Abdul Kadar El Janaby

July 1, 1944 — ?

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About Abdul Kadar El Janaby

Abdul Kader El-Janabi , born on July 1 , 1944 in Baghdad , is an Iraqi poet , journalist , writer and translator , libertarian .

In his youth, several members of his family sympathize with the Iraqi Communist Party and it is influenced by surrealism .

But in the 1960s, he was forced into exile following the establishment of a Baath party police regime encouraged by the United States .

Exiled to Great Britain , he joined the Trotskyist movement, the International Marxist Group , led by Tariq Ali .

He then left for France where he has lived since 1972 . He mounted various magazines including Le Désir Libertaire ('Ar Raghba El-Ibâhiyya'). He published texts by Muslim libertines from the time of the Abbasid caliphate in Baghdad as well as texts by Georges Henein , the forerunner of surrealism in Egypt .

Refusing any sacred union in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict , he binds himself with Israeli writers and calls for a just solution in the conflict. He composes the collection Born in Baghdad with Romy Somek . He takes a very critical look at Arab intellectuals who use their language only to become zealous officials of despotism.

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Introduction The current resurgence of surrealism in the Arab world is a revolutionary development of the greatest significance, demonstrating once more that the strategy of the unfettered imagination is always and necessarily global. We publish here in English translation a manifesto in which our Arab comrades express their unequivocal interventionist orientation, sharply defined against their specific political and cultural background. The Arab Surrealist Movement was reconstituted in the early 1970s, but its origins extend back to the mid-30s, when the Egyptian poet and theorist Georges Henein (who adhered to the movement in 1934 as a student in Paris) and the Egyptian painter Ramses Younan introduced surrealism to Cairo. With sever... (From: TheAnarchistLibrary.org.)

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