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Yesterday arguably one of the biggest general/sympathy strikes in modern history kicked off. I refer, of course, to reddit and the shuttering of hundreds of subreddits in protest of a woman’s firing and, more broadly, the lack of democratic accountability on reddit. Millions of people right now are excitedly joining a general strike with billions of dollars at stake. Now the leftist subreddits have expectedly sneered at the strike because they despise the broader culture in reddit and see themselves as adversaries to anything popular in the site’s notoriously problematic userbase. But it’s an interesting situation because, you know, I was raised to never cross a picket line. And one would be hardpressed if one stepped bac... (From:
The Federal Reserve Bank’s annual “Report on the Economic Well-Being of U.S. Households” (released in May 2016) reports that 31 percent of Americans say they are “just getting by” or “struggling”; 22 percent have been forced to take a second job; and 46 percent would be thrown into financial crisis by an unexpected expense of just $400 – forced to borrow money (likely from a payday lender, at usurious rates) or sell something. This, the central bankers report, represents improved economic well-being. Fifteen percent of the U.S. population is officially poor, and in their new book, $2.00 a Day: Living on Almost Nothing in America, Kathryn Edin and H. Luke Shaefer report that nearly 1.5 million... (From:
“The history of people who have a history is, we are told, the history of class struggle. The history of people without a history is, we might say with at least as much truth, the history of their struggle against the state.” Pierre Clastres, La société contre l’État, 1974. The Art of Not Being Governed: An Anarchist History of Upland Southeast Asia, James C. Scott, Yale University Press, 2009 – 442 pages Whole societies without a State have existed until recently in Zomia, the vast mountainous region of south-east Asia which is far from the urban centers and significant economic activity. This zone is also situated between eight nation-states, where several cosmologies and religious traditio... (From:
[ed. – The following was presented and followed by a discussion at the 2015 East Bay Anarchist Book & Conversation Event in Oakland, U.S.A. One of the central prompts was; “Can there be an anarchism that lives outside the box of the human social project?” The recommended conversation which followed this reading can be found in the original audio, later released by the project Free Radical Radio (now on hiatus). Any mistakes or omissions in the transcription, we take responsibility for.] In his profound work, Nature and Madness, human ecologist Paul Shepard offers what he feels to be the culmination of his life's work. An interdisciplinary, comprehensive exploration of the 20-year psychogenesis of the human animal, the... (From:
As an anarchist my feelings are not of detachment, I don't think with the politics that I have that I can easily divorce them from the personal, our emotional make-ups are going to be different depending on our life experiences, we may share some goals but carry different baggage, so how we go forward & jump hurdles in life will differ so it would be easier if politically close friends would find the patience to see that maybe we can't all be one happy family – some of us never had the faith, the social skill set in the first place to ever believe the tribe was the best team-spirit & all that! Where we feel most alive is on the edge of anarchism, the edge of society, in the margins, lonely but true. I'm not in any position (... (From:
ONCE TOO OFTEN we’ve been subjected to the accusation that being on the dole is an ‘easy life’. This has even been translated into various MP’s trading places for a week with someone who’s unemployed, in a feeble attempt to show just how easy life on the dole is. The video diary of a MP’s week on the dole, patronizing in the least, fails to offer the opportunity to see exactly what a fortnightly visit to the dole office entails. The experience of a fortnightly visit to your local dole office, generally humiliating and intimidating, can vary dependent upon local office policy. For example the ‘16/21 hour rule’, which relates to the number of hours that you can study and still sign on, which un... (From:
In all of this talk about globalization, you hear some people talking about how capitalism has always been global, and others discussing how global capital is a recent phenomena. They are both right. Capitalism has had a global presence and been the primary global force for 100’s of years, but only within the last 70 years have the people in charge of capitalism (the ruling class) come to be truly “globalized”. Now the move is toward the global free-flow of capital. If we are to oppose this, and offer up solutions on what to do about it, we have to first understand what capitalism is to us. It is only from such an understanding can we begin to come up with workable solutions. WHAT IS CAPITALISM? Capitalism is not just... (From:
Lawrence Summers, Vice-President and chief economist of the World Bank is just the man to explain “free market” values to any of us who may have illusions about fairness or human rights. In a leaked memo he explained how the economic logic of dumping toxic waste in the less developed countries was impeccable. According to him people in low wage countries are going to die quicker, and so won’t have time to die of cancer. He said a person in a low wage country might earn $500 a year and have ten years to live, whereas in a higher-wage country a similar person might earn $50,OOO a year and have twenty years to live, and so would contribute more to “economic growth”. Therefore you should put the pollution where t... (From:
