We should Make Ourselves Free from Erdogan’s Trap

By Zaher Baher

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Journalist Studying the Rojava Revolution in Kurdistan

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We should Make Ourselves Free from Erdogan’s Trap

There is no doubt that Erdogan and his government are fascist and using every tactic to suppress the resistance of our Kurdish people there. Certainly Erdogan has no any intention to resolve Kurdish issue in Turkey. However, any resistant in a form of guerrilla war, civil war or street fighting is not in our interest. Escalating the current situation to civil war or intensify the war against the state of Turkey will be in the benefit of the state.

Erdogan and his government with his National Intelligence Organization (MIT) since July of this year up to this moment were successful in every tactic they have used against us. They set up a trap that we have completely and easily fallen in it. It is time to defuze Erdogan and his government’s tactics, it is time to end their game, and it is time to stop political party fighting and time to return to social revolution.

Civil war and street fighting should not replace the Social revolution and mass movement. Social revolution is the only way to protect what we have achieved so far and gain more. I believe the worse peace hundred times is better than the “best” fighting, this is not surrendering.

(Source: Retrieved on 19th August 2021 from zaherbaher.com.)

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We should Make Ourselves Free from Erdogan’s Trap
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