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Berkman, Alexander Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist, Mother Earth Press. 20 A DAY IN THE CELL-HOUSE I To K. & G.       Good news! I was let out of the cell this morning. The coffee-boy on my range went home yesterday, and I was put in his place.       It's lucky the old Deputy died-he was determined to keep me in solitary. In the absence of the Warden, Benny Greaves, the new Deputy, told me he will "risk" giving me a job. But he has issued strict orders I should not be permitted to step into the yard. I'll therefore still be under special surveillance, and I shall not be able to see you. But I am in touch with our "Faithful," and we can now resume a more regular correspondence.       Over a year in solitary. It's almost like liberty to be out of the cell!       M. II My position as coffee-boy affords many...


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