Review: “Karl Marx and Marxian Science”: By Arnold Petersen. New York Labor News Company. 25 cents.

By Paul Mattick

Revolt Library Anarchism Review: “Karl Marx and Marxian Science”

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(1904 - 1981)

Paul Mattick Sr. (March 13, 1904 – February 7, 1981) was a Marxist political writer and social revolutionary, whose thought can be placed within the council communist and left communist traditions. Throughout his life, Mattick continually criticized Bolshevism, Vladimir Lenin and Leninist organizational methods, describing their political legacy as "serving as a mere ideology to justify the rise of modified capitalist (state-capitalist) systems, which were [...] controlled by way of an authoritarian state". (From:

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Review: “Karl Marx and Marxian Science”

Source: Politics, vol. 1, June 1944, no. 5, p. 156.
Transcribed: by Thomas Schmidt;

This booklet is an incompetent and badly written answer by the leader of the Socialist Labor Party to such equally incompetent but literarily better-versed critics of Marxism as Lewis Corey, Sidney Hook, Edmund Wilson, and Harold Laski. Some of these critics are called “renegades” though it is difficult to establish from what they have deserted. They merely tried different enterprises, a trouble which such organizational monopolists as Petersen are spared. Of course Petersen is right in maintaining that, in comparison with his present-day critics, Marx is really a “universal genius.” But the proof he delivers in support of the only true God, who is Marx, and the only true Church, which is Petersen’s Party, is even more harmful to the cause of Marxism than the criticism of the people he attacks.

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