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About Andrej Grubačić

Andrej Grubačić is a US-based Yugoslav Sociologist, Balkan federalist, and university Professor with a Yugoslavian background who has written on cooperation and mutual aid in world history, world systems theory, labor history, and the history of the Balkans. He is the grandson of Ratomir Dugonjić, Yugoslav partisan leader and communist revolutionary. An advocate of an anarchist approach to world-systems theory, Grubačić is one of the protagonists of "new anarchism", and a prominent member of the now defunct antiglobalization or global justice movement. He is also a member of the International Organization for a Participatory Society. He is a long standing friend of the Kurdish freedom movement. His writings and interests range from comparative world history of exilic ("non-state") spaces and exilic societies to the neo-marxist world-systems analysis, and from the sociology of stateless democracy to the history of mutual aid. He is an active participants in the World-Ecology, a global conversation of academics, activists, and artists committed to understanding human relations of power, production, and environment-making in the web of life. He is a social science editor at PM Press. He taught at the University of Rojava in Qamislo, and he is one of the most prominent supporters of the democratic revolution in Rojava.

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It is becoming increasingly clear that the age of revolutions is not over. It’s becoming equally clear that the global revolutionary movement in the twenty first century, will be one that traces its origins less to the tradition of Marxism, or even of socialism narrowly defined, but of anarchism. Everywhere from Eastern Europe to Argentina, from Seattle to Bombay, anarchist ideas and principles are generating new radical dreams and visions. Often their exponents do not call themselves “anarchists”. There are a host of other names: autonomism, anti-authoritarianism, horizontality, Zapatismo, direct democracy... Still, everywhere one finds the same core principles: decentralization, voluntary association, mutual aid, the ne... (From:
Sometimes—not very often—a particularly cogent argument against reigning political common sense presents such a shock to the system that it becomes necessary to create an entire body of theory to refute it. Such interventions are themselves events, in the philosophical sense; that is, they reveal aspects of reality that had been largely invisi-ble but, once revealed, seem so entirely obvious that they can never be unseen. Much of the work of the intellectual Right is identifying, and heading off, such challenges. Let us offer three examples. In the 1680s, a Huron-Wendat statesman named Kondiaronk, who had been to Europe and was intimately familiar with French and English settler society, engaged in a series of debates with the... (From:

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