Several weeks ago, Sheldon Richman asked me by private email if I’d read G.E. Mingay’s account of the enclosures (Parliamentary Enclosure in England), which puts them in a considerably more positive light than the Marxists and other radical historians I relied on in writing Chapter Four of Mutualist Political Economy. I had to confess I had not. My readings, besides Dat Ol’ Debbil Karl Marx himself (the material on primitive accumulation in Vol. 1 of Capital), included the Hammonds (The Village Laborer), R. H. Tawney, E.P. Thompson, Maurice Dobb, and Christopher Hill. On the other hand, I read a considerable amount of Rothbard and his radical Lockean followers, whose analysis of the period coincided quite astonishingly wit... (From:
“Bay Kou, bliye. Pote mak, sonje” (“He who strikes, forgets. He who’s scarred remembers”- Haitian proverb) 5 years have passed since Ayiti, paradoxically the first Latin American republic to emancipate itself from the yoke of colonialism, found itself under foreign military occupation. Strictly speaking, it is the only Latin American country under military occupation at the present moment. Situated in the middle of the Caribbean, sharing a landmass with the Dominican Republic and facing Florida and Cuba, this small nation has for a long time been occupied by 7,036 U.N soldiers and 2,053 U.N policemen (which form part of a “humanitarian” mission – MINUSTAH). It is not the first time Ayit... (From:
It’s time for women and the working class to organize and emancipate. International Women’s Day is a day when the women’s movement around the world celebrates social, political and other achievements of women. It is also a good day for women to take a closer look at the oppression that flourishes through the double bondage of capitalism and patriarchy, and which is still an unfortunate and undeniable reality for the majority of women today. Women’s oppression has lots of forms, perhaps a sexist boss, partner or a comrade. As anarchists we have a lot of work to do before there is equality in gender and sexual relations, both in our own lives and in the wider community of which we are a part. The struggle for female... (From:
The Brexit vote for the UK to leave the European Union demonstrates that even weak parliamentary democracy is incompatible with escalating neoliberal inequality. In the UK as elsewhere a tiny segment of the population have taken a larger and larger share of total wealth in the last decades. Particularly under austerity almost everyone else has seen their share of the wealth they produce decline massively. The Remain campaign was headed up by the political class of the neoliberal establishment and backed by model neo liberal corporations like Ryanair. But because the anger against rising inequality was successfully diverted through scapegoating already marginalized people, in particular migrants, the Leave campaign was also lead by wea... (From:
“Since the first encounter we have proposed to join our hands and forces to change the brutal and unjust reality of more than 500 years of oppression on our continent. In this Latin America that, at the end of the 20th century, was the target of the neoliberal policies and program applied by the Washington Consensus – promoter of free trade, privatization, deregulation of the economy, tax reforms and the reduction of public spending. In this context the threat came under the acronym of FTAA [1], but at the same time the struggles of resistance that imposed partial defeats through popular direct action, brought down governments, reverted privatizations and put state coups in check were various. Since then ELAOPA has served as a s... (From:
Article 1 The basic form of socialist culture is the federation of independently managed economic communities trading together in justice. Article 2 This Socialist Federation, following the path shown by history, replaces governments and the capitalist economy. Article 3 The Socialist Federation accepts as the goal of its efforts the word republic in its original meaning: the cause of the common good. Article 4 The Socialist Federation declares the goal of its efforts to be anarchy in its original meaning: order through voluntary associations. Article 5 The Socialist Federation includes all working men who want the social order of the Socialist Federation. Its task is neither proletarian politics nor class war, which are ... (From:
Anarchist and revolutionary must be ready for revolution to happen in every moment, especially now, when social and political protest all around the world are arising more and more often. Moreover, the possibility of global catastrophes and cataclysms is always present, and saving ourselves along with continuing our struggle in that case should always be in our agenda. To write this article, we adopted the experience of people’s struggle in Ukrainian Maydan, successes and failures of recent anti-governmental protests in Belarus and Russia and analyzed the capacities and repressive tactics of police and intelligence in our country in last years. Though this tips were written first of all for comrades from above-mentioned countries, th... (From:
