Antonio Téllez Solà

January 18, 1921 — March 27, 2005

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About Antonio Téllez Solà

Antonio Téllez Solá (January 18, 1921, Tarragona—March 27, 2005, Perpignan) was a Catalan anarchist, journalist and historian.

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The guerrilla struggle against Francoism actually arose in the days following the army revolt against the Spanish Republic on 18 July 1936. Across the country, workers launched a revolution and took up arms against the armed forces. In areas which fell immediately to the mutinous army, a bloody repression was promptly set in motion and this obliged many anti-fascists to take to the hills to save their skins. This was repeated over nearly three years of civil war as areas were conquered, one after another, by the Francoist army and it extended to virtually the entirety of the Peninsula after the Republican troops surrendered in the Center-Levante zone on 31 March 1939. Very little has been written about the scale of the armed struggle again... (From:
With this, the first in our edition of anarchist pocketbooks, we are opening the way to a series of instruments for use by anarchist comrades and all those who have decided to make their desire for freedom become reality. The series will be as many-faceted as anarchism itself, offering a critique of the great institutions of oppression: religion, economics, authority, ideology, even in their most subtle forms; a look at the field of art and esthetics; at moments in the past where freedom was fought for and won, trying to see where things went wrong and what we can still apply today; proposals of new methods of struggle to be discussed and experimented. We are doing this as a contribution to the struggle that is always in course, not as som... (From:

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