The Unwanted Children of Capital

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INTRODUCTION What is a CPT (the Italian for immigration detention center)? It is a place where the Italian State locks up all immigrants (children, women and men) who do not have stay permits. It is a modern concentration camp where undesirables are confined before being deported. Immigration detention centers exist all over fortress Europe, as the bosses establish that only certain immigrants are allowed to stay; the others, those whose face doesn’t fit and cannot be exploited as cheap labor, are locked up in prisons especially created for them and held until they are deported. They are ‘guilty’ of coming from lands where mere surviving is impossible, owing to famine and war, desertification and ecological disasters, industrial reorganization and mass dismissal. To imprison people escaping from devastated countries is an infamy, regardless of the treatment the prisoners are given. The latter, howev... (From :

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TO THE IMMIGRANTS We asked for labor power, men came. Max Frisch No one emigrates from their country for pleasure – this is a simple truth that many want to hide. If someone leaves their land and loved ones peacefully, we don’t define them migrants, but simply travelers or tourists. Migration is a coercive form of moving, a roaming in search of better living conditions. At the moment there are 150 million ‘foreigners’ around the world due to wars, ecological disasters, famine, or simply the management of industrial production (the destruction of countryside and forests, mass lay-offs, and so on). All these aspects form a mosaic of oppression and misery in which the effects of exploitation become more or less direct causes of suffering and uprooting in a never ending spiral that makes any distinction between ‘displaced’, ‘migrants’, asyl... (From :

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COLLUSION BETWEEN THE CHURCH, THE STATE AND THE MAFIA EXPEDIENTS TO KEEP THE ‘CRIMINALS’ WHO STRUGGLE AGAINST IMMIGRATION DETENTION CAMPS AND THE WORLD THAT PRODUCES THEM BEHIND BARS One year ago, on May 12 2005, five anarchists are arrested and 13 more are under investigation in Lecce, southern Italy, in the course of the operation ‘Nottetempo’. The accusation for all of them is ‘subversive association aimed at subverting the democratic order’ (article 270bis of the Italian penal code), which is always used to repress any attempt to react against the ruthless system based on exploitation. The specific charges they are accused of, that is to say the methods of this non-existent subversive project, are some damage to a number of cash machines of Banca Intesa (where the catholic foundation Regina Pacis, which ran the immigration detention camp in San Foca, had their account) some writing on walls, a few &lsquo... (From :

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TRIAL UPDATE The sixth hearing of the trial against the Lecce anarchists took place on May 19. First of all the judge claimed that a number of comrades who had worn T-shirts that all together composed the words ‘EVERYBODY FREE’ at the end of the previous hearing, were banned from attending future hearings in court. Then the first witness, chief of the Digos (political police) in Lecce, was questioned by the public prosecutor. The latter, who wanted to demonstrate at all costs that the defendants were dangerous to society, tried to make the Digos chief say things that he was unable to articulate, with the result that the officer gave a very poor performance, like a student who hadn’t studied the lesson. The Digos chief went on to claim that anarchy was initially a pacific doctrine, which became subversive and dangerous following the introduction of the concept of ‘affinity groups’. The defendants... (From :

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THE STRUGGLE AGAINST REGINA PACIS 31/08/02. A Town Council in Melendugno (Lecce) is disrupted to the sound of football supporters’ trumpets in protest against the mayor who had forbidden a demo and an exhibition against Regina Pacis in San Foca. 21/09/02. Four immigrants attempt to escape from Regina Pacis and put up a fight with the carabinieri who are always in the camp. Unfortunately two are arrested. 03/11/02. Demonstration in front of the church in Monteroni (Lecce) where Archbishop Ruppi is celebrating a religious event. Exposition of banner, exhibition on immigration and distribution of leaflets. Ruppi doesn’t show up to greet the crowd who were waiting for his blessing, but runs away through the back door. A few inhabitants of Monteroni show solidarity to the demonstrators. 12/11/02. Group of demonstrators gather outside the Prefecture in... (From :

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REVOLTS IN TURIN, MILAN AND BOLOGNA In May 2005, five anarchists are arrested in Lecce following the struggle against the local detention camp and three immigrants are killed by the police in Turin. During the same period, uprisings and protests break out in the immigration detention camp of Corso Brunelleschi (Turin) and in that of Via Corelli (Milan), both run by the Red Cross. TURIN April 14. Writings appear and banners are hung in Turin in solidarity with immigrants and against detention camps. April 15. Itinerant intervention at Porta Palazzo market (Turin) to inform the inhabitants about the hunger strike undertaken by immigrants imprisoned in Via Corelli camp in Milan. April 18. A huge banner in solidarity to the struggles in Via Corelli camp (Milan) is unfurled during the marathon in Turin. April 22. A few passenger... (From :

