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About Alex Prichard

Dr Prichard is a member of the Center of Advanced International Studies and the Center for Political Thought at the University of Exeter. His research sits within and spans both centers. He has published in the following areas:

  • Anarchist political thought
  • International political theory
  • The ethics and phenomenology of war and violence
  • Republican political theory
  • Constitutional politics
  • Co-production methods in political philosophy

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Georges Sorel’s Contribution to Anarcho-Marxism Renzo Llorente Georges Sorel’s Anarcho-Marxism Georges Sorel (1847–1922) was an important figure in the development of radical left-wing theory during the early decades of the twentieth century, his ideas having strongly influenced the work of some major Marxist thinkers, including Antonio Gramsci (Lichtheim 1971: 106; McLellan 1998: 193), Georg Lukacs (Meszaros 1972: 21) and Jose Carlos Mariategui (Garda Salvatecci 1979; Paris 1978). Today, however, there appears to be very little interest in Sorel’s works among left-wing thinkers and commentators, whether Marxist or anarchist in outlook. This neglect is unfortunate, in that Sorel’s works address... (From:
[1] Lucien van der Walt, ‘Counterpower, Participatory Democracy, Revolutionary Defense: Debating Black Flame, Revolutionary Anarchism and Historical Marxism,’ International Socialism 130 (2011), accessed 19 February 2017, [2] Stuart Christie and Albert Meltzer, The Floodgates of Anarchy (London: Kahn & Averill, 1970), 6. [3] Jorge Semprun, Communism in Spain in the Franco Era: The Autobiography of Federico Sanchez, trans. Helen R. Lane (Sussex: Harvester, 1980), 7. [4] Marie-Louise Berneri, Neither East Nor West: Selected Writings 1939–1948 (London: Freedom Press, 1988), 66. [5] Benjamin Franks, ‘Between Anarchism and Marxism: ... (From:

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