now. The destructive capacity of the virus is no longer in question. But we would like to make some notes on its non-clinical consequences and on its origins. Whether the COVID-19 virus came about because of a bat or an American attempt that has gotten out of hand, to disable the Chinese economy, we think is irrelevant now. This virus, like others before in history that massacred entire populations in the Amazon, Mesoamerica, Africa and Oceania, is a biological phenomenon. But the context in which it was born, how it spreads and how it is managed are social issues. This virus is the result of a system that commodifies every process, object, relationship or living being on earth... (From:
“Environmental restoration may be the art form of the twenty-first century” — from Helping Nature Heal (Ten Speed Press, 1991) Environmental restoration is the other side of the coin to much of the activity that Earth First! has so far been engaged in — that is, grappling with the toxic forces of ‘law’ and ‘order’ in a very overt way. Such activity is the defensive work, a holding operation, crucial in many ways and important for bringing people together as a group, cementing the bonds between them in shared, often harrowing experience. However it is important not to get hung up on the adrenaline and peculiar glamour of such frontline situations. Environmental restorat... (From:
Tuli Kupferberg is gone. We always had an appreciation for his sense of humor, as expressed in his band The Fugs and his cartoons. He died at the age of 86 in Manhattan. The Fugs exemplified a certain time and place. They formed in 1964, and frequently played at Vietnam War protest rallies, and had a knack for the “Theater of the Absurd”. They never took themselves too seriously, which allowed them to have a good time playing music. Tuli’s comics were on the crude side of things — like the lyrics that were written for various songs by The Fugs — in many ways. Even so, they still make me laugh. Tuli’s understanding of poetic forms and the structure of music was impressive. Kupferberg d... (From:
The overthrow of the odious dictator, Fulgencio Batista, by a few thousand armed irregulars and the not-too-passive resistance of the whole Cuban people, has thrilled all lovers of Liberty and has given new hope to the millions still writhing under the heels of tyranny in many countries. It has given new hope to the people of Santo Domingo and Hungary, of Nicaragua and Korea, to the tormented masses of Russia and of South Africa. Every tyrant that falls renews the hope for a better ultimate tomorrow. In its subservience to the North American sugar interests and also to the foreign gambling racketeers, in the venality within its ranks, and in the excessive brutality of its police forces, the Batista dictatorship was excelled only by t... (From:
Athena: I do only as I am asked. Ask for the city to function with harmony, and I will bind the slave and fatten the master. For this is how harmony is forged from chaos. All of those who flock to and live off fair Athena accept this bargain, whether their ignorance of this bargain be sincere or feigned. To dwell within my city requires submission. Just as the ox that carries water submits to a yoke, so must the citizen submit to the laws of the city. But should you grow tired of this, should the wine cause sickness and the grapes rot on the vine, I will gladly destroy what you have asked me to create. But I have yet to hear any of you mortals, rebels or kings, ask me to carry out this final task: let Chaos reign over the fields of Athena. ... (From:
Translator’s Introduction The Undesirables was originally a one-shot paper published in Italian and French with a Spanish translation planned by the originally publishers. Its analyzes of the changes in the tools and methods of exploitation and domination that have happened in recent years were significant, so I translated it into English as a pamphlet. The refusal of those who wrote these brief pieces to accept the simplistic non-analysis of those who cry perpetually over “globalization”, their insistence on recognizing the unity of exploitation throughout the world — i.e., that the exploited of the so-called first world are not privileged but simply experiencing a somewhat different intensity of exploitation... (From:
On 15 November 2019, unemployed anarchist drug users in the notoriously conservative city of Meanjin/ Brisbane, visited the offices of Endue Financial Services Ltd, to express disgust and class rage at this shameless corporate exploiter of the poor. The group operated under the moniker Irredeemable Nihilist Druggies Unashamedly Embracing Sabotage + Undermining Capitalist Killer Systems (ENDUE SUCKS). Background to the Endue Cashless Debit Card/ Healthy Welfare Card In the last two decades, people residing in the occupied territories of so-called ‘Australia’, receiving paltry welfare payments from the Federal Government through the Department of Human Services’ Centrelink portfolio, have been subjected to increasi... (From:
THE STRUGGLE AGAINST REGINA PACIS 31/08/02. A Town Council in Melendugno (Lecce) is disrupted to the sound of football supporters’ trumpets in protest against the mayor who had forbidden a demo and an exhibition against Regina Pacis in San Foca. 21/09/02. Four immigrants attempt to escape from Regina Pacis and put up a fight with the carabinieri who are always in the camp. Unfortunately two are arrested. 03/11/02. Demonstration in front of the church in Monteroni (Lecce) where Archbishop Ruppi is celebrating a religious event. Exposition of banner, exhibition on immigration and distribution of leaflets. Ruppi doesn’t show up to greet the crowd who were waiting for his blessing, but runs away through the back... (From:
November 9--the fourteenth anniversary of the popular uprising that destroyed the Berlin Wall--was also an international day of protest against the more than 400 miles of wall being built by the Israeli government around and through Palestinian communities in the West Bank. All over the globe, special events and actions took place in solidarity against this construction project. Work on the Wall began in June 2002 and is expected to take three years to finish at the cost of $1.7 million per mile. To date, about 90 miles of the Wall have been completed through the Jenin, Tulkarem, and Qalqiliya regions, adversely affecting the lives of more than 200,000 people. Additionally, the construction project has enabled the annexation a... (From:
Statement about the events of February — March 2014 One doesn’t have to be a genius to forecast that the sorry socio-economic situation in Venezuela, inherited after 14 years of Hugo Chavez’s government and made worse in a little over a year with Nicolas Maduro, was creating a conflict ready to erupt, particularly when the huge income from “black gold”, which up until 3 or 4 years ago sustained the fantasy of “oil socialism”, stopped. The income is still abundant, but the waste, the incompetence, the corruption and the greed of those who rule are still greater. Between the narco-generales and other predators in uniform, highly placed bureaucrats who run the gamut from avid greed to nothingnes... (From:
As capitalist imperialism consolidates its economic borders through an ongoing paramilitarisation process and harmonized internal policing structure to cope with increased external war and social-ecological collapse, there is an amplification of repression in response to the manufactured ‘crisis’ of the bankers. Enough decentralization in the hegemony is maintained to allow internal security services to retain sufficient self-rule to operate according to the local situations, but generally speaking , the areas of amplification — ‘terrorism’ and immigration (specifically mass incarceration and deportation) — correspond with a rise in an encouraged nationalism and the prison-society. The legislature ... (From:
In a time when words seem to lose their meaning, when the language of power tries to penetrate all our conversations, we think it is even more indispensable to make an effort in order to speak clearly. Let’s stop parroting what the newspapers say, television shows and the powerful want us to believe. The point is neither to agree at all costs nor to convert everything, but it is to try to speak with our mouth, our words, our pains and our hopes. War… or revolution The beginning of Nato bombardments against the forces loyal to Gaddafi in Libya marked a fatal step. At the beginning, what was undoubtedly an armed insurrection of a significant part of the population against the regime, is slowly transforming into a milita... (From:
The battery feels cold against my fingertops. I stop grubbing about in the desk drawer. Slowly the filter of the cigarette pastes itself onto my lips. The thread of steel wool from the workshop is diligently prepared with the eyes and the fit for the battery. Solemny I construct the smoldering gear. First at the positive pole. Important that the smoldering point, the eye, is proper. And so the other end follows at the negative pole. The smoldering appears quickly. Hurriedly the tobacco filled mouth of the cigarette meets the glowing eye. Puff. Puff. The cigarette is litten. The smell of burned metal, battery acid and tobacco smoke. It is past lockup. I'm really not the smoker type, I'm doing the snuff but then again the forbidden smoking ri... (From:
They are old things, from another century. Poverty, which progress seemed to have banished from the West, comes back to make us feel its bite. Bankers aren’t jumping from windows yet, but the poor are filling the streets. Factories and shops close their doors. Millions of people find themselves with no means for facing the future. They were promised that a life passed on their knees, between a job that profited a boss and obedience to the will of the government would at least ensure a quiet survival for them. Now it’s clear to all that this was a lie. They are old things, from another century. The lines are swelling in front of soup kitchens. The number of thefts in supermarkets is constantly growing. Foreclosure proceedi... (From:
To those disaffected and affected by the budget cuts. To those laid-off faculty who have been sent off this campus because Robert Corrigan values his six-figure income more than your pedagogy. To those workers, always the unseen heroes who are the first to take the sacrifices. To those janitors, who were denied from doing their jobs because of us. We do this for you. 40 years ago on this campus, San Francisco State College gave in to the demands of the 5-month Ethnic Studies strike, which gained valuable educational and economic opportunities for all Black and Third-World people. Self-determination for people of color was the word of the day, and although concessions were made, the struggle for self-determination of the working... (From:
