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(1984 - 2021)

The Workers Solidarity Movement was founded in Dublin, Ireland in 1984 following discussions by a number of local anarchist groups on the need for a national anarchist organization. At that time with unemployment and inequality on the rise, there seemed every reason to argue for anarchism and for a revolutionary change in Irish society. This has not changed. Like most socialists we share a fundamental belief that capitalism is the problem. We believe that as a system it must be ended, that the wealth of society should be commonly owned and that its resources should be used to serve the needs of humanity as a whole and not those of a small greedy minority. But, just as importantly, we see this struggle against capitalism as also being a struggle for freedom. We believe that socialism and freedom must go together, that we cannot have one without the other. Anarchism has always stood for individual freedom. But it also stands for democracy. We believe in democratizing... (From:

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World Anarchist News (WS49)

German anarchists on the march

A major strike wave in France last December forced the government to withdraw many of their attacks on living standards. Now in Germany similar attacks are meeting a mass response. On June 15th some 350,000 German workers gathered in Bonn. The demonstration had been originally organized by an umbrella group which included the anarcho-syndicalist FAU-IWA. It was taken over by the German Trade Union federation, the DGB, which then excluded the original organizers from the platform for being too radical.

The government’s plans included attacks on sick pay, pensions, unfair dismissal laws and the unemployed as part of an international pattern that many have termed “neo-liberalism”. The DGB chartered 77 special trains and 5,400 coaches to transport workers to Bonn for the day. DGB chairman Schulte was poorly received by the crowd, being booed at several points in his speech in particular when he said the DGB intended to remain in the ‘Alliance for Work’ (a national plan similar to the PCW). Members of the IG Medien union from Berlin, carried a banner which declared “social partnership — there are other ways: general strike, occupy, expropriate”.

CNT force Iberia to backdown

Iberia Airlines got more then it bargained for recently when it suspended a delegate of the anarcho-syndicalist CNT-AIT union in Madrid in April. The 21 day suspension was harassment intended to curtail union activity but Iberia were forced to back down after less then a week when anarchists in at least a dozen countries targeted local Iberian offices for occupations, pickets and leafleting.

Chernobyl arrests

Anarchists in Belorussia have been targeted by the state in the aftermath of protests in Minsk commemorating the Chernobyl incident which were attacked by police and ‘special forces’. Several have been arrested and all protests in the city have been banned.

Polish anarchists mark massacre

On June 4th, the Polish Anarchist Federation organized a demonstration in Warsaw in remembrance of the massacre on Tiananmen Square in Peking in 1989. People marched to the Chinese embassy to protest against the regime and other world governments which are co-operating with them. The demonstration included a symbolic tank killing protesting students while diplomats from Poland, USA, Russia and other countries were signing trade deals with the Chinese government.

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