Al-Djouhall : Resistor of Oppression to Either Islamic Fundamentalism or Capitalist States

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"The challenge of our times — for us proletarians who live in countries where Islam is part and parcel of the status quo — is to criticize this 'religion of the desert', not for God’s sake but for our very own." These are the words of our Anarchist revolutionary with regards to the Middle East.


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When I was lying in my warm, damp bed these questions did not interest me one jot and at such a time it did not matter to me whether God really existed or whether He was nothing but a personification of the mighty ones of this world, invented for the greater glory of spiritual values and the easier spoliation of the lower orders, the pattern of earthly things being transferred from the sky. All I wanted to know was whether or not I was going to live through to the morning. In face of death, I felt that religion, faith, belief were feeble, childish things of which the best that could be said was that they provided a kind of recreatian for healthy, successful people... (The Blind Owl. Sadegh Hedayat.) * * * God gives nuts to the to... (From:

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