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About Alex Prichard

Dr Prichard is a member of the Center of Advanced International Studies and the Center for Political Thought at the University of Exeter. His research sits within and spans both centers. He has published in the following areas:

  • Anarchist political thought
  • International political theory
  • The ethics and phenomenology of war and violence
  • Republican political theory
  • Constitutional politics
  • Co-production methods in political philosophy

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This person has authored 70 documents, with 330,843 words or 2,362,020 characters.

The Psychology, Political Economy and Theology of A Schism And never the twain shall meet: The psychological foundations of political ideology Dana Ward Not available. (From:
10. The Search for a Libertarian Communism: Daniel Guérin and the ‘Synthesis’ of Marxism and Anarchism David Berry I have a horror of sects, of compartmentalization, of people who are separated by virtually nothing and who nevertheless face each other as if across an abyss. Daniel Guérin[724] Concerned that his reinterpretation of the French Revolution, La Lutte de classes sous la Première République (1946), had been misunderstood, Daniel Guérin wrote to the socialist Marceau Pivert in 1947 that the book was to be seen as ‘an introduction to a synthesis of anarchism and Marxism-Leninism I would like to write one day.’[725] This paper aims to... (From:

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