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About AKM Shihab

Legal Researcher:

As one of the law consultant & blogger and sub- Editor, bangle zone, Leading Light web page played a pivotal role to make llco web page as popular one among the net based readers. I am solely publishing llbangla blog page for bangle readers. I am always honest to my law profession and duties. Always I am maintaining my word and time. So far I wrote about thousands of blogs and articles on different topics. Such as politics, laws, social changes, revolutionary sciences, environment development and so on.
I am obtained master degree in three subjects e.g. Sociology, History and Laws from different university of Bangladesh with good marks. I got first class in law department of metropolitan university, Sylhet, Bangladesh, Sociology from Dhaka University and History from National University, Gazipur, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

I am participated in several training course and seminars such as “community health development”, “Environment protection and climate change management”, “Regenerative Agriculture Technique”, “Local Government system development”, “Disaster preparedness & management”, “Gender Analysis and Development”, “Basic computer literacy course”, “project management and Report writing”, “ Message development course” “community based elderly people rehabilitation course”, etc.

I have good skills in English and bangle language and studied huge books, magazine and papers and also simultaneously writing on different media. I am committed to my works and duties.

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Capitalism, in its quest for profits, has led us to a point where there are several global environmental catastrophes on the horizon: global warming, dead zones in the oceans, mass extinctions, etc. Capitalism is the problem, not the solution to environmental problems. Capitalism is pushing the planet’s ecosystem to the brink of destruction. The state, props up the capitalist system, and while it is largely powerless to alleviate environmental destruction it in itself is also a major cause of ecological degradation, funding huge environmentally destructive projects such as dam buildings or weapons manufacture and testing. The state is a structure created to allow the minority of bosses and rulers to dominate and exploit ... (From: TheAnarchistLibrary.org.)
“The age-old battle between the exploiters and the exploited has taken on a forbidding dimension. Omnipotent capital once again raises its monstrous head. Despite the internal struggles that tear apart the cosmopolitan managerial and bourgeois classes, these forces have created a powerful relationship that enables them to throw themselves with more unity and strength against the proletariat and chain it to Capital’s triumphant chariot.”-(IWA-AIT) The world is a nightmare. Half of humanity lives and dies on less than 3 dollars a day. There are more people in South Asia making 80 cents a day than even exist in the United States.. 22,000 children die due to poverty each and every day. Approximately 800 million peop... (From: TheAnarchistLibrary.org.)

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