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(1828 - 1910) ~ Father of Christian Anarchism : In 1861, during the second of his European tours, Tolstoy met with Proudhon, with whom he exchanged ideas. Inspired by the encounter, Tolstoy returned to Yasnaya Polyana to found thirteen schools that were the first attempt to implement a practical model of libertarian education. (From : Anarchy Archives.)
• "There are people (we ourselves are such) who realize that our Government is very bad, and who struggle against it." (From : "A Letter to Russian Liberals," by Leo Tolstoy, Au....)
• "You are surprised that soldiers are taught that it is right to kill people in certain cases and in war, while in the books admitted to be holy by those who so teach, there is nothing like such a permission..." (From : "Letter to a Non-Commissioned Officer," by Leo Tol....)
• "It usually happens that when an idea which has been useful and even necessary in the past becomes superfluous, that idea, after a more or less prolonged struggle, yields its place to a new idea which was till then an ideal, but which thus becomes a present idea." (From : "Patriotism and Government," by Leo Tolstoy, May 1....)


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Chapter 46

And after that Jesus got up and went with his disciples to the Mount of Olives. And on their way, he said to them: “Yes, time has come when, as it’s said in the Scripture, the shepherd will be killed, and the sheep will flee. And that’s what will happen with you. They’ll take me, and you will run away.” “No, I won’t run," said Peter, "even if everybody else will flee, I will certainly not leave you. I’m ready to go with you everywhere, in prison or to death.” And Jesus said: “Do not boast ahead of time about what you will do. It may be that even tonight, before the rosters crow, you’ll deny me not once, but three times.” “I would never do that,” said Peter. The other disciples said the same. And when they came to the Gethsemane garden, Jesus told them: “Stay here for a while, I want to pray.” And he took with him only Peter and two Zebedee brothers. He said: “It is hard for me. Stay here with me.” And he walked a little away from them, laid on the ground, and began to pray. He said: “My Father! Deliver me from what awaits me.” Then he paused briefly and said, “Still, let it be not my will, but yours, and let it be not the way I want, but how you want it.” And then he got up and came over to the disciples. And the disciples fell asleep. Jesus woke them up and said: “Get stronger in spirit; only spirit is strong, but flesh is weak.” And again, Jesus left them, and began praying again, and said: “My Father! Let your will be done. Not my will, but yours.” And, having said that, again, he came to the disciples, and sees - they fell asleep again. And the third time, he went aside from them, and again said: “My Father! Let it be not my will, but your will.” Then he returned to the disciples, and said to them: "Now let’s go, I'm giving myself into the hands of the worldly people.” (Matthew 26, 30-46)

1) What did Jesus tell on the way to Mount Olive?
2) What did Peter say, and what did Jesus answer?
3) How did Jesus pray in the Gethsemane garden?
4) What did he tell the disciples, up to three times?

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