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DESTROY BORDERS, DESTROY SLAVERY! This is the text of a leaflet distributed in February 2004 at Waterloo station (London), where border guards meticulously control the documents of passengers arriving from and directed to France, as they have to guarantee that no ‘illegal immigrant’ is among the respectable passengers, the commuters and the rich tourists. Our abhorrence of borders extends to this whole society of slaves where each has a role to play in maintaining a system of globalized plunder. In its ruthless selection of the cheapest of everything, the latter knows no borders at all. The best-loved slaves are cheerful and compliant, content to surrender their lives in exchange for status, a monthly salary, lavish expense accounts. To them we leave their illusions, determined to do our best to make them short-lived. Millions of others carry out their daily routine, clinging to what they’ve got... (From :

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DESTROY ALL BORDERS AND PRISONS! On Saturday April 8 a No Borders demonstration was held at Heathrow, which saw the presence of various groups and individuals. Pushed by their desperate situation and encouraged by the manifestation of solidarity, 120 people presently being held in Harmondsworth De tention center began a hunger strike to draw attention to the outrage that exists within those walls. Here is the text of one leaflet distributed the following days: The good people of Oswiecim, better known as Auschwitz, knew little about the production of the death factory on its periphery except that sometimes ‘there was a very bad smell’ emanating from its chimneys. That shocks. Yet how many of the good people of London are aware of the ‘clean’ concentration camps that exist today and are essential in the production of segregation and slavery that are at the basis of the smooth runni... (From :

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BELGIUM: SOLIDARITY AGAINST ALL BORDERS On January 19th, 2006, the trial began of anarchists arrested this past May in Lecce, Italy. In Belgium, solidarity leaflets and posters were distributed and put up in Kortrijk (Courtrai), Ghent, Geel, Saint-Nicolas, Antwerp, Louvain-la-Neuve, Leuven (Louvain), Bruges, and Hasselt. In Antwerp, one person was detained for 10 hours for distributing the leaflets. In Lecce, the trial will resume March 2nd, 2006. Text of the leaflet distributed in Belgium: On the 12th of May 2005, five anarchists were arrested in Italy during ‘Operation Nottetempo’. Today, the 19th of January 2006, their trial starts. They fought un-interrupted against the asylum camp of Lecce, against the deportations of people without papers, against raids... They chose to attack those responsible for the asylum camps and the deportations directly — their property, the banks who arranged the financial... (From :

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SOLIDARITY WITH THE ARRESTED ANARCHISTS IN ITALY As anarchists, we see the struggle against the asylum policy, the asylum camps and the deportations starting in the streets. More than ever before it is possible to build solidarity in the streets. In complicity with resistance against police raids; with the struggle against the constant controls which militarize our neighborhoods; in the restless rejection of every nationalist and racist separation that the rulers of this society try to force upon us (belgians vs foreigners, legal vs illegal immigrants...) As long as our sisters and brothers are being locked up in asylum camps and murdered like the boat refugees in the seas surrounding Fortress Europe, are being deported because they don’t have legal papers, as long as States and borders exist – just as long we will continue to fight and struggle for a world without barbed wire, without customs, without police and without rulers. We ask you,... (From :

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HANDS OFF THE IMMIGRANTS! SOLIDARITY IS OUR WEAPON! A brief communique about the situation of immigrants in Greece, the recent torture of Afghan refugees in Ag.Panteleimonas police station in Athens, and one view of the action of anarchists, antiauthoritarian and autonomous comrades who attacked the station. The end of the Olympics and of the biggest part of the construction works means for the Greek state the beginning of a new period, where immigration policies are being redefined as long as large numbers of immigrants who were used as expendable slaves for the realization of the «grand idea» are now considered useless. At the same time, a wider repressive attack against those who resist is in progress, in accordance with the global «anti»terrorist crusade of domination which includes the fortification of the borders to confront the waves of refugees deserting regions that ha... (From :

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The olympic games were referred to as the new national «grand idea» by all the political and economic bosses and their lackeys in the Media. After the albanian national football team’s victory over the greek team in a match that took place in Albania, on September 4 2004, hundreds of Albanian immigrants went out in the streets of many greek cities to celebrate. They faced a pogrom by cops and fascists – nationalists. A 21year-old Albanian worker, Gramos Palusi, was murdered and two of his friends seriously injured in Zakinthos island by a fascist who attacked them with a knife. In Athens at least 70 immigrants were taken to hospital, and in the rest of the country the wounded Albanian immigrants were more than 300. The latest incident (December 23, 2004) is the acquittal by the court of the cop Nikos Brékolias who had raped in 1998 the 19 year-oldUkranian immigrant woman Olga B. Olga was forced... (From :


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