Anarchist, Socialist, & Anti-Fascist Writings of David Van Deusen 1995-2018

By David Van Deusen (2018)

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Dave was elected President of the Vermont AFL-CIO on September 15th, 2019. He is a union rep for Vermont AFSCME members, previously a VSEA Union Rep, and still a Writer, and Harley Rider. (From:


14 Chapters | 134,608 Words | 882,162 Characters

(575 Words / 4,080 Characters)
This book is dedicated to the Green Mountain Anarchist Collective (Vermont), the Ramblers Motorcycle Family (Quebec), and the Peoples’ Defense Units (YPG) & their armed struggle to establish a Free Territory in Rojava. I encourage all readers to support this struggle however they can and give consideration to becoming a volunteer in their international armed forces. About The Author David Van Deusen, pictured front right (along with union transportation workers & supporters) marched in his first Black Bloc against Bill Clinton & the 1996 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, Illin... (From :

(526 Words / 3,347 Characters)
Prelude A Mosaic of Struggle The collected works which you are holding represent twenty years of my life as a writer, theorist, organizer, and revolutionary. Most of these essays, articles, proposals, reports, communiques, and interviews (but not all) relate to Vermont as that has been my home (and the focus of my work). The tone and form that each essay takes differs depending on the intended audience; some being written for revolutionaries; others for leftists generally; some exclusively for union members; and still more for the public. Most of these essays have previously been printed in underground newspapers, and a few in the establishment press. Taken together this collected works will provide a window into the multilayered struggle for radical social change in rural Vermont and beyond, as it unfolded over time. A focused view into any specific social conflict would itself carry a certain interest to the student of political change. B... (From :

(9,656 Words / 62,624 Characters)
Chapter I: Anarchist Theory Emergence of The Black Bloc & The Movement Towards Anarchism NEFAC members & Black Bloc participants at the first George W Bush inauguration, Washington DC 2000 "Get Busy Living, Or Get Busy Dying!" —The Kings of Nuthin, Boston, Massachusetts The Peoples’ Republic of Vermont, March 2001- Since the Battle of Seattle, the North American left, and specifically the smaller yet growing revolutionary anarchist movement, has been invigorated at least as much as it has become a common reality in the consciousness of the public. This has not occurred in a vacuum. Nor has this happened due to... (From :

(12,230 Words / 81,257 Characters)
Chapter II: Street Battles, Armed Defense & Insurrection Early Black Bloc Clashes: North America, 1988-1999 Black Bloc in West Germany, 1987 Genesis Black blocs first appeared in West Germany in the early 1980s. This militant tactic was embraced by anti-authoritarian leftist youth (commonly referred to as Autonomon) as a response to four escalating factors: 1. The increasing confrontations between police and protesters at anti-nuclear demonstrations. 2. In defense of squatting communities. 3. Germany was the scene of massive demonstrations in solidarity with the armed actions of the left-communist Red Army Faction. There it was common for m... (From :

(26,317 Words / 184,001 Characters)
Chapter III: Organization Within Anarchist Federations & Labor Unions Towards The Creation Of Regional North American Anarchist Federations & The Adoption Of An Organizational Model From Which a Broad Based Strategy Can Be Carried Out Proposal To: The Federation of Revolutionary Anarchist Collectives-Great Lakes Region Submitted By: The Black Heart Anarchist Collective-Columbus Ohio, December 25 2001 Columbus, Ohio, 2001 –We do not question the need to form tightknit membership based revolutionary anarchist federations. This need is self-evident. We recognize the need to do so on a regional basis, so that organizatio... (From :

(15,450 Words / 102,766 Characters)
Chapter IV: Working Class Power Mount Snow Exploits Workers: Threatens Local Economy Mount Snow Ski Resort, West Dover, VT Wilmington, Vermont, 1998 –Saturday morning - up at 5am, still dark. Shower, shave, catch bus at 6am. Start work at 6:30am. Thirty minute paid break at 11am. “Remember to smile for the tourists!” Catch 6pm bus home. It’s dark out. East dinner, sleep, wake at 5am. Repeat process 6 days a week (minus two hours Monday-Friday). Don’t plan on celebrating Christmas. The Christmas weekend is the busiest time of the year. Out-of-state tourists flock to ski areas to spend quality time with their families duri... (From :

(8,205 Words / 50,709 Characters)
Chapter V: The Struggle Of The Farmers Dairy Farmers of Vermont Seek Sustainable Milk Price Northeast Kingdom, Barton VT, Spring 2003- Less than thirty years ago there were 4,000 dairy farms throughout the Green Mountain of Vermont. Today there are just 1200 remaining. Out of these, farmers and agricultural experts state that 200 or more are facing the very real possibility of being forced out of business in the coming year. These farmers are currently receiving between $10-$11 per hundred weight for raw milk. This is down approximately 40% from a year ago when the going market value was regularly $17 per hundred weight. At the present wholesale price many family farmers are unable to cov... (From :

