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Some scholars such as Andrew Carlson believe that in Germany anarchists who were quite diverse in their groupings despite a general belief in Peter Kropotkin’s concept of mutual aid ‘exerted power all out of proportion to their numbers’.

From : "August Sander’s Portraits of Persecuted Jews," by Rose-Carol Washton Long


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Note: This is only the second chapter in this book, Max Stirner, nom de plume for Johann Caspar Schmidt, came into this world at six o’clock on the morning of October 25, 1806. He was born in a house at number 31, Maximiliansstrasse (Marketplatz) which was the principal street of the city of Bayreuth. He was less than half a year old when his father, a maker of wind instruments, died of tuberculosis on April 19, 1807, at the age of 37. His mother, two years later, married Heinrich Ballerstedt, a 57-year-old pharmacist from Helmstedt, and they all moved to Kulm on the Vistula. Johann returned to his native town of Bayreuth in 1818 for ... (From :


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