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About Abbey Volcano

Abbey Volcano is an anarchist militant currently living in Eastern Connecticut, typically organizing with the Quiet Corner Solidarity Network and struggles around reproductive freedom. When she's not reading awesome graphic novels and watching sci-fi, she's subverting the dominant paradigm, typically writing on identity, sexuality, and gender. She's a member of the Workers Solidarity Alliance, Queers Without Borders, and a constant critic of the violence and boredom inherent in institutionalized hierarchies of all kinds.

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“The great are only great because we are on our knees. Let us rise!”—Pierre-Joseph Proudhon Occupy, Resist, Produce! Lessons from Latin America’s Occupied Factories Marie Trigona Latin America’s occupied factory movement has built an expansive system of workers’ self-management through direct action and the expropriation of the means of production. The worker occupations lend insight to workers around the world, demonstrating that direct actions at the workplace can lead to revolutionary practices, self-determination, and worker control—three essential elements of a free society, and an essential component for an anarchist economics if we are to study what self-management might ... (From:
We need to understand the body not as bound to the private or to the self—the western idea of the autonomous individual—but as being linked integrally to material expressions of community and public space. In this sense there is no neat divide between the corporeal and the social; there is instead what has been called a “social flesh.” — Wendy Harcourt and Arturo Escobar[1] The birth of intersectionality In response to various U.S. feminisms and feminist organizing efforts the Combahee River Collective,[2] an organization of black lesbian socialist-feminists,[3] wrote a statement that became the midwife of intersectionality. Intersectionality sprang from black feminist politics near the en... (From:
An account written by Abbey Volcano about nonprofit employment, lack of medical insurance and divisions in the workplace. This is a story about anger, “non-profits,” and pissing blood. I was in my fifth year working at an independent health food store run by religious fanatics in a suburb outside of the city and I needed more money. I started off part-time at a cultural center, working the events. I would mainly be there at night, during performances and exhibits—taking people’s tickets, helping the artists set up, serving hors d’oeuvres, cleaning the toilets, etc. I was paid $12/hr to do this work and it was the most I had ever made in my life and it was the only job that wasn’t in... (From:

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