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(1899 - 1974)


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About Aristide Lapeyre

Justin Aristide Lapeyre , born on January 31 , 1899 in Monguilhem (Gers) and died on March 23 , 1974 in Bordeaux (Gironde), is a libertarian activist, anarcho-syndicalist , free-thinker , anticlerical , pacifist and anti-militarist.

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Leader: English word (from to lead) passed into common usage. One of those words universally used. In the English parliament the leader is the member of the assembly who groups around him the men of the same party, of the same opinion, who pursue the realization of the same program. We naturally distinguish the leader of the government from that of the opposition...the leader is the most visible personality of his party. By extension, we call “leader” the main article of a newspaper. Also, the horse that leads a race, gallops at the head of the others. In a party one must be careful not to take the leader for the most serious, the most cultivated, the most intelligent man. Often he is nothing but the most ve... (From :


January 31, 1899 :
Birth Day.

March 23, 1974 :
Death Day.

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