We’ve seen you. We’ve heard you. Now you are everywhere. We know who you are. You are the 99% who protest against against the excesses of capitalism and the abuses of the State. You are the 99% who demand electoral reforms, social alternatives, economic aid, political measures. You are the 99% distressed at losing your future, at no longer being able to live as you have up to now: a job, a wage, a loan for your house, a pension. Live and let live, as a minimum. A career, as a maximum. This is what you ask. You don’t want to pay for the “crisis,” you want everything to return to what it was. Let no one turn off the screens that have day after day drained your life of meaning and emotion, condemning it to the sad... (From:
Vision of the New University The first question that might present itself to anyone engaged in the current struggles at the university is this: is the university to be saved or destroyed? To some, the answer seems obvious. Those who hope to salvage what may be no more than the university’s illusion of public service certainly are right to see higher education as a path towards improved opportunities, towards a more even distribution of economic promise, without regards to race, gender and class. Therefore, demanding that financial aid and work study programs, cultural events, and course offerings in more potentially progressive departments such as Women’s Studies, Chicano/a Studies and African American Studies stay... (From:
This is a copy of a leaflet given to all registering freshmen by the Orientation Committee at New York University. Sept. 16, 1968 New York University Orientation Committee Introductory Packet ORIENTATION: CRASHING DOWN TO BITTER REALITY Welcome to NYU. From the prison of high school, it looked cool and inviting, full of new freedoms and the chance to learn something real for the first time. But as you get close to it, you’ll watch it disappear. The job of orientation is to let you in on what’s ahead, what will start when the sun rises on the first day of classes. NYU is President Hester, dressed in the best suits that money can buy, threading his way through the bums in Washington Square Park on th... (From:
A net serves to capture and to immobilize life, to assassinate or to enthralled. The centralized electrical network is no different: the dependency that ‘progress’ and ‘freedom’ imposes on us is a disguised form of slavery, the production and consumption of energy bring about disease and death. “Necessities” of electrical energy are not, perhaps, needs induced by the system? What are these famous benefits which we enjoy thanks to the electrical energy and to its omnipresent network? The alarm that shortens the sleep and mutilates our dreams, announcing the sentence of another day of forced work? The radio that indoctrinates our unconscious while we have breakfast quickly, shaken by th... (From:
I’ve never liked the part of the story when the mentor figure dies and the young heroes say they aren’t ready to go it alone, that they still need her. I’ve never liked it because it felt clichéd and because I want to see intergenerational struggle better represented in fiction. Today I don’t like that part of the story because… I don’t feel ready. Last week, I lived in the same world as Ursula Le Guin, a grandmaster of science fiction who accepted awards by decrying capitalism and seemed, with every breath, to speak of the better worlds we can create. On Monday, January 22, 2018, she passed away. She was 88 years old and she knew it was coming, and of course my sorrow is for myself ... (From:
On Wednesday, December 7th at Texas A & M University, as FBI agents monitored hundreds of protesters from the tops of roofs, heavily armed riot police clashed with demonstrators bent on disrupting and shutting down an event organized by Preston Wiginton, a 51 year old former student of the campus and long time white supremacist. The event featured a talk by Richard Spencer, a leading ideologue within the growing “Alt-Right,” which attempts to re-brand fascist, Neo-Nazi, and white nationalist ideas for the millennial generation in order to create an all-white fascist “ethno-state.” The clashes that erupted on the campus are just the latest in a string of growing confrontations between autonomous revolutiona... (From:
I. Introduction Anarcho-primitivists comprise a subculture and political movement that, generally, advocates hunting and gathering as the ideal human subsistence method (from the point of view of sustainable resource use) and the band as the ideal human social structure (for its features of egalitarianism). While the goal may seem improbable, a primitivist would contend that more modest goals are either undesirable or unachievable within the system. The past 10,000 years have after all been largely a history of “solutions” to the problems of an agricultural society. This critique of “civilization” inherently rejects less radical ideals and claims to go uniquely to the heart of all social discontent. It is mult... (From:
