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About Avraham Yassour

A philosophy professor at Haifa University and a veteran member of kibbutz Merhavia.

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“I am, the Jew, a German — I accept my complexity.” Der Werdende Mensch 1. I will begin with the main details about Gustav Landauer’s life and his epoch, because I assume that only little is known about them, and because a combined analytical and historical approach is required. Gustav Landauer was born in 1870 in Karlsruhe (south-west Germany) into a petit-bourgeois family. From his youth he showed great interest in philosophy and the humanities, in literature and in the Bohemian life that attracted young people to the cafes of Berlin. Those days were the days of Germany’s victory over France and its growing in Europe. In 1893 Landauer was expelled from Berlin University because of a spee... (From: TheAnarchistLibrary.org.)
“There is now a need to bring to fore a different sort of martyr, not heroic sacrifice, but rather tranquilly silent martyrs who aren’t seen in order to serve as a model of the righteous life.” (The Call to Socialism, these lines were inscribed on Landauer’s tombstone in Munich) Gustav Landauer saw himself as “the bearer of an anarchistic weltanschaung.” His central concept was that anarchism would be realized by the force of the good-will of men, through small cooperative settlements which would change the existing conditions of society. [1] His plan postulated group-living based on a “confederation arising from freedom and communal spirit.” Such a society would represent an... (From: TheAnarchistLibrary.org.)


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