ACAB (Dispatch from Minsk)

By Mikola Dziadok

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Mikola Dziadok is a Belarusian journalist, anarchist activist, blogger, and political prisoner. He was released in 2015 and became in involved in the 2020 Belarusian protests. He was arrested by authorities and is currently again a political prisoner. Before his arrest, Dedok, according to himself, was an activist unknown to the general public. His name appeared in the media for the first time only in connection with his arrest. Mikola Dziadok was detained on September 3, 2010, as a suspect in the case of the attack on the Russian Embassy in Minsk on the night of August 31. The law enforcement bodies of Belarus arrested the young man for three days and placed him in a temporary detention center. Failing to collect a sufficient amount of evidence that would confirm Mikola's involvement in the case, law enforcement agencies extended the term of his detention, but in a different case – an attack on the House of Trade Unions. However, when the accusation of his participa... (From: /

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ACAB (Dispatch from Minsk)

Here’s another morsel for those who enjoy shouting “The police are with the people!”

A Minsk resident told me this story.

A 17-year-old boy was detained the day before yesterday under the pretext of “What you doing here?” He was taken to a police station, where he was beaten in the assembly hall. Moreover, although it was regular cops who had brought him in, it was the OMON (riot police) who did the beating. Then they laid him face down on the floor, like so many other [detainees in recent days].

They telephoned his guardians. His guardian came to the police station, and they started beating the fuck out of him, too.

He asked what for.

They asked him why the fuck he had come.

He replied that they had telephoned him themselves and told him to come retrieve his kid.

They replied by asking him how old he was and what kid he was talking about. (The man has two kids of his own.)

After some time, the man and his ward were finally released. The man said that another man, around fifty years of age, was still in police custody when they left, and he had been jailed for the same reason: for coming to pick up his kid. And the same thing had happened to him.

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