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About Azione Rivoluzionaria

Azione Rivoluzionaria (Revolutionary Action) was an armed group of anarchist inspiration , with strong ties to the extreme left , formed in 1977 in Tuscany on the wave of reflection and debate on Situationism and the German 2 June Movement . The group broke up between 1979 and 1981 and some of its militants later joined the Front Line .

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Brief note for the third Italian edition An armed revolutionary organization is an indispensable instrument in the struggle against oppression. This is beyond doubt. The problem arises with regard to the limits and structures that this organization must give itself in recognizing itself as a means and not as an end. Strange as it may seem, that is exactly the point. The experience of AR, discussed at length in these old pages, demonstrates how an organization born with anarchist intentions, gradually became addressed towards a consideration of itself as the first objective to guarantee and increase, if not maintain and safeguard at any cost. From the actions, which contained revolutionary meaning and content, they addre... (From :
The crisis and capital’s plan The crisis that has hit our country is part of a general crisis that is striking all the western economies. It would take the form of a general crisis of overproduction if capital were not extremely concentrated, therefore able to control production and the market. If this control prevents classical forms of overproduction, a surplus of goods which finding no market lose their value, it cannot however prevent this devaluation process from transferring itself from goods to the capital invested in their production, which is underutilized with respect to its capacities. Thanks to that control the higher costs of this underuse are offloaded on to prices, exacerbating the normal inflationary process. ... (From :


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