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About Aileen O’Carroll

Aileen O’Carroll is the Policy Manager at the Digital Repository of Ireland (DRI). She is based in the Maynooth University Social Science Institute (MUSSI), where she manages the Irish Qualitative Data Archive (IQDA). This role involves the development and implementation of standards for deposit and access to qualitative data (text based, audio and visual) in line with emerging international and EU standards. She additionally advises researchers on best practice in managing and archiving research projects, both to ensure that ethical commitments are met and that the data gathered is of the highest standard to facilitate optimal re-use by a variety of audiences.

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In 1922 Emma Goldman complained Soviet Russia, had become the modern socialist Lourdes, to which the blind and the lame, the deaf and the dumb were flocking for miraculous cures. The Russian Revolution was the first occasion where decades of revolutionary ideas could be applied to real life. What was theory was now practice. The struggle between the two concepts of revolution — the statist-centralist and the libertarian federalist — moved from the realm of the abstract to the concrete. The question thrown up by the October revolution is fundamental. Once capitalism has been defeated, how is communism to be achieved? While there are certainly faults to be found with aspects of the anarchist movement, at least it cannot be ... (From:
"When the Republic came, many people went to storm the prisons, to free the prisoners, and I went too. There was some guy there shouting ''down with the civil guard'', ''down with politics'' all sorts of things. And I thought "ahah, here is an anarchist'' This was my first encounter with an anarchist- and he did not look like he was a terrible person. He had a good face." (Soledad Estorach) People would say to us "Were you children baptized?" and we would say to them, "We weren't baptized". "How terrible, what girls! such beautiful children, because we were six handsome children (I mean from the standpoint of health) and one brother -"being brought up without God, you are like dogs" And we would say, "No you are the ones who a... (From:
Mujeres Libres (Free Women) were a group of women anarchists who organized and fought both for women's liberation and an anarchist revolution during the Spanish Civil War. The work they did is truly inspirational. Their example shows how the struggle against women's oppression and against capitalism can be combined in one fight for freedom. As anarchists they rejected any relegation of women to a secondary position within the libertarian movement. In the 1930's feminism had a narrower meaning than it does now, and they rejected it as a theory which fought for 'equality of women within an existing system of privileges'. They argued "We are not, and were not then feminists. We were not fighting against men. We did not want to substitut... (From:
We are now eight years from the year 2,000. Approximately 14,000 years ago the first agricultural communities, and with them human civilization, were founded. Humanity is 600 generations old. We hold the position of ‘most successful species’ because unlike animals we have been able to modify our environment to suit our needs. To early humans nature was a powerful and frightening force, the bringer of plagues, storms and droughts. Nowadays we control our environment to such an extent that nature is no longer a demon spirit or an instrument of the wrath of god. In much of the world nature is way down on our list of worries, it is more likely to fear us. As the capability to control the world around us has increased from the... (From:
This text is a draft of a very practically orientated manual for anarchists who wish to get organized. For absolute beginners and isolated individuals (or groups of 2 or 3) A common experience for people, particularly young people who come to anarchism in the English speaking world is one of isolation. In my own case I came to anarchism through reading ‘Homage to Catalonia’ and then the very few anarchist books I could obtain in my city. These were nearly all liberal academic histories or reprints of texts from the 19th century so for quite a while I was unaware that the anarchist movement still existed. It took me a year to find other individual anarchists and another year to discover there was actually a small anarch... (From:

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