What is Going On in Kurdistan? Thousands of Kurdish demonstrators have shaken more than 30 cities of the world, when Adullah Ocalan, president of PKK (Kurdish workers Party) was recently captured in Kenya d brought to Turkey thanks to an operation possibly organized by Turkey, US, Israel and Greece. Receiving an intensive coverage from local and international media, Ocalan’s arrest we rise not only to numerous rumors, but also new discussions over Kurdish question as well a campaign of bombed attacks which have overshadowed the intoxication of Turkish government. Yet these tragic events are only the u dated versions of a long-standing bloodshed that marked the Kurdish history. 130 Years Of Agony Being one of the large... (From:
Bridging both time and work, the following is an article that was featured in one of Green Anarchy magazine’s “Back to Basics” primers. We see this as a starting point for further exploration and discussion. The topics covered are central to a green anarchist critique or perspective. This is not an exhaustive list, but rather the beginnings of what we hope will be an ongoing conversation – one to be further expanded, updated, and explored in subsequent issues of Black Seed. This primer is not meant to be the “defining principles” for a green anarchist “movement”, nor an anti-civilization manifesto. It is a look at some of the basic ideas and concepts that collective members share with e... (From:
You’d do well, dear humans, to stop your ridiculous calls for war. Lower the vengeful looks you’re aiming at me. Extinguish the halo of terror in which you’ve enveloped my name. Since the bacterial genesis of the world, we viruses are the true continuum of life on Earth. Without us, you would never have seen the light of day, any more than the first cell would have come to exist. We are your ancestors, just like the rocks and the seaweed, and much more than the apes. We are wherever you are and also where you aren’t. Too bad for you if you only see in the universe what is to your liking ! But above all, quit saying that it is I who am killing you. You will not die from my action upon your tissues but from the ... (From:
Chapter 1. Introduction by Endangered Phenix (Written in February 2005) “In South Africa normal national or ruling-class behavior is rendered uniquely controversial by the color dimension.” — Peregrine Worsthorne, right-wing assistant editor of the Sunday Telegraph, May 13, 1984 Quoted on the cover of a radical pamphlet in 1984, this seems particularly apt now that the “color dimension” has been ‘virtually’ eradicated from South African politics. The normal national ruling-class behavior of the ANC is, predictably, now every bit as horrific as its white predecessors. However, clearly this was not predictable for some — which is indicative of some of the weak... (From:
Alienation is not a psychological disorder, an inability on the part of certain individuals to adjust to a basically healthy society. Alienation is an inherent part of the present social order, objectively verifiable. The present social reality is based on a hierarchy of power that requires a system of representation through which society can reproduce itself. To maintain this social system, it is necessary that the lives of individuals be made alien to them, not self-created, but defined in terms of roles and rules of protocol for the proper relationships between these roles. The healthiest individuals in this society are precisely those who most deeply feel the anguish of their alienation, who know that real life is not here and, therefor... (From:
Genoa is Everywhere By now, it is a matter of fact. The world is on the verge of being transformed into a single enormous supermarket. From San Francisco to Calcutta, from Rio de Janeiro to Moscow, we will all get in line to consume the same identical products of unnatural, gaudy appearance. That which forms an authentic wealth to safeguard for many–autonomy and difference–could be swept away forever by the imposition of an economic policy and the consequent social system. When we are presented with a single possibility while every alternative is kept from us by force, we cannot speak of freedom of choice in the face of an offer, but only of coerced obedience. The continuing production of our days on earth (with all their... (From:
Translator’s Introduction There are many different ways of looking at the world in which we live. Most people tend to look upon the surrounding reality as a fate that falls upon them about which they can do nothing. Even many people who call themselves anarchists fall into this way of thinking, letting their lives slip away from them. In the face of increasingly harsh times and, more specifically, repression against all forms of conscious revolt, it is certainly easy to fall into this way of thinking. But this isn’t a useful way of examining our situation, because it provides us with nothing except an excuse to hide in our rooms, sacrificing our lives to the fears that our rulers use to control us. If, instead of s... (From:
