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B. FRENCH IMPORTS .. . . . . . . . . . . . .422 About one-tenth part of the cereals consumed in France is still imported; but, as will be seen in a subsequent chapter, the progress in agriculture has lately been so rapid that even without Algeria France will soon have a surplus of cereals. Wine is imported, but nearly as much is exported. So that coffee and oil-seeds remain the only food articles of durable importance for import. For coal and coke France is still tributary to Belgium, to this country, and to Germany; but it is chiefly the inferiority of organization of coal extraction which stands in the way of the home supply. The other important items of imports are: raw cotton (from 12,440,000 to 18,040,000 in 1903-1910), raw wool (from 15,160,000 to 23,200,000), and raw silk (from 10,680,000 to 17,640,000), as well as hides and furs, oil-seeds, and machinery (about 10,000,000). The exports of manufactured goo...


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