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About Gabriel Kuhn

Gabriel Kuhn was born in Austria. Despite much traveling with artist parents, he went through most of his formal education and a four-year semiprofessional soccer career there. After receiving a Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Innsbruck in 1996, he spent another ten years traveling. In 2007, he moved to Sweden.

Gabriel has been active in radical politics since the late 1980s, mainly focusing on publishing projects. He has been working for numerous radical publishers and journals as a writer, translator, and editor. In 2000, he founded the zine publisher Alpine Anarchist Productions. His main interests are reflected in his work: sports, straight edge culture, protest movements, social justice, and international solidarity.


Gabriel Kuhn is a political writer and translator based in Sweden.

Born in Innsbruck, Austria, Kuhn lived in a variety of countries during his childhood and youth, including Turkey, England and the United States of America. In the 1980s, Kuhn became political and, at the age of sixteen, straight edge and active in radical circles.

Following post-secondary studies in Austria and the United States, Kuhn lived in the Middle East and the South Pacific Islands.

Since 2005, Kuhn has lived in Sweden. Kuhn holds a PhD in philosophy with a specialty in poststructuralism. His thinking has been influenced by classical anarchism and Anglo-American Cultural Studies. The key focus of Kuhn's political activity has been on bridging the gap between theory and practice. Kuhn's conception of community is one based on solidarity with oppressed peoples. Alongside his political and social involvement, Kuhn has in the past played soccer semiprofessionally.

In 2010, Kuhn was forced to cancel a three-month speaking tour of the United States after being denied authorization to travel by US authorities. Kuhn believes he had been placed on the "No Fly List."


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