In Memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

By Federico Arcos

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Untitled Anarchism In Memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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(1920 - 2015)

Spanish Civil War Veteran, Life-long Anti-Fascist, and Spanish Expat Activist in Canada

Federico Arcos (July 18, 1920-May 23, 2015), a lifelong anarchist, participated in the Spanish Revolution and Civil War in the 1930s, and later took part in the antifascist underground there. He immigrated to Canada in 1952, where he continued his commitment to anarchist goals. He eventually compiled an extensive archive of anarchist writings and other material. Fifth Estaters met Federico in the early 1970s. In time he became a beloved elder to people working on the paper, and in the larger Detroit/Windsor anarchist, radical, and labor communities. The 50th anniversary retrospective exhibit of the FE at Detroit’s Museum of Contemporary Art is dedicated to Federico. It runs from September 2015 to January 2016. The following remembrance is presented with the understanding that each generation of rebels confronts the leviathan of oppression and exploitation in its own way, using the ideas and resources passed on to it by those who came... (From:

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In Memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

You knew
you knew it.
You knew that death stalked you.
You knew it with certainty.
Your black brothers knew it
and your white brothers knew it.
We all knew that you were going to leave us,
your life cut short, suddenly,
with that swift, cruel, inhuman impact
that has abruptly ended so many lives.
Today you leave us orphaned of your words,
of your apostolic presence,
and your prophetic vision.
America is orphaned.
What a grief! What a grief, America!
What a grief! What a grief oh World!
But all Mankind
cannot lose your soul
because you have blessed us
with the best of your essence.
Yes, human feelings
could not survive
without this inheritance
you have bequeathed us.

(Source: sent by friend of author.)

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