Josef Peukert

Bohemian Anarchist Historian and Radical Labor Organizer

(1855 - 1910)

Description : ...involved in distributing Freiheit published by Johann Most, but became increasingly critical of Most as Social-Revolutionist as opposed to an anarchist. In 1884 he set up the newspaper Rebell and became involved with the Gruppe Autonomie in London. (From : Anarchy Archives)

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Quotes :

"In Hannover I heard a socialist speech for the first time. The speaker's views made a deep impression on me.... I could only attend some public meetings every now and again but I felt instinctually drawn to these ideas immediately." (From : "Memoirs Of A Proletarian From The Revolutionary Labor Movement," by Joseph Peukert.)
"...within these two years, I had become a convinced socialist. Not the type to swear by some prophet or thoughtlessly follow what is preached to him, but the kind of person who, through understanding of his place in nature and society, comes to the understanding of mankind and has taken on the fight of the betterment of mankind as though it was his life's duty." (From : "Memoirs Of A Proletarian From The Revolutionary Labor Movement," by Joseph Peukert.)
"The first ingredient in the kind of businessman who can 'make something of himself' is a healthy portion of selfishness and a lack of morals and ethics. If he possesses these things he will reach success; without such aspects, he will never achieve success and will be crushed by the competition." (From : "Memoirs Of A Proletarian From The Revolutionary Labor Movement," by Joseph Peukert.)

Biography :

Josef Peukert (22 January 1855 – 3 March 1910) was a German Bohemian anarchist known for his autobiographical book Memoirs from the proletarian revolutionary labor movement (German: Erinnerungen eines Proletariers aus der revolutionäern Arbeiterbewegung). The book provided a glimpse into the early days of the radical labor movement in Austria, the start of the anarchist movement in Germany and the exile of the anarchists in London and America at the time of Socialist Law (1878-1890). The accuracy of the book was questioned by fellow anarchist and historian Max Nettlau, who looked upon it in a "highly-skeptical" manner.

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Works :

Author of Memoirs Of A Proletarian From The Revolutionary Labor Movement (November 30, 1912)

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January 22, 1855 : Josef Peukert's Birth Day.
March 03, 1910 : Josef Peukert's Death Day.
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