Statement on Gay Rights

By Workers' Solidarity Federation (WSF)

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Statement on Gay Rights

Defend Lesbian and Gay Rights

We in Workers Solidarity Federation say that gay and lesbian rights are human rights. People should be free to live their lives as they choose, so long as this does not harm other people’s freedom. This must include people’s right to choose the emotional and sexual relationships that make them happy. There is nothing wrong with homosexuality. Love between consenting people is not “immoral” or “repulsive”. Homosexuality has always been part of human society, including in Africa. What is wrong is the oppression which gays and lesbians suffer: job discrimination, violence, police raids and so on. We must see that this is one more way that the bosses divide the workers and the poor, and that some people are kept afraid and rightless. The only way to consolidate and advance gay and lesbian rights which are protected by the new constitution is grassroots action.

Therefore we must take up the issue of the rights of gay and lesbian people in our civics and union locals! Down with all oppression!

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February 16, 2022; 9:39:10 AM (America/Los_Angeles)
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Statement on Gay Rights
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