Bruno Filippi

March 30, 1900 — September 7, 1919

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About Bruno Filippi

Bruno Filippi (March 30, 1900 – September 7, 1919) was an Italian individualist anarchist writer and activist who collaborated in the Italian individualist anarchist magazine Iconoclasta! alongside Renzo Novatore.

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Translator’s Introduction The writings of Bruno Filippi offer something rare in anarchist writing — truly beautiful literature. I hope this comes across in my translations — where it does not, the fault is all mine. Filippi entered upon his brief life of revolt at the age of 15, in the midst of World War I, involving himself in anarchist anti-militarist activity. Several of his brief works reflect the dehumanizing effects of military life and participation in a slaughter that was qualitatively different from any war up to that time in the sheer capacity for destruction. One could not rightly speak of "savagery” in relation to this slaughter since its destructive capacity was the precise outcome of the technolo... (From:

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March 30, 1900
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September 7, 1919
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