Adrian Derbyshire

July 1, 1974 — ?

Biography :

Adrian Derbyshire (born 1 July 1974) is a former British international wheelchair fencer, ambassador for anti bullying, stigma and hate crime for the United Kingdom and CEO of The Adrian Derbyshire Foundation.

He was a member of the Great Britain Fencing Squad,[1] and British National Wheelchair Saber champion of 2010 and has won 2 gold and 3 silver domestic medals.[2]

Derbyshire was a 2012 Olympic torch-bearer.[3]

He retired from International competitions in 2013 following a shoulder injury which prevented him from competing in the London 2012 Paralympic games[4] and a burglary in early 2013 in which most of his fencing equipment was stolen and his sports wheelchair was badly damaged.[1] Derbyshire has featured on several television shows promoting wheelchair fencing, including 'That Paralympic Show' and is featured in an ITV advertisement.

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Author of Statement by the Black Flag Group to the Liverpool Conference of the Anarchist Federation of Britain, Sept., 1968 (December 31, 1969)

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