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(1854 - 1944)

: Charlotte M. Wilson was an English Fabian and anarchist who co-founded Freedom newspaper in 1886 with Peter Kropotkin, and edited, published, and largely financed it during its first decade. She remained editor of Freedom until 1895. Born Charlotte Mary Martin, she was the daughter of a well-to-do physician, Robert Spencer Martin. She was educated at Newnham College at Cambridge University. She married Arthur Wilson, a stockbroker, and the couple moved to London. Charlotte Wilson joined the Fabian Society in 1884 and soon joined its Executive Committee. At the same time she founded an informal political study group for 'advanced' thinkers, known as the Hampstead Historic Club (also known as the Karl Marx Society or The Proudhon Society). This met in her former early 17th century farmhouse, called Wyldes, on the edge of Hampstead Heath. No records of the club survive but there are references to it in the memoirs of several of those who attended. In her history of Wyldes Mrs Wilson records the names of some of those who visited the house, most of whom are known to have been present at Club meetings. They included Sidney Webb, George Bernard Shaw, Sydney Olivier, Annie Besant, Graham Wa... (From:

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Notes [Oct, 1887]

 Photo by duncan c, CC BY-NC License

Photo by duncan c,
CC BY-NC License

The Trades' Union Congress of workers at Swansea and the British Association of middle-class professors and scientists at Manchester were both agreed that the enormous powers we have gained over the forces of nature during the fact century or so has worked us much mischief. The health and manhood of the nation is being destroyed, moan the philosophers. The uncertainty of the workmen's life is becoming intolerable, growl the unionists And both acknowledge our wealth as She cause. But neither have the pluck to go to the root of the matter and ray right out that it is the monopoly of wealth in the form of property that does all the harm.

The combination of railway companies prevents the 900 men who took a leading, part m the Midland strike from getting employment. They are driven to ask alms to enable them to emigrate.. Strikes can do very little good unless the men are prepared to do something more than allow themselves to be starved.

The Irish are still leading the van of the fight for freedom.. They mat the intrusion and hustling of the police at Mitchelstown and vindicated the right of public meeting at Ennis as fearlessly as if they had not been robbed,, murdered and ground down for many hundred years by the Saxon conquerors. They have suffered the worst from England's cruel hate. Their real danger DOW lies in her yet more cruel love. The too confiding and affectionate peasants have delivered themselves over into the hands of English politicians, only to be deceived in the future as they have been oppressed m the pass

After eight and a half years of energetic and increasingly successful propaganda, our brother-in-arms, Le Revolte has been forced to disappear. The Spartan virtue of the French Republic, which licenses gaming-tables as a source of revenue in Tonquin, has been offended by an advertisement in Le Revolte in which a group of Parisian Anarchists announced an unauthorized lottery m aid of the Anti-Patriotic League! Accordingly comrades Meraeu, manager of Le Revolte, and Bidault, secretary of the League, were condemned by the Paris Court of Appeal on September 3rd to a fine of £25 each and costs, as well as fifteen days' imprisonment and five years, loss of civil rights. Our comrades have no spare cash to waste in subsidizing governments.. They refuse to pay, and the paper disappears.

The place of Le Revolte (The Rebel) has been taken by La Revolte (Rebellion), a Communist-Anarchist paper, which will carry on the struggle against authority and property in a like spirit and with the aid of the same contributors. We trust that our new comrade may live to see the Social Revolution for which it is helping to pave the way.

We also wish success to L 'Idee e Ouvriere . a new weekly Anarchist paper which appeared last month at Havre,, and to Il Schiavo, b journal of like principles Published at Nice.: The latter has initiated a new departure in journalism. It is supplied gratis, and instead of payment comrades are asked to help to meet the expenses according to their ability.

Freedom: A Journal of Anarchist Socialism
Vol. 2 -- No. 13,

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