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About Columbia Anarchist League

Columbia, MO: Columbia Anarchist League.


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Release History: Release v1.0, Winter 1985–86 Columbia Anarchist League (Columbia, Missouri U.S.A.) Original in printed text by CAL (P. O. Box 1446 Columbia, MO. 65205). Release v2.0, Summer 1994 Spunk Press. Put onto the web as text. Version 2.1, October 21, 2006 Committee for Transcendence. HTML reformatted and any misspellings, bad grammar, or punctuation was cleaned up. * * * Preface The following is the AS WE SEE IT! statement by Columbia Anarchist League, the now-defunct group, who originally published ANARCHY: A Journal of Desire Armed. It was conceived in the Spring of 1985 and appeared in print later that Winter. The transcription below was keyed in and sent to spunk press in the Summer of... (From:
Common perspectives on ourselves, our world and social change This statement is an updated version of what was originally a statement of Columbia Anarchist League positions adopted in the spring of 1985, and revised in late spring of 1989, while the group still existed. It is not meant to be a finished or unalterable statement but it remains a good reflection of the perspectives of C.A.L. Press that underly the founding and continuing publication of this magazine. Critical comments are welcome and will be taken under consideration for future versions of this statement. The overall form and a few of the basic points of this statement were originally inspired by British Solidarity’s “As We See It.” Further points incl... (From:


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