No to Nationalist Hysteria

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The MACG is an organization of class struggle revolutionary anarchists who share political positions, articulated in theory, strategy and tactics. We aim to encourage struggle by the working class for its own interests and, within that struggle, we aim to advance Anarchist ideas as its necessary philosophical basis.

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No to Nationalist Hysteria

April 1915

In a minor episode of World War I, Australian and other troops of the British Empire storm a Turkish beach. The war is a crime against humanity, a clash of two great imperialist alliances over territory, colonies and markets. Before the year’s end, the Anzacs are sent packing, but the war drags on until 1918. Nine million troops die for “their” country.

April 2006

The armies of the United States and its allies (including Australia) occupy Iraq and have done since 2003. The occupation is a crime against humanity, a grab for strategic military power and control over some of the world’s largest oil deposits. At least 35,000 people, mostly civilians, have been killed by the occupation, its puppet government, or reactionary forces within the resistance. 2,500 imperialist troops have also died. The occupation has not yet been sent packing.


John Howard and the Liberals, supported by the ALP, spread romantic myths about the Anzacs in order to build support for Australian imperialist adventures today and convince people of the need for sacrifice in the “national interest”. Patriotism is used to thwart resistance to unpopular wars by making it compulsory to support “our” troops. It is also used in an attempt to convince workers in Australia that we have the same interests as our bosses, a common “national identity”.

Workers can end war

Workers around the world are on the same side. We can refuse to fight the capitalists’ wars or make sacrifices for the sake of our bosses’ competitive position. We can reach out to the workers of Iraq and support them instead of the imperialist troops. We can reach out to the workers of Asia and support their struggles against oppression and exploitation. We can make a revolution that destroys the State and capitalism worldwide. Then, never again, will anyone have to die for their country.



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