How to Escape from Handcuffs?

By Prameń

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How to Escape from Handcuffs?

The state wants to subdue us psychologically and render us defenseless physically, especially in case its thugs catch us. But don’t be discouraged: every action entails a counter-action. There are no walls that one can’t destroy or at least bypass. This is the instruction for how to escape from handcuffs.

Let’s put the most important rule first: you should always keep a paperclip or a bobby pin or another similar metal tool in your pocket. Make it your routine. You may need it once.

Way 1: Using a “key”.

Take a paperclip, a bobby pin, a piece of a wire or any other thin metal object/tool. Open it up at a right-angle bend. Put one end of the bobby pin into the keyhole and bend it one way, then take it out and bend it the other way. You should end up with an angle shape that looks like a wave (see video). The “key” is ready.

Now, insert the bobby pin in the keyhole near the very edge and bend it down. Release the ratchet, which will open the jaw on the handcuffs.

Way 2: Using a shim as a lever.

We will need a thin metal blade, for example a tin blade or even a piece of a thick metal foil. The blade should be as thick as a plastic card.

We fold the blade in the middle and insert it between the handcuffs’ teeth and the locking bar.

Push hard the handcuffs’ strand right into the metal blade.

Now, push the blade, using it as a lever. The handcuffs should open.

Way 3: Escaping from Zip Ties

The weakest point of zip ties is their lock: it cannot resist excessive pressure. Therefore, your first step should be to draw the zip ties as tight as you can. The tighter they are, the easier it will be to defeat the locking mechanism.

The locking bar of the zip ties should be right in the middle of your hands.

Raise your hands and in one forceful motion push them down, as if you hit your belly. At the same time you have to “chicken wing” your arms, spreading your elbows as far apart as you can, which will heighten the pressure on the lock. The zip ties will pop right off.

A similar method works when your hands are zip-tied behind your back.

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