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About Amorey Gethin

Gethin argues that modern linguistics is a jumble of cabalistic nonsense, and can
be swept away by the simple truth that the key to everything is meaning. Language
acquisition is no puzzle: people learn meanings "by observation and imitation," and
they "join individual meanings together so that they make larger meanings" (p. 9).
That is all one needs to know about language; but modern linguists are afflicted with
a "systemizing mania that pretends to discover new profundity in what everybody
knows already" (pp. 11-12); they fail to see that "there is no such thing as structure
in language" (p. 93). "There is no mystery" (p. 108), there is only meaning.

From : Intro to "Antilinguistics: A Critical Assessment of Modern Linguistic Theory and Practice," by Amorey Gethin


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1 Understanding the nature of language and thought, or at least what they are not, is just about as important as any understanding can be. Both are at the basis of our lives; in a sense they are our lives. Is language a distinct faculty? Is it controlled by parts of the brain dedicated to language alone? Is human thought language? If it is, are we intellectual prisoners limited to thinking what language can describe, and allows us to think? Or is language a human invention, a purely cultural phenomenon? Is thought essentially independent of language, but in practice critically influenced by it? Much, politically and socially, depends indirectly on which is the correct view, and much depends on the view of linguisticians, neuroscienti... (From:

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