The living conditions, every day more unbearable, which are imposed on us, rely on fear. Fear of not having a job and of not making ends meet at the end of the month. Fear of the police, fear of prison. Because at its foundation, the baton and its acceptance are what guarantee social relations. In this world upside down, terrorism is not forcing billions of human beings to survive under unacceptable conditions; it’s not poisoning the earth. It’s not continuing a scientific and technological research which everyday further subjugates our lives, penetrates our bodies and modifies nature in an irreversible way. It’s not imprisoning and deporting human beings because they don’t have an adequate little scrap of pap... (From:
A report published this year predicts nuclear war, megadroughts, famine, mass migrations and rioting around the world by 2020 as abrupt climate change causes massive disruption of the world’s food and water supplies. By 2007 violent storms smash coastal barriers rendering large parts of the Netherlands uninhabitable. Cities like The Hague are abandoned. Levees in the Sacramento river delta are breached, disrupting the aqueducts transporting water south. Between 2010 and 2020 Europe is hardest hit with an average annual temperature drop of 6°F. Britain becomes colder and drier as weather patterns begin to resemble Siberia. War and famine deaths run into the millions until the planet’s population is reduced by s... (From:
With all that’s goin’ on in the world, why do these feral fanatics, these rejects of anarchism, these off-the-deep-end ecologists, these granola-munchin’ harbingers of chaos need to spend so much time attacking civilization? The following communiqué was found at the site of a recently disrupted secret meeting in Dover, Delaware, which was to facilitate a coalition between Chevron, Pepsi-CO, Microsoft, the Sierra Club, the Northern New Jersey Federation of Anarcho-Stalinists, Michael Albert, and the Institute for Social Ecology. This disruption seems to be evidence that insurrectionary green-anarchist and anarcho-primitivist actions and ideas are spreading! Communique # 23 We are often told that our ... (From:
TO THE POINT Our current system is like an abandoned parking lot. Asphalt was laid, killing life and turning everything into a homogenous blackness, a dead sameness. The levers of maintaining this have broken down. No one is coming to touch up the asphalt. In abandoned parking lots, cracks form and life grows from the cracks. All these riots, environmental catastrophes, food crises, occupations of land by protesters, and various breakdowns in daily life are cracks in the asphalt. What will spring from the cracks depends on what seed is planted within them. Beautiful flowers could grow. Weeds could grow. Modern rich nations have walled themselves in. Colonized India was a world apart from Britain. The United States exist... (From:
It’s not that I’m not touched, to suddenly be receiving hero worship for doing the job I always did before. A little impostor syndrome maybe, but touched nonetheless. The trouble is not the clapping. The trouble is that it’s being performed in place of the meaningful steps which would actually help me. Here’s a day in my life: I wake up at 6, ready for what’s now going to be a very long commute on 3 different public transport vehicles because most of the stations and regular services are closed, make sure I have my ID to get onto the train at the station, my hand sanitizer and put on a headscarf that’s reminiscent of a culture I wasn’t raised in. I’ve already cut off my long hair, becau... (From:
“Rulers have always taken care to control the education of the people. They know their power is based almost entirely on the school and they insist on retaining their monopoly. The school is an instrument for domination in the hands of the ruling class.” Francisco Ferrer, Anarchist proponent of the “Free School Movement” Free public education is an important aspect of society which has the potential to both empower or enthralled us depending upon the intentions and ways in which education is offered or in our case compulsory. In countries like Spain, religious education was the only way to learn until the early 20th Century and it was unlawful for poor people or women to be educated. This is the cas... (From:
This brings home the crucial failure of the “organizing model” favored by Unite! and other unions. They are social democratic in nature and essentially believe capitalism can and should be managed better to benefit workers. To do this they have to work with the bosses and get the Labor Party to provide a legislative framework. A top down model of union recognition, negotiation controlled by full time officials and a concentration on “headline” issues like the London Living Wage, not the real concerns of workers, are their objectives. Unite!’s relationship with Mitie was always more important to them than the interests of a small, troublesome group of workers. Social democrats take the fact that cl... (From:
We would like to start this out by emphasizing that we have no desire to seek rivalry with the Northeastern Federation of Anarcho-Communists (NEFAC). In fact, we sympathize with the intentions of many of its members. As anarchists, we share two fundamental aims: the abolition of capitalism and the state. Such agreement on certain principles, however, does not render anarchist ideologies and organizations (such as NEFAC) immune to critique. NEFAC, as defined by Northeastern Anarchist: The Magazine of the Northeastern Federation of Anarcho-Communists (see ‘contacts’ section of this zine), is an “organization of revolutionaries from the northeastern region of North America who identify with the communist tradition with... (From:
