Teachings of the State

By Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Front (ZACF)

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The Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Front (ZACF, also known as ZabFront or simply as Zabalaza), formerly known as the Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Federation (ZabFed), is a platformist–especifista anarchist political organization in South Africa, based primarily in Johannesburg. The word zabalaza means "struggle" in isiZulu and isiXhosa. Initially, as ZabFed, it was a federation of preexisting collectives, mainly in Soweto and Johannesburg. It is now a unitary organization based on individual applications for membership, describing itself as a "federation of individuals". Historically the majority of members have been people of color. Initially the ZACF had sections in both South Africa and Swaziland. The two sections were split in 2007, but the Swazi group faltered in 2008. Currently the ZACF also recruits in Zimbabwe. Members have historically faced repression in both Swaziland and South Africa. The ZACF is rooted in the Organizational Platform of the General Union of... (From: Wikipedia.org.)

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Teachings of the State

War. The annihilation of man by his brother. The most unnatural of acts, has been inflicted upon its innocent and unconsenting victims once again.

This time the men, women and children of Afghanistan. Why? Because the most powerful state in the world, America, is settling its scores with the Afghan elite. The ruling classes of primarily the United States and Afghanistan have a conflict of interests, money and power. Power to inflict their will on the ignorant masses, coercion. And money to maintain that power, manifested in the state. The state being government, military and police forces, judicial system etc.

And so, thousands of American and Afghan citizens march off to war to defend their state. Possibly to expose themselves and their enemies to chemical and even nuclear warfare.

Again why? From our tender childhood years the government has been telling us, on behalf of the capitalists, how to run our lives. We are taught (if you like, brainwashed whether you like it or not) nationalism so that when the time inevitably comes we will kill our brothers and sisters for the color of their flag, a flag inflicted upon them by their government. We are taught this by the state. We are taught religion so that we follow our ‘leaders’ with blind obedience, for fear of eternal suffering. This is the fear to question or resist.

We are taught this by the state’s right hand man, the church. We are taught to be prejudiced to our neighbors of different race, gender or sexual preference. We are taught this by yet another of the states oppressive tools, the education system.

By governing our lives, the state seeks only to serve the ruling class by dividing the common people of the world. So that we exhaust our energies fighting among ourselves instead of uniting world-wide in solidarity and resistance and reclaiming what rightfully belongs to all who inhabit the earth.

Alas, the tiny minority who control the world’s economy, the state and the earth’s resources control our lives. And when a crisis occurs in order to keep their profits up, and if possibly expand them, the powerful elite call upon the workers of the world, the nationalists, and those who join the army out of poverty to fulfill their duty and kill their neighbor under the illusion of defending their freedom.

The only freedom worth fighting for is to be found through the class struggle. The state will never deliver freedom as it is there only to serve capital, which seeks only to further divide the rich and the poor. Only by fighting our ‘leaders’, with whom we have nothing in common, instead of fellow workers, with whom we have everything in common, will we be able to smash the capitalist-state machine and realize a truly dignified, human existence for all.




(Source: Retrieved on 6th August 2021 from zabalaza.net.)

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