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? — December 3, 1997

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About Abraham Bluestein

He may not rank with Proudhon, Bakunin, Malatesta, Kropotkin and other giants of anarchism who saw government as the inevitable enemy of freedom and freedom as the indispensable element of social harmony, but Mr. Bluestein was a believer, and over the better part of a half-century he turned out anarchist tracts.

In the 1930's he was an editor of the newspapers Vanguard and The Challenger, and long after anarchism had become archaic he was still at it, as a Libertarian Book Club editor in the 1970's and as coeditor of News From Libertarian Spain until 1980.

Along the way and afterwards, he worked as director of the Sidney Hillman Health Center, as executive director of the New York Diabetes Association and as business manager of Co-Op City and of the Amalgamated Housing Cooperative in the Bronx.

But for Mr. Bluestein those were merely jobs. Anarchism was his life.

If Mr. Bluestein wasn't a born anarchist, he came pretty close. His parents, immigrants from the disputed Russian-Polish borderland, had fled to the United States and settled in Philadelphia after his father killed a czar's soldier and anarchist literature was found in the Bluestein house.

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The Modern School Movement Historical and Personal Notes on the Ferrer Schools in Spain: Contributions by Pura Perez, Mario Jordana, Abel Paz, Martha Ackelsberg. With a foreword by Abe Bluestein Published by Friends of the Modern School c/o Abe Bluestein, 55 Farrington Road, Croton-On-Hudson, NY 10520 Foreword Abe Bluestein May 1990 This pamphlet deals with a significant chapter in the history of education—the Modern School movement and the role it played in fostering freedom in education. We wish to highlight the intimate relationship of education and the spirit of freedom. Francisco Ferrer was the founder, the inspiration of the Modern School and his teachings are cherished in the ... (From: TheAnarchistLibrary.org.)

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