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About Wild Rose Collective

Wild Rose Collective is an anarchist organization based out of Iowa City, Iowa. We are a small group of folks who have been involved in various projects in the immediate area for the last 3 years or so. One of those projects was Wild Rose Rebellion, which was the previous, more loose and informal incarnation of WRC.

Our change in name and direction reflects a long held desire for sustainable and effective work that is based on coherent long-term goals and strategy. Through experience, relationships with other midwestern anarchist groups and influences from especifismo and platformist currents, we have come to the conclusions that are expressed in our new constitution, purpose and principles.

While most of us are fairly new to the above-mentioned type of organizing, some of the areas we’d like to focus on include workplace agitation and immigration issues, although we are not limited in our scope. Also, being in Iowa makes us isolated, which is why we are putting out this announcement. We hope to continue working with those we have in the past, while building new relationships.

If you are in the wider region and are interested in getting involved or staying informed of projects and events, please contact us.

(Source: BlackRoseFed.org.)

Wild Rose Collective is an anarchist organization based in Iowa City, IA. We are workers, students, parents, organizers and activists in and around this eastern Iowa university town. We are influenced by currents of Anarcho-Syndicalism, Anarchist Communism, and aspects of Marxism.

Anarchism, as we understand it, is a political theory based in establishing a society that is free from political, social and economic hierarchies. It will be brought about by the struggle between the vast, diverse working class majority of society and the tiny minority that currently rules.

We see this struggle as being waged primarily through social movements, and advocate for anti-oppressive and directly democratic forms of organizing within them. We oppose capitalism, with its drive for profits over the well-being of people and the environment, and the maintaining of social and material inequality as the basis for the capitalists’ profits. We oppose the state, and see no solutions by working within the so-called representative democratic system for social liberation.

(Source: WildRoseCollective.wordpress.com.)

From : BlackRoseFed.org / WildRoseCollective.wordpress.com


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