(4,136 Words / 26,829 Characters)
Chapter VI: Direct Democracy & Town Meeting TOWN MEETING DAY: Six Towns Demand Bush Be Impeached! Marlboro Town Meeting House Newfane, Vermont, March 2006 –Town Meeting Day on March 7th resulted in five towns voting on a resolution demanding that Vermont’s delegation to Washington begin impeachment proceedings against President George W. Bush. All these resolutions asserted that Bush was guilty of misleading the American people in the buildup for the invasion of Iraq, in lying to the American people in regards to the use of torture on prisoners, and of illegally spying on citizens. In all five towns, Newfane, Marlboro, Dummerston, Putney, and Broo... (From :

(4,181 Words / 26,809 Characters)
Chapter VII: Counter-Culture Green Mountain Communes: The Making of a Peoples’ Vermont Free Vermont supporter at rally in support of the Free Farm, 1970 “Gonna leave the city, got to get away, Gonna leave the city, got to get away. All that hustling and fighting man, you know I sure can’t stay.” -Goin’ Up To The Country, Canned Heat “Something is happening here but you don’t know what it is. Do you, Mr. Jones?” -Ballot of a Thin Man, Bob Dylan Northeast Kingdom, Vermont... (From :

(6,823 Words / 44,785 Characters)
Chapter VIII: The Abenaki/Native Americans People of the Dawn: The Struggle for Abenaki Sovereignty Continues Artwork By Xavier Massot Swanton Vermont, 2003 –More than 10,000 years before Europeans stepped foot on the shores of what is now called North America, Native Americans hunted and fished the forests and rivers of Vermont. Many archaeologists contend that these natives were the distant ancestors of the contemporary Vermont Abenaki Tribes. By the time European settlers began to colonize New England in the 1600s, Abenaki communities, with an estimated combined population of 10,000, were firmly rooted in what is now considered Vermont. While other bands... (From :

(5,044 Words / 32,130 Characters)
Chapter IX: Anti-Fascism The Siege Of Lewiston: An Interview With Lady, Soldier Against Fascism Members of The Green Mountain Anarchist Collective, David Van Deusen holding banner far left, Lady center, fist in air, lead Black Bloc march against fascism, Lewiston Maine, 2003 On January 11th, 2003, a mass contingent of anti-racists squared off against the forces of irrational hate as encapsulated in the Midwest based, neo-Nazi, World Church of the Creator (WCC), and the West Virginia based National Alliance (NA). The WCC and NA targeted Lewiston for recruitment following racist public statements by the city’s mayor aimed at the local Somali community. The confrontati... (From :

(16,725 Words / 105,344 Characters)
Chapter X: On Elections Vermont 2006 Elections: Socialist Sanders to U.S. Senate Socialist Bernie Sanders Montpelier, VT, November 2006- The 2006 elections will be remembered as the “Year of the Democrat.” Nationally the Democratic Party gained control of the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representative; the first time they have held such power since 1994. Polls indicate that voters’ rebuke of the Republican Party had much to do with the meat grinder that is the war in Iraq. With nearly 3000 U.S. soldiers dead, tens-of-thousands wounded, and victory (whatever that looks like) about as likely as a thunder storm in February, the vast majority... (From :

(8,962 Words / 56,301 Characters)
Chapter XI: On The Road AMERICAN DREAMS - WESTERN GREYHOUND Personal Journal Entry, July 21, 1995: Flying past suburban shadows at 60 mph on greyhound, heading east, stopping only for too few smoke & meal breaks and too often for unknown reasons other than to annoy passengers eager to be further from what they left behind in San Francisco or points thereafter; The American West by bus. In Sacramento, I had an untoasted-cold bagel with cream cheese then back on the road. Someone said something about the American River, but we kept going anyway. Greyhound never does stop for beauty alone, but it did stop somewhere in the Sierra Nevadas for a smoke. Beauty by happenstance. (From :

(15,778 Words / 101,180 Characters)
Chapter XII: Coda/Sports & Politics THE RHYTHM OF BASEBALL - REFLECTIONS FROM A CABIN David Van Deusen, Vermont, 1999 Personal Journal Entry - July 13, 1999, Northeast Kingdom, Vermont: It’s been some time now since I called that 10x10 cabin deep in the woods my home. But while I sit here, in this old Northeast Kingdom farmhouse listening to the All-Star Game on the radio, I think of the simple and brilliant pleasure of being back in the cabin in the autumn and listening to a ballgame on my ragged little AM/FM/Shortwave. Cold winds blowing outside and a fire in my woodstove. Baseball! –Never quite coming in real good, but always ad... (From :


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