A Few Words: Thoughts on Alienation Alienation is a concept frequently talked about in anarchist circles. Clearly, domination and exploitation can only develop in conjunction with alienation, so such discussion is important. But it is necessary to focus this discussion in order to make it useful to the anarchist project of destroying the present order and creating new ways of living. I have always said that the revolt against the present order of things originates in the individual desire to create one’s life as one sees fit. This does not contradict the necessity for class struggle or the desire for communism, but rather provides a basis for clarifying the methods for carrying out this revolutionary project. In terms of... (From:
Migrants’ detention centers and immigration policies are being frequently debated in this period, especially through a rhetoric based on sensationalism: the picture of innocent and well integrated families, who work in this country and whose children go to school here, is being continuously presented, and it is also being said that to lock them up in detention centers is ignominy. This rhetoric is being used in order to provoke the citizens’ indignation, to shout against racism pretending to be resisters, to launch useless calls for the reform of the management of the deportation machinery, for the improvement of prison conditions and to distinguish the ‘good’ illegal migrants from the ‘bad’ ones. ... (From:
With a population of only 160,000 Bougainville has managed to close and keep closed one of the biggest copper mines in the world. Despite having to fight the Australian-armed Papua New Guinea (PNG) army, they have held their ground for twelve years with home made guns made out of water piping and planks, scavenged mine trucks and petrol made from coconuts. In 1969 a RTZ plc copper mine was forcibly established. From the beginning the people resisted. News footage of women fighting with riot cops over survey pegs received international coverage. In Bougainville women are the traditional landholders; land is passed from woman to woman. On this occasion it was clear their land was not being passed on in the traditional manner. Th... (From:
Doubts blew in with the clouds over the grassy hill and down by the willow tree where the child played in the afternoons. The witching hour had come, and the child was still awake, following those doubts past the rows of empty houses to the corner, where the bus comes in the mornings to take them all away. A shadow came in the window and settled over the bed. The winds outside calmed, but a little breeze in the room itself seemed to tousle the child’s hair, and caress its cheeks. When the child fell asleep, the shadow bent over its ear and whispered a bedtime story: Child, beneath this golden roof, you, of all people, know what it means to be homeless. It is the tragedy of some in this world to be uprooted, of others, to... (From:
“Walmapu Liberado Con Tierra, Sin Estado” The guards at the Temuco prison search us over, and lead us into a room off the main hallway. The four men come in a little later and begin telling us their stories. They choose their words solemnly, and take long pauses. Seventy days without eating has taken its toll. “Our bones hurt, we get dizzy, tired, we have to rest a lot, lay down a lot. It’s uncomfortable going so long without eating. But we’re going to go until the final consequences. We’re putting our bodies and health on the line for the Mapuche people.” They start with what we already know: the reasons for the hungerstrike, the Chilean state’s use of the antiterrorist l... (From:
Dominant culture rarely interests itself in evidence other than that which shows willing and enthusiastic complicity from its subjects. Acts of refusal and revolt are effaced from the historical record when they expose the tenuous control of authority. Even when they do appear, presence, motives and behavior are all mediated through the lens of elite partiality which works to deny that we are capable of generating the ideas and means of our own liberation. That much most of us recognize; it is the premise of class history developed in the 1960s by the likes of EP Thompson, Christopher Hill and Eric Hobsbawn. But theirs is also a particularist history, focused as it is on the same level of public appearance as that of the Establis... (From:
Without precedents. This is the characteristic of the times we are living through full of wonder, anxiety, dismay, hope. Not to say that in the past history has not known wars, insurrections or plunging economies. However, with the sense of the later and with the proper amount of security distance, it has always been easy to pick out the different sides in play, their reasons and the influence of the protagonists on the unfolding of a chain of events. The last two centuries have provided us with the knowledge from which to draw, have engraved our certainties and our doubts, have laid out the guide that we use in our daily acts. But the third millenium opened immediately on a very unpredictable note. On the morning of September 11, up... (From:
