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January 24, 1975 — ?

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For me, history of philosophy and a critical theory of society are two sides of the same coin: our interest for the past always reflects the standpoint of the present, but one cannot understand the present without navigating our past. I see philosophy as a critical tool in a constant dialogue with other disciplines, as well as an endeavor entangled with other practices for sense making such as literature and psycoanalysis. I have written on critical theory, the history of European philosophy (particularly early modern), capitalism, feminism, racism, post- and decolonial studies, and esthetics.

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Some have argued that the marriage between Marxism and feminism ended up in an unhappy marriage: by reducing the problem of women’s oppression to the single factor of economic exploitation, Marxism risks dominating feminism precisely in the same way in which men in a patriarchal society dominate women (Sargent 1981). The oppression of the latter needs to take into account a multiplicity of factors, each with its own autonomy, without attempting to reduce them to one all-explaining source — be it the extraction of surplus value in the workplace or unpaid shadow work in the household. There seems to be something intrinsically multifaceted in the oppression of women — so much so that women’s and gender studies programs ... (From:
Moral Theory and Economics: The beginnings and ends of the schism... Benjamin Franks Not available. (From:

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