Kansk is a city with a population of 90 000 in Siberia, Russia. The closest city with a million inhabitants is Krasnoyarsk, 250 kilometers westwards. Two boys, who turned 15 years old last year, Nikita Uvarov and Denis Mikhaylenko, have been in jail since last summer, accused of plotting a terrorist attack. According to the charges, they were, among other things, planning to build the headquarters of the Russian security service FSB in Minecraft, and to blow it up there. During the Soviet Era, the FSB had different names, the last before the disintegration of the Soviet union being FSB. Nikita and Denis were arrested after they spread posters demanding the release of anarchist and mathematician Azat Miftakhov, arrested in Moscow. One of th... (From:
Introduction Twenty years ago a group of Detroit anarchists began work on a new synthesis of environmental and anti-authoritarian thought. Distinguishing themselves from other burgeoning ecological movements in the eighties anarchopunk scene they sought to draw inspiration directly from our primitive roots. Anarchy, they declared, should not be considered in terms of an abstract state to be politically won, but rather a living experience and extensive historical reality. Reevaluating the ideologies and dogma of the classic anarchist movement they turned attention to the archaeological record and existing indigenous societies. By building on post-left critiques they passionately worked to bring attention to a much wider context and histor... (From:
Shapark Shajarizadeh was one of 29 women who undertook individual protests against the wearing of the hijab in Iran in February. Last month her lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh, who specializes in human rights and also represented other women involved in the protests, was arrested. It appears that 42-year-old Shapark was subjected to beatings and torture after her arrest. Another 31-year old who took part in the protests is also rumored to have been arrested. Penalties for women revealing their hair in public in Iran range from the equivalent of a £19 fine to a prison sentence. Shapark was sentenced to two years in prison and 18 years suspended prison sentence. On Instagram she said “This means that I will have to be silent for 20 year... (From:
This afternoon the government had finally confirmed that it is to legislate for abortion access under the conditions of the X-case. While we can welcome the failure of the anti-choice movement to stop this announcement, despite frantically spending a quarter of a million dollars euro in ten days, this is so little so late that it is almost meaningless. Perhaps a thousand women a year are already providing a very much more comprehensive abortion access for themselves through the use of pills ordered off the internet while 4,000 plus fly to other countries. Abortion access under the very limited conditions of the X-case will mean nothing to almost all of these women. We pledge to continue our struggle for abortion access in Ireland at the wo... (From:
LA BELLE SANSCULOTTE By Covington Hall Writer and Oldtime Industrial Unionist She is coming, O my masters, she is coming in her mi25 Years of the Industrial Unionismght, With the red flag o’er her legions and her sword sharp, clean and bright; She is breaking through your dungeons, she is tearing off your chain, She is coming to take vengeance without mercy once again! She is coming, O my masters, with a new might in her arms, Her vision clear, unclouded by a dying Satan’s charms; She is coming in hate’s beauty, with love’s fierceness in her eye, Like a maddened mother hast’ning where your tortured child-slaves die! She is coming, O my masters, with her s... (From:
When Labor announced a 50% tax rate on those earning more than £150,000 there was a whole spate of gnashing of teeth from the right-wing media. Let us put this in context: less that 2% of the British population earn more than £100,000, a mere 10% over £40,000. Britain is an extremely unequal society, with a few owning the bulk of income and wealth. It should also be noted that under Thatcher, the top-rate was reduced from 83% to 60% in 1979, before being cut to the current 40% in the 1988 budget. In other words, New Labor is being hauled over the coals for returning to “class war” (to quote the Torygraph’s headline) for having a lower top-rate than Thatcher’s first 9 years in power! Few are aware ... (From:
While presidents almost always expand the power of their office and of the government, Donald Trump is likely to enact a degree of barefisted authoritarianism the modern United States is totally unprepared for. Even if the corrupt and limp political elites that have so far utterly failed to stand against him unexpectedly rally a steadfast resistance in Congress Trump will still enter office with the overwhelming backing of rank and file law enforcement. A strongman unburdened by any conditioning of social norms or sufficient intelligence to understand game theoretic constraints. A man who the NYTimes reported “privately muses about all the ways he will punish his enemies after Election Day.” Never mind the wild geopolitical ca... (From:
On 23 August 2008, on the occasion of the 81st anniversary of the killing of Sacco and Vanzetti, the Federazione dei Comunisti Anarchici will be participating in a vigil organized by the Associazione Sacco & Vanzetti together with Amnesty International, Nessuno Tocchi Caino and the World Coalition Against The Death Penalty. The vigil is dedicated to Sayed Perwiz Kambakhsh, an Afghan journalist sentenced to death for blasphemy, and will be held in Piazza Papa Giovanni Paolo II in Torremaggiore (Apulia, Italy) from 8.30pm on 22 August until 1.00am on 23 August. On that date, 81 years ago, Nicola Ferdinando Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti died in the electric chair in Charleston at 12.19 and 12.26am respectively, after a show trial which wa... (From:
