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By Ross Winn (1902)

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(1871 - 1912)

Ross Winn (August 25, 1871 – August 8, 1912) was an American anarchist writer and publisher from Texas who was mostly active within the Southern United States. Ross Winn was born in Texas in 1871. Prior to beginning his own publishing efforts, Winn frequently wrote articles for other radical papers. Winn's earliest known published writing appears in the January, 1894 issue of Twentieth Century. He was 23 when he wrote the piece, a plea for cooperation between socialists and anarchists. In a later piece, appearing in Free Society in December, 1900, Winn mentions becoming a "young convert" in realizing his own radical political notions twelve years earlier, when he was only 17 years old. It is likely that Winn, like many other anarchists of the time, became politicized by the execution of the Haymarket martyrs. Winn also wrote articles for The Firebrand, a short-lived, but renowned weekly out of Portland, Oregon; The Rebel, an anarchist journal published in Boston; and... (From: Wikipedia.org.)

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Political Alphabet

A stands for Ananias,
    The politician’s patron saint.
B is for Boodle, which
    Doth all legislation taint.
C stands for Congress, D.C.,
    Where all kinds of laws are invented.
D stands for Democracy,
    Whose dupes are somewhat demented.
E stands for Expansion, which
    Stands for piracy and plunder.
F stands for Freedom, a word
    Mostly used for political thunder.
G stands for Gall and Gab,
    The politicians’ greatest essentials.
H is a sulphurious place
    Where lawyers need no credentials.
I is the personal pronoun
    That the candidate uses most.
J’s for a four-legged rascal,
    Prototype of a political host.
K stands for Kansas State,
    Where Mrs. Nation smashes things.
L’s for Lying, a habit
    Never discouraged by political rings.
M stands for Militia and Muskets
    The props that uphold every State.
N stands for National Spirit,
    That divides all humanity with hate.
O stands for Oligarchy,
    That rules with a scepter of gold.
P stands for People, whose rights
    By the political shysters are sold.
Q stands for political Quacks,
    Who would cure every ill with a law.
R stands for Republican rule
    That’s supreme from Maine to the Kaw.
S stands for Stupidity, the same
    That fills so completely the dear people’s heads.
T stands for Teddy, out onlyest Ted,
    Who would so strenuously stamp out all the “Reds”.
U is for the Union
    A venerated fake.
V is for Violence,
    That governments make.
W’s for Washington,
    Where the lawmakers revel.
Z’s for the Zeal
    That statesmen serve the devil.

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