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About Cuban Libertarian Movement (Movimiento Libertario Cubano) (MLC)

The Cuban Libertarian Movement tries to articulate and increase anti-authoritarian revolutionary activism in Cuba, in a particular way and in the American continent in general, with the aim of building a more effective anarchist movement that actively participates in the struggles of the real movement of l @ s oppressed for the control of their lives and in the international countercultural resistance.

We are not just another anarchist organization, much less, a closed circle of "chosen ones" that seeks to monopolize or claim the representation of Cuban anarchism. On the contrary, we are a network of collectives and individuals with sections in different cities of the world, which attempts a more effective coordination between the different currents that today make up Cuban anarchism from anarcho-syndicalism, revolutionary anarchism, anarcho-communism, cooperativism, communalism, primitivism, eco-anarchism to libertarian insurrectionalism.

If you are an anarchist, anti-authoritarian, anti-patriarchal, anti-clerical, rebel, dreamer and idealist, you too can be part of this network and actively participate, individually or collectively, for the development of a real anarchist movement.

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We’re interviewing the Cuban Libertarian Movement (Movimiento Libertario Cubano – MLC), an organization made up of anarchists in exile in different parts of the world. In these days of apparent change, of transition, as the European and North American media would have it, it’s of interest to know first hand about what’s happening inside the island. The demise of Fidel Castro has opened up all sorts of speculation about the future of the communist regime due to the first measures the new chief, Raul Castro, has taken. Here’s the interview: ALB: Hello friends. Let’s begin the interview with some notes on history for our readers. Could you briefly explain the history of the anarchist movement in Cuba?... (From :
With respect to the situation in Cuba these past few weeks, the Cuban Libertarian Movement – MLC (affinity group of Cuban anarchists in exile) speaks up to answer the unknowns and the challenges facing Cuban society. Ours is the voice of uncompromising commitment to freedom, equality and solidarity that has always been the sound of the Cuban anarchists. Indeed, something begins to smell different in Cuba; perhaps in tune with the flavor of the post-Fidel era. For starters, that verbosity that filled all spaces until the 26 of July of 2006 is no longer there, where it was heard for almost half a century. Since then, the prostrate “commander” has begun to write, but we all know that the written word doesn’t have... (From :


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