Abdul Kadar El Janaby

July 1, 1944 — ?

Biography :

Abdul Kader El-Janabi , born on July 1 , 1944 in Baghdad , is an Iraqi poet , journalist , writer and translator , libertarian .

In his youth, several members of his family sympathize with the Iraqi Communist Party and it is influenced by surrealism .

But in the 1960s, he was forced into exile following the establishment of a Baath party police regime encouraged by the United States .

Exiled to Great Britain , he joined the Trotskyist movement, the International Marxist Group , led by Tariq Ali .

He then left for France where he has lived since 1972 . He mounted various magazines including Le Désir Libertaire ('Ar Raghba El-Ibâhiyya'). He published texts by Muslim libertines from the time of the Abbasid caliphate in Baghdad as well as texts by Georges Henein , the forerunner of surrealism in Egypt .

Refusing any sacred union in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict , he binds himself with Israeli writers and calls for a just solution in the conflict. He composes the collection Born in Baghdad with Romy Somek . He takes a very critical look at Arab intellectuals who use their language only to become zealous officials of despotism.

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Works :

Author of Surrealism in the Arab World (November 30, 1975)

Chronology :

July 01, 1944 : Abdul Kadar El Janaby's Birth Day.
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