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About Adrian Derbyshire

Adrian Derbyshire (born 1 July 1974) is a former British international wheelchair fencer, ambassador for anti bullying, stigma and hate crime for the United Kingdom and CEO of The Adrian Derbyshire Foundation.

He was a member of the Great Britain Fencing Squad,[1] and British National Wheelchair Saber champion of 2010 and has won 2 gold and 3 silver domestic medals.[2]

Derbyshire was a 2012 Olympic torch-bearer.[3]

He retired from International competitions in 2013 following a shoulder injury which prevented him from competing in the London 2012 Paralympic games[4] and a burglary in early 2013 in which most of his fencing equipment was stolen and his sports wheelchair was badly damaged.[1] Derbyshire has featured on several television shows promoting wheelchair fencing, including 'That Paralympic Show' and is featured in an ITV advertisement.

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Anarchism is a revolutionary method of achieving a free nonviolent society, without class divisions or imposed authority. Whether this is a “utopian” achievement or not is irrelevant; the Anarchist, on any normal definition, is a person who, having this aim in mind, proceeds to get rid of authoritarian structures, and advances towards such a society by making people independent of the State and by intensifying the class struggle so that the means of economic exploitation will be weakened and destroyed. Confusion There should be no confusion between anarchism and liberalism however militant the latter might be (e.g. movements towards national liberation). The liberal seeks greeter freedom within the structure of society... (From :


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