President Clinton launched the 5 billion dollar funding for the “Violence Against Women Act” in 2000. He spoke of the 900,000 women beaten every year, “one every 12 seconds” and refused to mention that that figure was actually closer to the number of men beaten every year. [1] And he’s one that should know! Just a year before he was on tv sporting a nasty red welt on his head. Sources in the White House leaked that the injury was due to an attack from his wife and that secret service agents had to pull her off him the night before. The fact that women are violent is not really that interesting. We’re civilized too, so what do you expect? But it’s the fact that so much of the evidence about vi... (From:
Chris Pollina asked that their name be changed to a pen name Curtis Brown Issue 5 First World Problems and First World Revolution By Mike Andrew Don’t be deceived When they tell you Things are better now Even if there’s no poverty to be seen Because the poverty’s been hidden Even if you never had better wages And you could afford to buy More of these new and useless goods Which these new industries foist on you And even if it seems to you That you never had so much That is only the slogan of those Who still have much more than you. Don’t be taken in When they pat you paternally on the shoulder And say There’s no inequality worth speaking of And n... (From:
The macabre death toll increases day by day, and in the imagination of each person takes place the sensation, at first vague then always a little stronger, of being more and more threatened by the Great Grim Reaper. For hundreds of millions of human beings, this imagining is certainly not new, that of death that can strike anyone, at any time. Just think of the damned of the earth sacrificed daily on the altar of power and profit: those who survive under State bombs, in the midst of endless wars over oil or mineral resources, those who coexist with invisible radioactivity caused by accidents or nuclear waste, those who cross the Sahel or the Mediterranean and are locked up in concentration camps for migrants, those who are reduced to pieces... (From:
Preface by the Anarchist Federation We found this text on the web whilst engaged in a debate within the AF on SHAC and the ALF. We remembered reading it shortly after it was published, sometime in the early 80s. We hope that by republishing it on our site that it will become more accessible to readers familiar with the AF’s politics. The Text we found was at the following site: Radio4All We like this pamphlet becasue of it’s cogent arguments against terrorism and urban guerrilla strategies, whilst still recognizing that a revolution will involve force and ultimately will probably require revolutionary violence against the repressive forces of capitalism. On the other hand we have disagreements with aspects o... (From:
The totalitarian nature of modern capitalism is not the monolithic authoritarian dictatorship as imagined half a century ago in the "Brave New World" and "1984" novels, but a more subtle regime ruled by a bewildering diversity of means penetrating more and more into areas of life previously uncolonized and uncommodified; in the realms of the geographical, sensory, emotional, genetic, etc. The technological growth of the capitalist mode of production that fuels these new invasions is an increasing threat to the chances of simple biological survival. In this Age of Indifference, most just don't want to know. They block it all out, stick their heads in the sand. Doom and gloom only makes people feel even more impotent (or, worse, they j... (From:
Santiago, Chili 2010 CHILI RECENTLY DOMINATED WORLD HEADLINES through the much publicized rescue of 33 miners entombed in the Atacama desert after the dilapidated, unstable mine they were working in collapsed. When the ‘accident’ took place on 5 August, there seemed little hope of saving their lives. 9 DAYS LATER, on August 14, public prosecutor Ricardo Peña gave the order to set in motion “Operation Salamandra”, in which agents of the BIPE (Investigation Police) the ERTA , the GOPE (Special Forces of the Normal Police), LABOCAR (CSI) and a series of helicopters and police cars were used to carry out 17 spectacular dawn raids in Santiago and Valparaiso. The excuse for this police operation... (From:
An open letter, on what we must do to mitigate this crisis. We are a group of migrant solidarity, prison abolitionist and anti-racist organizers. We wanted to write this statement from an abolitionist, anti-racist perspective, highlighting the reality that the causes of the current crisis lie deeper than the outbreak of disease itself: it is rooted in the very way our economy is organized, how our society is gendered and racialised. See below our open letter, which details what we must do in the face of this crisis. Coronavirus is a political issue. At root, this pandemic is a disease of global capitalism, both in its genesis and its transmission. Without the drive towards overproduction, the particular conditions for the in... (From:

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