This year, Canada is celebrating its 150th year of colonial existence, and Montreal its 375th. Throughout the next year, we’re going to be celebrating the histories of resistance to the colonial project of Canada, by continuing to bring them into our struggles in the present. This is a call for anarchists across the territory of so-called Canada, and everyone fighting against colonial society, to combine our diverse capacities to fight this ongoing nightmare in all the ways that we can. The project of Canada has been one of ongoing genocide against indigenous people through various forms, from the intentional spreading of small pox to the conditions that create staggering numbers of missing and murdered indigenous women and men. Cana... (From:
This article is a collection of my thoughts from period of my 2 months of imprisonment in Katajanokka prison of Helsinki, Finland 17th of July — 13th of September 2001. This long version is not meant to be published in any Finnish paper, since many of persons involved might be easily found during the next few months at least. My history in crime From my 59 days prison sentence 27 consists of 4 consecutive draft refusals 1997–1998, and 15 days for a court to which I was not able to participate due to organization work of 1999 Inter-Continental Caravan of Indian peasants and other people’s movements of the South organized in Europe. Remaining 17 days were for 3 civil disobedience actions organized 1998–1998, first ... (From:
A Sunday Times review of a theater play by Christopher Hart turned into a relentless attack on the Palestinian right to resist the colonialist-settler Israeli occupation... I. I never read Sunday Papers. I think they are an absolute waste of time. They are often a sanctuary for mediocre writers that cannot make it to the proper news during the week, and where they can indulge in a massive display of bigotry as well as in a complete disregard for facts. But on Sunday (15/02), somehow, an issue of the Sunday Times made it home. Bad as it is, they have the nerve of having a so-called “Culture” supplement. And as I was checking the Review of Theater plays, I bumped into a piece written by Christopher Hart that reviewed both a G... (From:
Introduction Throughout the year 1992, the various states which have profited from the colonization of the Americas will be conducting lavish celebrations of the “Discovery of the Americas”. Spain has spent billion of dollars for celebrations in conjunction with Expo ‘92 in Seville. In Columbus, Ohio, a $100 million quincentennial celebration plans on entertaining several million tourists. CELAM, the association of South America’s Catholic bishops, has organized a gathering to celebrate the “fifth centenary of the evangelization of the Americas” to be presided over by the Pope. As well, there is a wide selection of museum exhibits, films, TV shows, books and many other products and activities focusing ... (From:
On November 18th this year after an overnight battle with police and fascist gangs on one side and Greek anarchists on the other riot police stormed Athens Polytechnic and arrested 513 of the 2000 mostly anarchist occupiers. The occupation of the polytechnic is an annual demonstration to commemorate the massacre of students carried out there in 1973 by the brutal military junta which then ruled the country. The media attempted to portray the occupation as the work of a handful of teenage hooligans and went as far as using ‘live’ footage which was actually from riots last year. In actual fact of those arrested only 40 were under 18. One eyewitness reported how one man was caught by the police in the evening. He was brutall... (From:
THIS YEAR sees the celebrations of the ‘discovery’ of America in 1492 by Columbus. The celebrations have generated some debate about the rights and wrongs of the events which followed the discovery. In Spain itself, Seville has seen riots as marches protesting at the celebration have been broken up by the police. America was not discovered, it was already populated by many nations of people. Some of them were composed of primitive communistic societies of hunter-gathers. It was these peoples that the European merchants first found and exploited to extermination. In Mexico and Peru two military empires were in existence, the Azetcs and the Inca’s A TIME AND A PLACE America was ‘discovered’ at a time when Eu... (From:
On January 12th, 1848, the people of Palermo came out into the streets in rebellion against the despotic rule of Ferdinand of Naples, later to become notorious as "King Bomba" for his brutal bombardment of the rebel city of Messina. This rising was the prelude to a whole series of revolutions, involving not merely Italy, but also France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Bohemia, Transylvania, and all the small Slav peoples who were then the "inferior" races of the vast Austrian Empire. Even in England and Ireland, under the stimulus of continental examples, there were extensive riots and abortive revolutionary movements. The events of 1848 represent in reality at least two different movements. In France, ever since the deposition of the legitima...

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