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I’m 26 years old and I live on ancestral Wiyot land in Humboldt County, CA. I write, I make art and games, and I try to make the world a better place.

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Anarchism is my religion. Ignoring the black flag ritual trappings and Bookchin/Graeber/Kropotkin pseudo-deity worship, what I mean is that anarchism is as personal, emotional, psychological and universal to me as any religion or spirituality could be. It’s a total framework through which I view my life, my choices, my relationships, and the world, as rooted in the ancient Chinese concept of Tao as it is in the abolition of state domination (and the two aren’t really separate). When I talk about spirituality, I speak of nothing other than what is: our feelings, our selves, our world, our existence, our lives. I’m not getting at anything pan-dimensional or explicitly sacred here—just our psyches, how we ... (From:
This is my take on anarchism, Taoism, and emotional responsibility. It is applicable to yourself, to your relationships with others, to society, to nature. It is intended to be more a treatise on philosophy than a how-to guide to build an anarchist utopia, but there is a guide within it. That guide goes like this: I feel cold. We’ll come back to this later. Anarcho-Taoism: A Manifesto 1. Everything is, ultimately, a choice. Having a choice does not mean all options are desirable. 2. Desire is a tension between how things are and how things could be. 3. Everything already is as it could be. That is to say, it is as it is. If it could have been anything different in that moment, it... (From:
This text is not a public announcement, but rather a means of signifying the times of injustice inscribed in our bodies, experiences, and relations, that is the anthropology produced by neoliberalism into our daily lives. We are convinced that feminism can offer tools for everyone, opening new perspectives, starting from ourselves but moving towards a grand scale. Feminism as only women thinking about and for women is no longer powerful. We are considering the world as it is arranged in the reality of our lives and experiences in order to launch a common itinerary, to articulate the present materiality, for repositioning our desires and needs, for a new measure of the world, a new political economy. On reproduction We assume the... (From:

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