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Humberto Pena Taylor

In May 1995, Humberto Pena Taylor was murdered in the campus of the Universidad Nacional (the National University) in Bogota , Colombia.

Humberto was a member of a libertarian collective, which has been engaged in the struggle against the authorities, and particularly against the privatization of education and the establishment of neo-liberalism. He was a staunch advocate of direct action, and put his faith in the ability of ordinary people to liberate themselves. He was known as a forceful speaker and a committed activist who was prepared to stand up to oppression in any way necessary. At the time of his death he was studying law.

In recent years, over 200 students and teachers have been murdered in Colombia for opposing the government and it’s policies. In many of these cases, state security agents have been implicated in the deaths. Nobody has been charged with the killing of Humberto, and there is varying speculation as to who could have been responsible. What is clear is that these assassins are operating with impunity.

There are currently many forces of oppression operating in Colombia, from the government, to the drug cartels, and including the likes of the USA’s Drug Enforcement Administration. In the face of the widespread repression being perpetrated by these people it is to the immense credit of libertarians, people like Humberto, that they keep struggling for freedom, and fighting repression.

The ACF would like to send a message of support to our comrades in Colombia and wish them ultimate victory in our struggle. We would also like to send our sympathies to the friends and family of Humberto Pe(a Taylor, and to all those who have suffered similar losses in Colombia. We know the struggle will continue!

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