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(1885 - 1923)


Ōsugi Sakae (大杉 栄) was a radical Japanese anarchist. He published numerous anarchist periodicals, helped translate western anarchist essays into Japanese for the first time, and created Japan's first Esperanto school in 1906. He, Noe Itō, and his nephew were murdered in what became known as the Amakasu incident.


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Late one night I awoke with a start and found myself in a strange place. As far as I could see there were countless people busily working away at something. They are fashioning chains. The fellow beside me wrapped a rather long length of chain around himself and passed one end of it to the chap beside him. The second fellow lengthened the chain further, wrapped it around himself and, once again, passed it to another chap sitting diagonally from him. While this is happening,[1] the first chap takes the end of another chain from the fellow beside him, and, as before, lengthens it and wraps it once around himself, and then passes the end to the chap sitting diagonally from him. This goes on and on, with everyone doing the same th... (From : TheAnarchistLibrary.org.)


January 17, 1885 :
Birth Day.

September 16, 1923 :
Death Day.

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